Etiquette For Selling Your Stockpile at Garage Sales

This is an older post but I wanted to bring it up again for those of you that haven’t seen it….

Today’s topic is going to be about Etiquette for selling your stockpile at a Garage sale…is it right, is it wrong?

I have actually received a lot of emails asking me about this topic. If it’s okay to do or right to do…..

This is a hard topic because I have mixed feelings about it. Parts of my disagree with it and parts of me agree with it.

A big part of me that disagrees is if people are clearing shelves every week just to turn around and sell the items.

Now, part of me agrees with it if you do it in moderation. Sell off your extra items from your stockpile, don’t clear shelves and be respectful of others that want to get a great deal as well. I know some people cannot find jobs right now so they have started couponing as their “job”.

Have you ever been to Costco (before using coupons of course…j/k I still do like Costco for certain things)…..anyway, have you ever been to Costco and watched someone in line in front of you check out with 3 huge rolling cart thingies filled with goods?! Well, more than likely they are purchasing these items to resell (too bad they weren’t using coupons huh?!)….It’s the same concept, if you think about it.

Just please, if you are selling your stockpile items at garage sales please be respectful of others trying to get a good deal too. If you see someone selling their stockpile at a garage sale, just remember….they may be doing this as a way to help support their family and may not have another option at the moment. Please don’t be too quick to judge.

Also, more than likely the people purchasing items FROM garage sales are still going to be getting items for cheaper than what the stores sell them for (unless using coupons of course).

What do YOU think about selling stockpiled items at garage sales, and what etiquette tips do YOU have?!


  1. I agree with you, as I’m not a fan of shelf clearing. At my own garage sale I sell off my stockpile. Granted, I have a large stockpile, but I know that I will be buying more and I know what a great price I can give my “customers.” It keeps me from hoarding and it allows me to get new products with further expiration dates. My garage sale people love it because they’re getting fantastic deals and everyone is happy!

  2. I personally think that it is wrong. When you purchase a product, you are the intended consumer. Most products are not permitted to be re-sold. I think that it is ethically wrong to get something for free or close to free and then try to sell it for a profit. This hurts the manufacturers of these products. I am a couponer and save my family hundreds of dollars every month on groceries and toiletries, but I will never re-sell my stock to make money off of it.

    • Allison I think you are right ! I also think if you have that much stock pile where you need to sell it. Give it away to people who need it !! Everyone knows atleast someone who is out of a job and can need alittle help. Donate it to a shelter, a church, a food bank. Don’t try to make a buck or something you did not pay for.

      • Mona Hanah says

        A lot of these people do not donate because they NEED MONEY! They are trying to make some money to pay their utilities or something. Why would they donate it when they may need money to support their families. Now, if someone is rich and doing this, that’s different story.

        • I am actually out of a job and not working right now and I need money and still would never do it but that is just me !! I think it is tacky !!!!

          • Tacky? Nooo! Going after he government to get help and stealing if stacky! But, because selling to it so it can help your family who is struggling. Why not sell?

      • please remember that not everyone is in the same financial situation as you, and some people need to sell what they get cheap or free to help their own family, maybe that is the thing preventing them from being the ones RECEIVING the donations at a shelter. maybe the person selling is the one out of the job and in need of help, but instead of relying on your tax dollars and donations is choosing to help themselves through old fashioned ingenuity. nothing in life is pure black and white, there are shades of grey, and none of us should be the judge of anyone else…

        now with that said I personally think that if you dont NEED the money, should you wipe out the shelves of freebies in order to sell them….maybe not…but Im noones judge…

      • I feel as though someone that coupons and has a ton of extra stuff and they are trying to make money to help their family out it is their right since they have bought, found and paid for the coupons, inserts and spent their time shopping and their gas to get to the stores to shop. I donate thousands a year to several places if I want to sell I have every right!

    • When I read your comment, it made me think of the saying, “never say never”. I hope you are never faced with circumstances that would make you think differently.

      • I don’t work right now money tough for me i have good stock pile and still would never do it !

        • As others have said.. maybe they are trying to stay off welfare or medicaid and are using it temporarily to pay some bills.. to each his own.. You never truly know someone else’s situation.. you really don’t.

    • I agree with you to a certain extent… It may be or may not be wrong for someone to resale their stockpile …..However, as far as it hurting the manufactures of these prducts i do believe your wrong in that aspect …for example 1. There is no way it cost a razor manufactur $11.00 to make 1 razor that comes w 2 refills or 15.00 to make a refill pack of 5..I whole heartedly believe that they dont mind hurting our pocketbook so if it does benefit some and ables them to provide for their families to resell items such as razors…then so be it…its better than selling drugs on the corner….

      • Yes, the manufacturers do overprice items. That is why I don’t buy without a coupon and a sale. I still say it is wrong to re-sell your stockpile. First of all, if your stockpile is so large that you need to sell it…then that should be a wake up call! Let other people take advantage of the sales and coupons to get if for free instead of having to go to a yard sale and buy it!! Second, if you sell to someone else and the manufacturer loses out on money, then that puts the company in jeopardy and possibly the jobs of their employers. Money is VERY tight at my house as well and that is why I coupon. I stand by my opinion that selling your stockpile is ethically wrong. Just like I would never use a coupon for something that it is not intended for…it is just wrong.

        • Um waiting for an item to go on sale for $1.50 to use your $1.50q is hurting the company as well because they didn’t make a dime off the sale.. So I don’t see the difference.

          • HEATHER MCEVEETY says

            Do you know how coupons even work? The manufactuer reimburses the company that amount plus 8-10 cents more…

          • Krystal, what box of crackerjacks did you get your logic? Retailers would go out business fast if they lost money on sales and coupons.

            Lots of holy rollers commenting on this thread. If selling shaving cream from my stockpile is unethical, so is selling that dress I bought and never wore. Kiss my coupons.

        • LOOk People we all need to wake up we are all buying someone else stockpile . whether you go to wal mart or walgreens or sams or even your fav. dollar store.. how do you think they are selling to us. they are not the manufacture they have to buy and resell also. Coupons just allow us to cut out the middle man. So remember this… all stores purchase items which we call tonnage. that means that they can buy 100 hundred pallets of your fav product and pay much of nothing for so whether we buy or not we are all victims of buying other people stockpile.

