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It’s here! The ever so popular Raining Hot Coupons’ Coupon Binder! It’s complete with everything you need to use coupons and save money! These binders are very sturdy and high quality. I’ve done my research in finding you the best quality for the best price!

So, what comes is this fabulous binder you ask?

Here’s what you will get:

    • Purple, Green or Blue 2″ 3-ring zippered binder
    • 27 (9) Professional Pocket Coupon Protector Sheets (add more with the packages below)
    • 4 (3) Pocket horizontal pouches which hold almost any size coupon, Register Rewards, Catalinas, etc. (add more with the packages below)
    • 16 plastic Tab dividers (these are the most sturdy and won’t rip like the paper type)
    • 20 front and back typed categories for tabs + 20 blank tabs
    • Zippered pouch on the front
    • “Coupon 101″ 2 paged Exclusive Raining Hot Coupons publication with tips and coupon lingo to get you started
    • “Organizing this thing” Exclusive Raining Hot Coupons publication page with complete directions on how to organize your binder
    • Pocket on inside front and inside back
    • Small pocket on inside front (prefect for store reward cards)
    • Front page category table of contents and information page
    • “Freebie Coupons” page

There are different packages you can choose, be SURE to choose the package you want in the drop down menu below! Here are the options (The difference between them is that they include EXTRA coupon sheet protectors and can only be purchased when you make your binder purchase)

Package 1 – Binder w/ everything + 8 (9) slot coupon sheets AND 2 (3) slot coupon sheets + $4.95 (10 extra sheets)

Package 2 – Binder w/ everything + 15 (9) slot coupon sheets AND 5 (3) slot coupon sheets + $8.95 (20 extra sheets)

Package 3 – Binder w/ everything + 20 (9) slot coupon sheets AND 10 (3) slot coupon sheets + $12.95 (30 extra sheets)

Package 4Binder w/ everything + 30 (9) slot coupon sheets AND 10 (3) slot coupon sheets + $16.95 (40 extra sheets)

Note – Please be sure to choose your COLOR first below (in one of the 3 option boxes) and THEN choose your package under the color.

Binder is Only $39.95!

US Shipping Only!

Choose Your Package

Choose Your Package

Choose Your Package

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  1. Ginny says

    Wish I could afford one of these right now. Recently lost my job and have just started really using coupons. It’s hard to stay organized and I’m not really sure of all the ways to get the most bang for my money. Great idea!!

    • April says

      I used envelopes, paper clips, and a gallon ziploc bag. I have a friend who bought a binder off if this website, it’s well worth the money. I will definitely buy one once I have enough money to invest it it.

  2. Jamie says

    Can you buy just the contents? I have a binder that I absolutely love, but have been struggling to get it organized.

    • JEWEL says

      you can buy all the inside contents at dollar tree and print out the coupon booklet she has on the site you can do this for $8 to $15 depending on how many clear page holders you want, and dont forget you can use the collector card holders for the coupons…wish you luck its easy to do, and you may get things cheaper with school just starting look for the sales>>>lots o’ luck ,,,,,jewel

  3. tammy jenkins says

    This would be something worth it. The one i’m using now is so unorganized. Just a hot mess.. Thanks for sharing this…

  4. says

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but under the options it shows the “No Package” for $39.95 and then there’s the list of each package and a larger amount. Are Packages 1-4 that you described above part of the “No Package” deal OR is it really $44.90 for “Package 1 – Binder w/ everything + 8 (9) slot coupon sheets AND 2 (3) slot coupon sheets + $4.95 (10 extra sheets)”? Thanks in advance :o)

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi there,

      Hopefully I am understanding your question correctly…package 1 will come with the binder and everything that “no package” comes with PLUS the additional 10 sheets. =) Does that help?


    • H. A says

      You can buy the inside contents on amazon for less than $10. You can buy the same exact binder for about $14 on amazon. Shipped. It’s called mead zipper binder. G luck

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