Tips to Avoid Bubbles in Nail Polish!

bubbles in nail polish

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Did you know…

There are a few tips and tricks to make it so you don’t get bubbles in your nail polish…we all know that bubbles make it so you don’t have a smooth and clean finish when polishing your nails!

Here are some tips…

1 – Never shake the bottle before using it…you will want to put it between the palm of your hands and roll it back and forth before using it so no air bubbles are created.

2 – If your polish is old, tacky or has been sitting in heat then you can add some acetone or nail polish remover to it to loosen the consistency. Just do it slowly and keep checking the consistency (you don’t want to add to much and ruin the polish).

3 – I’ve also heard you can store your polish in the fridge to help out with bubbles. I have not personally tried this one but I heard it works. Let us know!


  1. I’ve stored mine in the fridge for years….it works wonders

  2. I knew about the acetone to thin the polish. I learned that when I took a Nail Tech class in college. (I actually finished the program) Also be careful how you pull the brush out of the bottle and wipe the excess off. Pull it straight up and don’t wipe it on the edge of the mouth. You can end up sealing the bottle. But if a bottle is hard to open, run it under warm water for about a minute before opening.

  3. Lauren Gollnick says

    Great tips. I am going to have to try them

  4. I have an unnatural love to nail polish. You actually never want to you nail polish remover to think nail polish. If you need to thin out thick or gloppy nail polish use nail polish THINNER. Sure nail polish remover will do the trick at first, but over time it will break down your nail polish. Considering that’s what nail polish remover does! Takes off your nail polish. And for those of you who have seen your manicurist use it? What do they care?! They go through nail polish way faster than the average woman and get great deal on nail polish. At the end of the day, nail polish thinner ladies. One bottle is cheap and i guarantee it will last you forever.

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