    • I completly agree, its wrong! If your in a financial problem and u have money problems..then you really should just donate it. Im sure there are others who could really use those i strongly believe in KARMA! If you donate your items to people who need them, maybe youll have some luck come towards you

      • The great thing is, those others who really “need” the items are still being helped. I guarantee you they are able to purchase the item for at least 50% less than the retail price when purchased at a garage sale. Bottom line, if they don’t like it, they don’t have to purchase it.

    • Just curious, how does this hurt the manufacturers of the products?

    • It only takes a little bit of research, and a lot of common sense, to realize there’s nothing wrong with stockpile sales. Let me see if I can erase some of the ethical roadblocks

      The “not for resale” on coupons is specifically for
      consumers who own businesses from which they might sell
      something they purchased with a coupon. The reason the text
      is there has to do with tax law, and the inclusion of this
      warning on coupons is not a decision from the manufacturer,
      rather a governmental requirement – much like “the contents
      are hot” is a governmental requirement on coffee drinks.
      “If You do not have a business license, you are not a “re-seller”.
      Those vendors you see at the flea markets have a business
      license. If they sell these kinds of items at a flea market
      without a license, the flea market could lose their license
      (and insurance) to hold the market, and I’m quite sure
      overlooking this law isn’t worth the risk to the flea market
      owners. The vendor would get in all kinds of trouble for
      operating without a business license, not to mention the
      flea market could sue them, and the flea market would get in
      trouble for allowing an unlicensed vendor to sell at their
      market. Vendors, other than individual garage sale type
      sellers, have to apply to be a vendor for every event you’ve
      ever seen a vender at, this requirement is from an insurance
      company. The reason for this is because the insurance cannot
      insure an event where illegally obtained items are for sale,
      and the local government grants a permit to have a street
      fair or flea market after they get proof of insurance.
      It’s always okay for an individual to sell anything they
      legally own, as long as the item is not illegal or legally
      obtained. This is an extension on basic Contract Law wherein
      a sales contract is valid (meaning it holds up in court)
      only when the item being traded is also legal and obtained
      by legal means. This law means you can sue an individual (or
      business) for selling you a defective cell phone, but you
      cannot sue someone (or a business) for selling you a
      defective stolen cell phone. This law is why you don’t see
      drug dealers being sued by drug users, for ripping them off
      on a drug deal – the deal (or contract) is invalid in the
      eyes of the law.
      Nobody can sue you, neither a retailer nor a manufacturer,
      for selling something you bought using coupons. If you sell
      something defective, the person you sold it to could, in
      fact, sue you for damages caused by the item you sold, which
      is an unlikely scenario when the item is only $4, and the
      damage is a bleach-stained t-shirt. Selling what you own is
      a valid sale between individuals and Contract Law applies to
      this transaction just like when you sign a 20 page contract
      to buy a car. Obviously getting it in writing saves everyone
      a lot of time, but few garage (or stockpile) sales require a
      legal contract to effect an exchange of money for goods.
      There has been only one arrest in the area of stockpile
      sales and that was an employee (cashier) who was allowing
      her friends to redeem coupons outside the store’s coupon
      redemption policy, and the friends were knowingly
      participating. The friends were then selling the items they
      purchased. The difference is they purchased the items with a
      lie (fraud). This behavior of the cashier also falls under
      fraud, and the company decided it would take 10 seconds to
      send a strong message. This happened in New Jersey and all
      parties were sentenced to 4 months in County jail, the
      stockpile was ceased and the cashier lost her job. If you
      notice cashiers getting pissy about coupon redemption, this
      might be why – nobody wants to spend 4 months in jail just
      so you can save an extra $2 on shampoo.
      If stockpile sales were illegal, then where are all the
      arrests? It’s not like this is a secret activity!
      If it were illegal to sell things you bought with your own
      money, therefore own, and you no longer want or need, then
      garage sales are also illegal.
      You can sell your stockpile when:

      ~You do not have a business license for retail sales or
      otherwise operate a business from which you sell these

      ~You did not steal the item or purchase it from someone who
      stole it.

      ~It is not an illegal item (i.e. prescription drugs, street
      drugs, weapons, etc.)
      Still not convinced? Think of it this way, if manufacturers
      and retail stores thought stockpile sales were a threat to
      their profits, they would have changed coupon redemption
      policies well before now, or simply stopped making coupons!
      Or think of it this way. I have a business and at wholesale
      I pay 3 cents for a single pearl 14K earring, and another .5
      cents for a 14K back for that earring, with a total cost of
      7 cents for a pair of beautiful 14K gold pearl earrings, in
      a 15 cent box for upscale presentation. On mother’s day I
      run out of these suckers at $45 a pair (marked down from
      $60) when my cost was only 22 cents per pair. They are
      indeed quality earrings worth at least $4o retail – never
      had a complaint about price or quality, my most popular
      item! How much do you think that $5 box of tampons costs at
      wholesale? Or that $8 bottle of shampoo, or that $9 box of
      hair color? Or that $11 package of toilet paper? Or that $25
      package of diapers? Let’s get real ladies, nobody is losing
      money on your clever couponing!
      Still don’t believe me, then do the research. I Googled
      “are stockpile sales legal?” and got thousands of articles
      and blogs, and in my effort to confirm the illegality of
      stockpile sales, endeavored to read 200 unique articles and
      blogs, and NONE of them concluded or demonstrated that they
      were in any way illegal. I trust my own due diligence, in
      part because I’m a retail business owner with a law degree,
      but also because the information is easily accessible there,
      and so is the fact that nobody is getting arrested for
      something which is not a secret activity.
      I hope this helps. It’s up to you how you feel selling
      stuff you own at a profit, but I, for one, really appreciate
      stockpile sales. I could never get these discounts with my
      casual couponing. I’d love to score a haul, but my schedule
      doesn’t allow all the hard work you put into successful
      You paid $1.25 for a $7.00 box of hair color.

      I pay you $3.00.

      Your personal shopper fee was $1.75, which seems totally
      reasonable, and I still save money.

      The manufacturer paid .6 cents, the distributor paid .9
      cents, the retailer paid .11 cents, and you paid 1.25… they
      made money, just not as much as they make when someone has a
      $2 coupon, or no coupon.

    • I personally think that it is wrong. When you purchase a product, you are the intended consumer. Most products are not permitted to be re-sold. I think that it is ethically wrong to get something for free or close to free and then try to sell it for a profit. This hurts the manufacturers of these products. I am a couponer and save my family hundreds of dollars every month on groceries and toiletries, but I will never re-sell my stock to make money off of it.

