Can You Get Healthy Items with Coupons or JUST JUNK?!



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I know I’ve posted this before but it was such an awesome “Topic” and I get asked this so much so Today’s Topic Tuesday is: How do you get healthy food with coupons versus junk food? Is it true that couponers only get junk food with coupons?!

I can’t wait to see others tips and responses to this topic. I know this has been asked by many and a lot of new coupon users may believe that you are bound to junk food if using coupons…..While you can get a lot of free junk food and candy with coupons, there are many ways to save on healthy products as well.

I know of some people who mostly use coupons for personal care items only. As most of you know, you can get a ton of freebies and low price personal items with coupons. You can then consider taking the money you saved on shavers, toothpaste, deodorant, etc and use it for healthier products. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of ways to save on healthy food but you may not get exactly the same product you’re use to.

My biggest tip out there (and I’ve mentioned this before) is to STOCK up on healthy items when there is a coupon or a good deal for them. I have seen coupons for items like fresh strawberries, Driscoll’s berries, fruit, meat, nuts, organic crackers, teas, 100% whole juice and more. I will admit, they do not come out as often as we’d like so that is why I recommend stocking up on them when there is a coupon and then freezing them or storing them.

A unique tip I learned from one of my readers is to freeze your eggs! Yup, I said freeze your eggs….interesting huh? She recommends cracking them all, beating them and pouring them into an ice tray. One cube is equal to about 1 egg!

One more tip…..DARK chocolate is good for you!! 😉

Right now Driscoll’s is giving a coupon for $0.50 off berries! Just GO HERE and sign up for their e-mail newsletter.
*The coupon link will be in your welcome e-mail.

What are your tips on getting healthy items with coupons?!


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  1. Virginia HOffman says

    I send an email or text companys that I’m interested in and for products that I use on a regular basis. I have received really nice coupons from some. I think they appreciate your patronage. I’ve done this with organic produce and for my special pet food. I was really pleased with what they sent me.

  2. I got some smartbalance products, nuts, yogurt, ground turkey and almond milk recently with coupons. All healthy foods to go with my keebler cookies.

  3. I always look for peel type coupons on meat, bread, pastas- 2 weeks ago I was able to purchase 2 whole (5lb) chickens for $5.00 after finding these peelie coupons on them. I had to either freeze or use the meat right away (the coupons or on the meat because they are close to expiration dates)- but I turned 2 chickens into 5 meals for my family of 6.

  4. I sign up for a products e-newsletter, such as Betty Crocker. Lots of fun info and coupons too.

  5. I get yogurt and granola bars, plus whole wheat pasta and pasta sauce using coupons. Oh, and plenty of good for me cereals. I save tons on what I can to allow me to use “real money” for the places where coupons are scarce. We are both on Weight Watchers and have lost about 20 lbs each — all while couponing!

  6. I buy plenty of healthy food with coupons. i shop at our farmer’s market every week (they have their own coupons that i can stack with manufacturer q’s) to buy our produce, my gluten free products and i buy all natural chicken there too. Actually, before couponing i didn’t buy organic and i ate a lot more junk than we do now. The other week red peppers were $.25 ea so I bought 14 and put 12 of them in the deep freezer all chopped up and ready to use 🙂 When anything i buy goes on sale i get as many as i can. there are several coupon resources out there for natural products this site has a bunch.

  7. momrose3—Where do you find manufacturer’s coupons for produce?

    • Rarely you find them in the Sunday inserts. I get most of mine from fb pages and mfg. websites. I also find that if you email or call a mfg., they’ll generally thank you by sending you a coupon for a free item.

  8. In addition to my reply to Corine, I get the best prices in the area by price matching ads @ WalMart. They will match absolutely any ad you bring in for the same item. Some of the little ethnic stores have killer prices on produce & they always beat the box store prices.
    Living in the midwest, it’s a pretty short few months for fresh produce. So, I do as much freezing as I can. Gotta try that egg idea above!
    I always go to the clearance first

  9. Donna Smith says

    If you sign up for driscol’s berries, every time you buy a pkg., enter the upc on their site and get a $1 coupon! Target cartwheel offers discounts every so often for produce, etc. Right now Ralph’s (kroger) has Emerald mixed nuts (12 oz.) reg. price $8 for $1.70!!! No coupon needed!

  10. I have found tons of $1/ dole salad or as much as $1.50/ dole salad. Combine that with a boho sale and you get free or nearly free(mostly at Winn Dixie). Also store coupons are a big help. Winn Dixie $5/$30 are great and can be used at Publix as well. Combine that with sale prices and you can get some great savings 🙂 I think the unhealthy food buying is a beginners pitfall. I used I buy food whether I really needed it or not because it was a good price. This year my family has been trying to eat healthier so I pass up a lot of deals b/c I realize they are not good for us.

  11. Ruth Jaeger says

    I love to shop at Meijer’s and they have a wonderful digital coupon program. They have lots and lots of digital store coupons for produce! Common ones have been $1 off a bag of avocados, 20% off of pears, coupons for organic greens, etc. etc.

    I also have had Meijer store coupons print out at the register that were for produce or staples that I use, like unsweetened applesauce or cornstarch.

    I signed up for Driscoll’s advisory panel and now I get another coupon for berries, every time I fill out a survey. I also signed up for Earthbound Farms and I regularly get coupons for their organic produce.

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