      I realize this is an old post, but you are retarded.

    • I personally not a fan of stockpile sales in someones home. It draws alot of traffic to the neighborhood of all kinds of individuals, that they know nothing about. Your inviting strangers to your home. Eticaly it’s wrong, a coupon is for a deal on the consumer , NOT for the consumer to make a profit out of it on sales. The terms & conditions on a coupon are there. They are not being taxed on there sales …it’s like a black market.

      • Actually you have to tax your sales otherwise you’ll be owing the IRS. (For legitimate sellers) ;which we still exist;

  3. I really don’t see anything wrong with clearing out your stockpile as long as you also do some part to give back to your community! Why let things go to waste due to expiration dates when you know that someone else can benefit…whether it is a shelter or a family in need at a garage sale! Everyone wins!!

    • Why build a stockpile so large that you have to worry about products expiring? That is just hoarding in my opinion. Extreme couponers need to stop hoarding and letting others benefit from the opportunity as well. Everyone knows that the sale and coupons will come back around again.

      • First off I don’t think anyone has the right to judge other people without knowing them or there situation. I understand everyone has there own opinion and due to the internet and forums people now express it more freely, but just remember before going out and being so negative towards a certain group of people, that you then are opening up yourself to the same scrutiny. You may not always agree with the things other people do but you should try to practice tolerance.

        • Another face in the crowd says

          Brittany, thanks for a great post.

          You never know what people may do with their yard sale proceeds…some yard sales are for fundraising for churches, school clubs & sports, etc. I know the local high school band last year was struggling for funds, and yard sales helped them.

          I have a four figure yearly income. I’ve donated around $100 worth of gift cards, box tops, and products to charity this summer. I’ve given items to seven people, and keep 2-3 of them regularly in stock of items.

          I don’t agree with shelf clearing in order to resell. But it is so easy to build a large stock of some items such as toothpaste, because there are always coupons & sales for it. I get All You and 4 papers a month and give toothpaste to all the people above…I still have a lot!

          So, I’m thinking of selling some of my stockpile. Someone dear to me is starting college this fall and is very financially strapped. I’ll give her things from my stockpile to sell in a yard sale.

  4. I totally agree with you. I’m a military wife and was thinking about selling parts of my stockpile for our moves. (That’s if we don’t give it away) And I know some people this is the only way they get money. I do look down on those who are getting free toothpaste and selling it for $5. At least make the prices reasonable. JMO though.

    • Mona Hanah says

      I agree!!!

    • I’m a military wife as well but disabled due to my PTSD and bi polar so I sell my stockpile as a form of income weekly but I also donate monthly to the Red Cross. I can’t keep normal jobs therefore this is what I’m left with.(and to those who say why don’t you get help for those things? I have been for the last 16 years and it’s not good enough)

  5. Colleen Hollis says

    I have some hair products that I purchased for super cheap through couponing but I didn’t like them. Like haircare etc. I have thought about donating them if my teens don’t use them but I could also see people selling them at a yard sale.

    • People do this all the time- with perfumes and lotions too! I have never asked them how they bought it if I was interested (coupons- or final cost to them)…. but I’ve always got it at a price I considered fair to me too! A win win for both parties in this case!

  6. I’ve sold my stuff in garage sales. Personally, I don’t see any problem at all with it. After all, I bought it legally. I paid for it. Its mine to do with as I please. I did sell the items cheaper than the store so the people who purchased them still got a deal. Buying cheap and selling higher is just business. Nothing wrong with that!

    • I totally agree! You purchase it legally, its yours to do what you want with. Well said!

    • And it’s the manufacturers right to sell their products for whatever they like. I know they are rediculously high…but it’s still their product. If you want free enterprise produce your own product, market it and sell it at whatever cost you want. But buying that product for re-sale is greed. The manufacturers never intended for their coupons to become somebodies mortgage payment. You people are going to keep on and ruin it for everybody. It’s already happening for crying out loud. Snag a few items at a great deal, donate some and move along! This was never intended to be what is becomming and will soon be a memory.

      • Rhonda opinion sucks says

        Rhonda last I checked no ones doing anything to help out others except those of us who do resell! If you don’t want people homeless I suggest talking to the government officials who make way too much money for their job.ever heard of flip sales? Buy cheap sell high. That’s everywhere you go! So how is that right to you? Manufactures do it! So why can’t we. At least we are reasonable with prices.

  7. Crystalina says

    I just want to say that I work very hard to get my coupons to go shopping for what my family needs, and I hate to see a shelf bare, but there are always rain checks that work just fine. I will be able to get that item in another time. I love couponing it is great, it is like a competition where I live at. LOL! So much entertainment in this boring town. As for selling it NO I do not agree. If you have a legitiment store and you can coupon for it then so be it. Do that, but don’t just go buy and then sell at garage sales. That is really silly. If you don’t need it then don’t buy it. I have started me a stock pile but I have four children that loves to eat and are always needing something. They do get older, and I want them to be able to come to my house to get things that would take a lot of money out of their pockets. It is like buying for their future! I love it, so that is what I do with my stockpile. I also help my other family members with things that they need. This is great I love shopping and helping my family, so stop selling it and use it!

    • you are soo right Crystalina !!!!!!

      • Totally agree with you Crystalina! If someone is having to clear out their stockpile regularly by putting on a garage sale then that person is abusing the sales, leave some for the rest of us! I usually buy for me and my family and it’s such a great feeling to be able to help them out and not go broke doing it! But I don’t clear shelves….promise!

  8. I too think if you are clearing the shelves just to resell, that is taking it too far. Granted some people may be needing extra money, aren’t we all, but when you clear the shelves, it hurts the rest of us trying to buy our 3 or 4 items. I choose to donate my items to shelters, or as it has been recently around here, victims of the tornado here in the South.

  9. I do not agree with shelf clearing. With that said, a stockpile can be items that one has visited many stores (our stores only accept a few of the same coupons in one transaction) over a long period of time and collected and built. I am one to give away lots of my stockpile items. I don’t just let them sit on the shelves unused! For example, a neighbor fixed my lawn mower, he wouldn’t accept any form of payment; I made him a man bag from my stockpile which included a razor, Gillette shampoo and body, tooth brushes, floss etc. Also, I’ve made nice bags for girlfriends and my family is constantly shopping in my stockpile 🙂 I’m very generous with it! But, I did sell a bunch of stuff last summer in a garage sale and at half price of what people would’ve paid in stores! Now I’m couponing to restore things such as razors!

    • And you were able to help others by selling the items for so much less at your garage sale 🙂 Way to help people out!!

  10. I really dont mind people selling their stock pile, but I hate shelf clearers. I wanted to get the Motrin PM deal last week at CVS and I stopped in everyday and everyday empty shelves. It really annoyed me.

  11. @allison….what do you think a retailer does? They buy cheap…sell higher in order to make a profit. What about contractors? Thay buy loads of product. They build houses…to SELL. Its business. Nothing more. Peraonally, I think selling is far far more acceptable than letting product sit and expire.

    • The difference is all those people you speak of are licensed to sell retail merchandise. I think there are some questionable areas also due to the fact that food items are being sold. Stores are covered to take care of returns of merchandise and also if someone were to become ill and then say they bought food from such place all these retail places are covered for such damages. Selling grocery items out of your home unlicensed and with no legal contracts leaves you vulneruble as well. I posted below but this also brings about questions as to what if someone gets ill and says it is because of something you sold to them? Is anyone ready to deal with fines and complaints? I just think it is advisable to check out your state, city, county laws and guidelines just to be on the safe side.

    • A yard sale is not a business. Businesses buy products from distributors at a set price. They then sell those products with the approval of the company they bought them from. It is a legal contract. When you sell unused products at a yard sale, it is not a contract with the store that you purchased from. Like I said before, a lot of products have listed “not for resale” on their product…

      • (An economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for one another or money, on the basis of their perceived worth. )That is the Definition of Business. So yes a yard Sale is a Business maybe not how you Perceive it but it is a Business.

      • Where can one find a list of “not for resale” items?

  12. Cortney W says

    I like to donate. I also saw something new at Kroger the last time I was their. The deodorant sticks all had stickers on them saying that they should only be sold/purchased at Kroger and to report it if found elsewhere. Not sure if we had a huge deodorant theft I didn’t hear about, lol.

  13. Jessica.M says

    I don’t agree with it AT ALL….its not okay to get something free or for a $1.00 and then turn around and make $5.00 off of it. If you need to make room for new stuff give it someone who can use it. Its honestly that simple. If you know you already have alot and not enough room for it all then don’t buy b/c someone els could use that deal.

    • I agree with you. The whole country would be in an uproar if someone on foodstamps was selling there food supply. If you go out and keep buying items even if its 3 or 4 at a time because you get it for cheap and you don’t use it DON’T BUY IT!! Leave it on the shelves for someone else. Yes, rainchecks work but if your coupon is about to expire then what is the point of a raincheck. If you donate your items its called a tax deduction…btw contractors have a business license and most of the states say that it is illegal for them to charge more for that item. Stores have contracts with manufactors and business license.

      • you are sooo right melissa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Exactly Melissa!!!! Precisely what I was trying to say!!

        • I also agree. It is wrong in sooo many ways to sell items you are getting for free. I think the main reason its wrong is because there are so many out there that go into Walgreens, CVS, etc. to be able to use a coupon and be able to afford to get thier family the toiletries they need and the shelves are cleared. And, its most likely been taken by you greedy ones that have so much stock that you’re selling it in garage sales. How tacky is that! The small stores like Walgreens can only keep so much stock on hand and when you go and buy it all, even tho you’ve got too much, you are keeping everyone else out of the deals.

      • That would be a great comparison if coupons were actually a social program like foodstamps; however, you should know that they are not and are only marketing tools to get people to buy and/or try out products.

      • Melissa-
        Clearly you don’t watch the news. You do realize what’s going on with foodstamps right??

      • I also agree.

      • The whole country would be in an uproar if someone on foodstamps was selling there food supply.

        Cuz, like, government provided food stamps paid for by tax payers and voluntarily provided manufacturer coupons are so the same, lol. Geez, what a bunch of dumbasses that posted in this thread.

  14. I am torn and can see everyones point of views! one the one hand why buy a product you dont need just to sell it? on the other if you have a coupon for a free froduct of somthing you dont need but could make a few dollars on and your broke….?? its all very mixed emotions. the shelf cleaners you all just need to stop I dont like you in any way shape or form. be considerate of others, and dont re-sell its just wrong! but for people moving or downsizing or just really in need of $$ and their stockpile is all they have to sell off then I say do it just keep your prices fair.

  15. I think if the selling of these items and if done on a regular basis on your property might in fact be illegal. I say this because in a way you are running a business in a non-commercial area, which probably goes against the zoning laws and also because you do not have a license to sell retail merchandise.
    I think it really is not much different than selling brand new merchandise of any kind in front of your home or in or around the property there has to be some guidelines. Even home sale manufacturers and business people like Tupperware etc. have legal contracts and guidelines.
    Now with all that said I think on one level if someone of your neighbor’s didn’t approve it could probably just take a phone call to have this action shut down and possibly a fine to pay as well.
    I understand that people are probably setting up their tag sales and selling those type of used items at the usual garage/tag sell way so the other items do not stand out like a store front of retail merchandise so not much is said.
    Not preaching or judging just giving my thoughts.

    • I have the same thoughts. I understand that if you are indeed just selling stuff at a one time garage sale, then no harm done…everyone has garage sales and you don’t have to report as “income”. BUT if you are selling items on a regular business then indeed you do have a business and should be reporting it as such.

  16. Honestly everyone should butt out of everyone’s business. Whether you agree or not fact of the matter is they can do whatever they want. Some people are selling they’re stock because they would rather keep their electricity on that have 50 bottles of body wash……as for people who don’t “need” the money but still sell their stock…….WHO CARES!!!! You will not be able to stop shelf “clearers” now that everyone is aware of these killers deals….suck it up get a rain check and talk to the manager at you store about stocking a larger quantity of sale items……then go home and cry about it…..whether you choose to keep or sell your stock is your choice, whether your greedy or generous is your choice…..but what other people do is not your choice… leave them alone….by judging them and berating them you only make yourself look like a judgemental stiff….when truthfully it’s none of our business…..

    • AMEN LOL!!!

      • Kesha, You are so right. Honestly all i hear on here is people complaining how unfair everything is. Now people are stating that its about legal issues and taxes and zoning violations. Give me a break it just sounds like a lot of bitterness from everyone. If you dont like it than dont buy these items from garage sales.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself.. People should keep their opinions to themselves.. It’s one thing if your hoarding.. but another if you might need to get rid of few things to pay a few utility bills or perhaps Day-care for your children!

      • Why should anyone keep their opinions to themselves? Did the person that post this not actually ASK for people’s opinions?
        That’s right. She did. I see your point, but please don’t spout off that people should keep their opinions to themselves when opinions were Asked for. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make their opinion(a fancy word for judgement) invalid.

    • Actually, Gigi is pretty right on with her above statement. It’s not about being in someone else’s business, it’s an issue of legality in some cases. Feel free to ignore that fact and feel free to think that anyone questioning it is a jerk, but the fact remains the same. Especially, and this is a big deal that you should All care about, if people doing this on a regular basis are using food stamp benefits. It is then, most definitely, the business of ANY of us that pay taxes. You are then using state money that was designated for your family only and turning around to sell it. Like earlier mentioned, I don’t think it’s a big deal if it’s a yard sale here and there and you’re getting rid of some extra items you aren’t going to use, but let’s not ignore the fact that some people are doing this in an illegal manner and yes, you should worry about it. You DID hear about the little girls that had to put a stop to their Lemonade stand, correct? While I think that particular case was BS, I think some people need to think a little smarter and more ethically. This mentality of doing it because you can or because it’s yours or it’s no one’s business proves a lot to me.

    • i completely agree with y keasha! ..only been reading for 3 mins, n all i can hear is complain complain, whine whine, boo hoo! ..some people need to get their own taste of medicine, lets see if they sing the same tone..

  17. Hi I just want to ask a question have any of you ever been in a store and gotten to the register and saw someone buying 3 carts of b1g1 free items or sales on sodas like 12 packs of coke or pepsi for $1.99. They arent using coupons but they are clearing shelves and what do you think they are doing with these products buying them and reselling them at thier store or at garage sales…Just because someone uses coupons or doesnt in this scenario makes no difference People need to make money and if you buy something like the Nivea mens Body wash for $.04 at Target and resell it for $1.00, $1.50, or even $2.00 its a win win for everyone. It is not the sellers fault that they decided to be smart and sell it for a steal.. Just so you know the people that bought those 12 packs for $1.99 are reselling them for $6.00 – $8.00 in their stores.. How much would you sell them for… and who is more just I would rather buy the stuff the the garage sale then a convienent store.. I went into Circle K the other day and they had the small bottle of Kraft Mayo for almost $6.00 be mad at those people not the struggleing family

  18. Question for all of you that do sell your items…are you reporting this “income” on your taxes?

    • YEAH Good question Amber I doubt highly they are !!

      • I doubt they are making enough money to report….under a certain amount doesn’t need to be reported….if you were to sell an old couch on craigslist would you report the income?!

        • Have you ever had garage sales? Did you all report your earnings? I am sure if you think back you didnt.

      • You don’t have to unless you earn over $600.

    • If you make under $600 you do not have to report it.

      • Thanks for the info Carrie C, Wow if people were making over 600 doing this i am sure everyone would be doing it. lol

    • Question for all of you that do sell your items…are you reporting this “income” on your taxes?

      Do you report the gifts you receive on your taxes? Do you pay the sales tax you owe when you buy an item online out of state, or at a yard sale, or off of Craigslist?

  19. A loss to the manufacturer now who said that is wrong for you to sell it, but is not wrong for you to get it for free after coupons now that is ridiculous .. After the products leaves the store shelf it is your and you can do as you wish sell it give it away whatever it is your. If that was the case everyone is a thief..

  20. My worry is if this catches on and is done on any kind of large scale, how will it effect couponing? So you get a great coupon and manage to get that product for free from the manufacturer, then you turn around and sell that product. Not only is the manufacturer losing money when you purchase it, but now with that person buying the item from you and its costing them another sale. If this is done frequently enough it may force companies to rethink the coupons they issue, we may not see those great $3 Nivea and BOGO coupons any more. I feel bad for the people having hard times, I can understand why they would see this as a good way to make some extra money for their families. Couponing is a means of survival for many of us though. We may not resell items, but we’re depending on those coupons to stretch our grocery budgets every month. So this resale trend may end up hurting all couponers in the long run.

  21. I feel its ok to sell some of your stockpile but dont clear a shelf. I was wondering what i could do wth the 5 proglide razors i bought since i had a coupon and it gave me 5 in register rewards. My husband doesnt want them and i have 5. So I think i will be putting them in my yard sale next time.

  22. What a can of worms you have opened up with this Topic Tuesday topic. I personally have only donated to food pantry at church and given to friends and family members, but I am not sure that I think that selling is bad. I see both sides of the coin. You get overage so you buy a lot to pay for other essentials such as meat and produce. What do you do with the 20 packs of razors that will take you five years to use? My church’s food pantry only takes food. Most of the overage or money maker items are health and beauty products, so I cannot donate it to them. I use a lot for goody bags for my kids’ teachers at school. For Christmas, I bought baskets from $ Tree and filled with “GOOD” free items that I had gotten with coupons. I did the same with teacher appreciation. The teachers loved their baskets and it only cost me a dollar. I haven’t had a garage sale recently since I have started couponing in the last 4-5 months, but I am not sure that I would not sell something that I had tons of. I AM NOT a shelf clearer. I, too, am annoyed when I go in for a deal and the shelf is empty. I just get my rainchecks and go back another time. If my coupon expires then I am out of luck. These are only my views. I try not to judge people even though I do get annoyed quite often. For those saying that you cannot buy something and then sell it at a garage sale, well I don’t know how true that is. Everything at a garage sale was originally purchased, so I don’t see the difference. I received baby shower gifts that never got worn. I sold them even though I didn’t buy them. I have bought products before that have sat in my house forever and finally I have sold them. People have lemonade stands and sell cookies and brownies at garage sales all the time, so I think the food argument is not compelling either. Everyone just needs to pray about it and decide what the Lord is telling them to do. If you need the money, maybe the Lord provided the coupons to you for a reason (to re-sell things). If you don’t need the money, maybe the Lord wants you to donate it. Either way, people are going to make their own decisions. Please just be considerate of others who may want the same deal as you.

  23. It is wrong, Period. I don’t think an ethical couponer should in ANY way promote this idea. Since the ‘show’, couponing greed has hit an all time high. At my stores, the people lined up at the door EVERY morning can ALL be found at the flea market on the weekends reselling…it is disgusting.

    As for this not ‘being our business’ or being judgemental, she asked our opinion which means this is an open forum to give it.

    • Yes it is and everyone is entitled to there own opinion, however there is a difference between saying its wrong in my opinion to do and i personally wouldnt do it and then to state that people that do this are in some way unethical or disgusting. That is judging others and i am sure you wouldnt like people that do not know you or your situation to make comments like that about you. Just Think If everyone was to do this it would make our world a very hateful place.

      • I agree with Pam. There has been a noticeable increase in coupon greed since TLC’s Extreme Couponing. Greed is disgusting. I took it as that and not that she was calling people disgusting. Couponing for the sole purpose of making a profit is wrong and takes away from those that truly need to just save some money.

        • I agree with Pam and Judy. I have personally seen so many greedy couponers lately. I go into Wags at midnight when the sales change over here and there used to be me and a few ladies that would get the deals. We all just took one or two of the items that were free w/ coupon or RR. Now, the same store fills at 11pm with some greedy people racing around in tag teams taking everything on the shelf. I went in last weekend hoping to buy two 12 pks of Cottenelle but, all of it was already in that Greedy ladies cart. She had three carts full of stuff and one was just Cottenelle. There was many other disappointed people as well. It seems like these bad apples are going to ruin it for all of us. Wags is thinking about other ways to do sales so, people cant take everything. You greedy ppl are only hurting yourselves in the long run.

    • I agree I think it is unethical and wrong you are making it to where someone else can’t get it in the store to sell it out of your garage /house where I don’t know where that is to get so then I go without so you can turn a buck on something you had no money in or time and effort. Then on top of it you make a living off of it with out paying taxes and don’t get resellers permits or business permits like the small shops doing it the honest way are doing so you end up hurting their business too! It is horrible!! Open up a small shop and do it the legal way if you need to make money!

  24. Theresa R. says

    I don’t agree with selling it in a garage sell. It does take a lot of work to coupon and create a huge stockpile. I haven’t created a huge stockpile, but I do ok and I give stuff away all the time. It is just me and two kids, my spouse passed away last year. Couponing has really helped financially. I have a group of friends that I started giving stuff to, they didn’t feel comfortable taking it so we started a donation cup. Whatever goes in the cup goes to couponing. It all works out, what goes around comes around. we share in the savings. My friends like it because they don’t have to go to the store and pay expensive prices. I didn’t ask for any money for anything, the idea was insisted upon me. Hey, maybe if you do a garage sell, give it away and ask for donations towards your couponing. Just an idea, not sure if it is legal, check in your state. Anyway, I still give stuff away.

  25. I agree that it is extremely tacky. you also do not know where in the house the seller is storing these items. if the temp. goes up and down alot you are messing with quailty and safety of the any food items, or even toiletries.

  26. Sarah Petaros says

    My issue is, why would you have so much stuff you need to donate or sell?! Coupons circulate around. You CAN let a BOGO expire, you dont HAVE to get them…… I have a stock pile, enough for 1 year aprox. Sure I cringe a little when I see a great coup, check my stock and realize I dont need it. But I do know that it will happen again. That coup & deal will come back around!!
    Its the families with 175 bottles of Gillette body wash at home that are the ones wiping shelves clean week after week. Instead of selling it, donating it or whatever just dont take it !! JMO

  27. Wrong…. Donate if you have a surplus… I have a hard time getting what I need at the stores in our area as it is. Our shelves are always wiped clean of product. So I would not love to see people making money on the stockpiles…

  28. I say who cares what other people do!!!!
    They put the time into getting the items, they can do what they want with it. Everyone needs to just mind their own business!!!

  29. Brooke S June 21, 2011 at 11:52 am
    Wrong…. Donate if you have a surplus… I have a hard time getting what I need at the stores in our area as it is. Our shelves are always wiped clean of product. So I would not love to see people making money on the stockpiles…

    …..But it is ok for you to make money when you get for free + xtra?!?! Same concept!

  30. it is very selfish of these people to clear shelves, sell it and make people waste their very expensive gas looking for these items while these items are collecting dust in someones basement or garage.

  31. I just started couponing a few months ago and I already have a stockpile. I can’t see myself buying more then I would need for the next 6 months where I would have surplus to sell. From what I have seen sales repeat themselves enough that you don’t need to stockpile to the point of having to sell the items because they are about to expire. That is hoarding. Sorry to anyone that gets offended. In the other hand if you are paying for the item and resell it the manufacture is not getting hurt in anyway becuase “YOU” bought the item and clearly you will be buying it again to continue to resell it. How is that hurting the manufacture? The only way that the manufactire will get hurt is if you figure out a way to produce the item and sell it without them having any profit. Like copying CDs and selling them. Or downloading music without paying for it. Other then that the manufacture is not getting hurt. You purchased the item and you paid for it. Now if you turn around and sell it to help out your family financially I don’t see anything wrong with that. Just be reasonable with your selling price since that manufarure was with you buy providing you with a coupon to start with.

  32. And about clearing shelves that’s jsut being greedy. But worse is the people that go into the store and steal the coupons. Or go to the newstand machine and steal the coupons out of all the newspaper and only pay for one. All that does is in the long run hurt all of us. The Walgreen’s by my house won’t take pdf coupons anymore because of the amount of copies they have received instead of originals. It’s sad how quickly poeple can ruin a good thing.

  33. If you are buying to resell that means you are trying to conduct a business and therefore need to have a valid re-sale permit and claim on your taxes. So I believe that reselling items to make money is wrong! If you got too much-donate!

  34. im on both sides of the street with this b/c we had a lasy that would sell her stock pile and before I knew what to do with coupond and didnt take the time for coupons I would buy from her 3 times during the summer! and we always quessed that she owned a store and always over stocked on items! (truley) and I would LOVE her yard sales cause I didnt have to fight and get confussed I just went and bought! I mean at least she is not throwing the stuff aways or wasting it! and its not hurting the manufacture b/c they know what we do with the coupons and it prob. only cost them 10cent to make toothpaste and sell it for $4 a tube! so whoa re they really hurting! US! I find nothing wrong with it! but by no means clear the shelf trying to do so!

  35. I personally think that it is wrong to coupon for the purpose of resale. If you have that much of any item, donate it, gift it out or simply do not buy it. I’ve seen too often people buying whole carts of stuff on sale and wiping shelves, and I hate it. I don’t care if its with coupons or just a sale. It is inconsiderate to make everyone else who wants the deal suffer just so you can make a buck or two. My family is on a VERY tight budget and I still don’t do that.

  36. There was a lady here that was banned from Walgreens. One of the shoppers at her Garage sale had seen her in Walgreens prior to her garage sale and then she seen all the items on a table. She took pictures, went to Walgreens, and they banned her!

    • Can Walgreens do that??? Seems like they’re sticking their nose in where it shouldn’t be.

      • I don’t think it’s Walgreen’s business if the person is paying for the items even if they use coupons. But I heard my Walgreen’s manager tell someone that they experience a lot of thief and people sell the items that they steal at the flea market.

      • Yes, if they have it listed in their Terms of Use like CVS does – “Resale of products or services purchased in connection with this site is specifically prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse to sell products to you if it reasonably appears to us that you intend to resell said products. Verification of information may be required prior to our acceptance of any order. We further reserve the right to limit quantities of items purchased by each customer.”

  37. How is selling items from your stockpile any different from selliing items you recieved as gifts and never used? You didn’t pay for your gifts; someone gave them to you. Does that mean you shouldn’t sell them?

  38. I think it’s interesting to read the thoughts of those who commented here. We see very clearly those who embrace capitalism vs. socialism. (I’m not name-calling, I just really do think it’s interesting.) The capitalists would say that if consumers have taken the time to clip their coupons and find the deals, which were absolutely attained ethically and legally, they should certainly be allowed to sell them if they choose. I think we can all agree that if the product is marked “not for resale”, it would of course be wrong/unethical to sell it. Others (those who may have socialistic tendencies?) would say, categorically, if you have extra, you must GIVE it away. Oh, I know they actually said “should”, but they meant “must”. AND, I might add, it seems that some are harshly judging those who do sell their stock. No mercy! They are ethically bankrupt! Okay, so maybe my views are becoming evident. : ) But, I would ask you who might be critical of these couponing garage-salers to really think it through before you call the act of selling their stuff “unethical” and “wrong” purely on the basis that those with too much should give it away. Shelf-clearing, we can all agree, is rude. But beware of letting others decide for us when we have attained too much and must redistribute it. That scares me- a lot.

    • I agree with you 100% – Not all of us clear the shelves.. but after while, you tend to get too much stuff and I don’t feel there is anything wrong with donating some and also selling some… Again, if you clearing the shelves, just to sell it, that’s wrong.. but I’ve gotten way too many razors , hair color, etc.. mostly free or under $1.. so, why not?

    • haha Laurie…I wish this was facebook and I could “like” your comment…. loving the political comparison!!!!

    • Very well said Laurie!! While I do not sell my extra things at garage sales, I had someone tell me I should, meaning MUST, donate my extra things obtained with coupons to a shelter or charity and that they “hate” seeing couponing for the sake of becoming hoarders on tv.

      I say, it’s my stuff and if I need to sell it to make ends meet, then I need to sell it to make ends meet. I donate a lot, but I do keep a lot for my own use. Nothing wrong with that.

      Small minded people bother me.

      Kudos to you!

      • I do sell items to my brothers though. No kidding. They are young and say they have no time to shop, and when they do they don’t like to spend $40 on toilet paper, razors and Body wash. So I make sure I put a little post it on most items to remind me what I paid for it. And I usually sell everything to them for $1-$2 an item.

    • I like the way you think, Laurie.

  39. Lisa Cook says

    First I’d like to say that I completely disagree with shelf clearing. If I see it happening when I’m in a store, I complain to the manager. They stop it and while the person is mad at me, more people get in on the deal. We are in a tricky financial situation with just the two of us, so I understand why someone would sell their stockpile. However I think it comes down to various morals. My personal morals would keep me from doing it because if I got something for cheap or free, I would rather donate it. We itemize our taxes and write off our donations, so to me that’s our ‘payoff’. It’s not much, and not near as much as we would make if we were to sell it, but I’d rather know that I helped people that are in worse situations than me.

    For people saying that they don’t have a place to donate personal care items, I can name at least three that every city has. Women’s shelter, homeless shelter, Salvation Army (not the store). Not to mention the Red Cross takes personal item donations as well.

    While my personal morals would cause me to feel terrible for selling something I got from couponing, if you can do it and not feel bad about it, more power to you. However, do not clear shelves and ruin things for the rest of us.

    • I live in a small town. I do my shopping at my local Walgreens. Every week when I shop most of the items the shelves are all cleared. I usally get the last item or two on the shelves. Most stores have limited stock on hand. So it’s not always consumers who empty the shelves.

      • I quit going to Walgreen’s in the town near me for that very reason. Always empty shelves where the sale items should be. I’d rather go somewhere that will stock enough to cover the sale.

    • I’d like to add another place that will take donations – Veteran’s Food Pantry. There are SO many homeless and disabled veterans who are struggling to take care of themselves and their families. Our local Veteran’s Food Pantry never seems to have enough. And what better way to share than to those who have fought for our rights?

      • As a military family ourselves, I couldnt agree more!

      • I love this idea! I send all my expired coupons to a friend of mine who’s hubby in enlisted. She can use them at the PX and shares them with the other military families in her area. I love to coupon. Sometimes I buy more than I need. I never clear a shelf unless it’s the last one or two of the product. I have a job with a flexible schedule so I can go out almost every day. I typically do small trips and don’t buy more than 5 of any one item at a time. If I don’t get a sale or to use a coupon then that’s ok too. I resell some of my things at our yard sales. I also make baskets for people who need it. I made one for a lady from church who lost her job. Another for a family who is struggling to pay bills with one income. That’s why I buy things I may not need. Someone else might need it. I give out laundry soap to my family instead of them having to buy it. They don’t coupon. It’s all about achieving balance. I may see a story shared on facebook about a family struggling. I’ll put something together and drop it off on their doorstep. We have a men’s shelter that is only open in winter months. I take lots to them. Follow your heart. I don’t buy with the intention of making a profit but if I can resell some items to be able to buy other things to donate than why not?

  40. I agree that you should not clear the shelf. I also believe that once you buy that item it is yours, whether you used a coupon or cash to purchase it. If you buy something with cash and decide you want don’t want it for yourself, and think you could make a profit selling it say on ebay, that is your choice and no one seems to care. If you purchase it with a coupon that you got in your news paper how is that any different than cash. That item is now yours bought and payed for in a legal manner. Why can’t you then sell your item at a garage sale? Why would a store be mad at this practice if they are still getting their money, be it a coupon or cash. I don’t understand the problem with it. If a person buys it a garage sale then they must feel they are getting a good deal, or they wouldn’t buy it. I see many Avon, Tastefully Simple, and the like products sold at garage sales that the people were obviously reps and selling inventory. How is it any different. Its their product, they were cut a deal on it, and they are selling it, and I am sure most are making something still on them or they would be giving them as gifts at their parties. When I get something with a coupon for free, I still see it as I paid for it, I did the work to buy the paper, cut the coupon and organize it and take it to the store to use it. It is now my product and I can use it, gift it, donate it, or sell it like anything else I paid for with cash. My .02 😀

    • I agree 100%. I am an AVON rep and I do sell inventory for a profit at garage sales. It is the reason I am in the business is to make money. And with couponing, I do it to save my family money and if I have too many of something, why not sell it to someone for a good deal and make a little for all my time and work. As you said it is no different than paying cash for a product then selling it.

      • I agree! you take the time to do the work what is the differance! I am definitly not a shelf clearer but I do accumulate alot of stuff and my extras I give to friends and family and also sale some at my annual yard sale at alot cheaper than you would pay at the store and people are happy to pay that price it helps my family and also theirs! I even tell people (if they ask how I got all the new stuff) that im a couponer and need to get rid of some of it noone seems to mind!

  41. Wow it just took me an hour to read all the comments lol, i wanted to see every1’s veiw on this be4 i stuck my nose in it, be4 i read the comments i thought, ah who cares what people do with their merchandise its not any1 elses buisness on what they do with items that they pay 4, rather they bought with coupons or not really doesnt matter, i say that because if you use cash you earned it sumway, and if you use coupons you still earn it by buying the paper clipping and using ur gas to drive to the store “EARNED” it still means to get sumthing for work that you have performed. Now that ive read the comments my opinion is….. still the same! It doesnt matter and its no1’s business, you dont like it, fine dont go to their yardsales and help them out! What’s the difference in buying sumthing and never using it and putting in your yardsale and using coupons to buy your stuff not using it and putting in your yardsale? I just dont get it lol. Oh and for the shelf clearers u people are horrible and you should be banned from using coupons lol that or deal with me in person =D

  42. wow wish i can find a yard/garage sale here that is selling that i could use the help.

  43. Crystal K. says

    This is a great topic! I love yard sales~I go almost every weekend & I have seen people selling brand new products~that I would assume that they got through couponing.
    My friend just had a yard sale this past weekend & I took a bunch of stuff over to sell~including a few items from my stockpile. I had some Nivea men’s body wash, pain meds, hair color, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, ect. I sold a lot of it~I wasn’t sure how well it would sell, but I did well.

    Let me start by saying that I DO NOT CLEAR SHELVES~there is nothing more upsetting in couponing, than going to get some deals & leaving the store empty handed b/c of shelf clearers. I talked to the manager at our Walgreen’s one day about it, b/c they were changing some policies and putting up signs about limits~that was nice to see~they are aware of the issue & trying to take care of it.

    The items that I did sell, I got for free, or nearly free, and l did sell them to make me a profit, but the people that bought them still got a great deal. For example, the men’s Nivea body washes~I got for free. We ended up 15 newspapers the week that the $3/1 body wash coupons were in them. So I had a lot of the coupons~all legit. I went to several stores, and spread them out over a few weeks, to get all of them~no shelf clearing here. So they are $3 per bottle, I got them for free, and sold them for $2 each or 3/$5. The customers who bought them, saved $1 if they bought 1, or $4 if they bought 3. Those customers were able to save some money without dealing with coupons~I had done all of that work, so if I can make a profit & help them get a product for a better price than they would pay at the store, I really don’t see a problem with it. It’s not like l was making a ton of money on the items, I made a few bucks. If the customers think the price is too high, or what they would pay in the store they won’t buy it.

    I personally think that it’s your product, you should be able to do with it what you want~if you’re getting all of your coupons legally and not clearing any shelves.

    As for the lady who was banned~ “Dawn June 21, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    There was a lady here that was banned from Walgreens. One of the shoppers at her Garage sale had seen her in Walgreens prior to her garage sale and then she seen all the items on a table. She took pictures, went to Walgreens, and they banned her!”

    I would be fighting that, I don’t see how they can ban here~unless she did something wrong, like if she stole products. If she paid for them, or got them free with coupons, they are her items. How can they prove that those items were from their store? Is there a policy that says that you can’t resell items from Walgreen’s? Maybe she had those items in her stockpile & wanted to sell them, and was at Walgreen’s buying the same things to replace what she had planned to sell off~probably not, but it could be, how do they know for sure. And if you go to a yard sale & someone has products sitting out, you may think that they obtained them by using coupons, but how do you know for sure, unless you talk to the person & they tell you they did. Maybe they know people who work for the companies and got them from them, or maybe they went to BJ’s and just bought a lot in bulk~again probably not, but how do you know for sure??? No one at our yard sale asked me how I got my product~one couple asked me where I bought the one brand of hair color b/c I didn’t have the color that she wanted & she couldn’t find it anywhere. My purpose for couponing isn’t too turn around and sell my items for profit, I do it to save my family money. We are a family of 5, I’m at stay at home mom to 3 young children & my husband works 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. He works hard for our money, I work hard to save our money. That being said, if I have a yard sale, I might put out a few items & make a little on them, but that’s not something I do on a regular basis. There are people that I’m sure buy with coupons and set up at flea markets on a weekly basis~

  44. I am very torn on it. If it is just the extra items you no longer need like you had a large stock of diapers and your baby (toddler) suddenly potty trains or outgrows that size or you find out some of the items you had stocked up on aren’t working for you (allergies, scent/product doesn’t work with your body chemistry or hair type, product just plain doesn’t work for you or your family since lots of the best coupons are for new products you may have never tried before), I see nothing wrong with selling them off if you need the money, especially because not all the couponed items end up being free and that extra money for some families may be the difference between having enough for the things they need like paying a utility bill with their own money or needing to go to someone for assistance so their utilities don’t get turned off. Lots of times the funding for those types of programs is just not there, especially with how poor our economy is currently, there just isn’t enough help to go around and it may be the only way they can come up with extra money to keep that utility paid. I fully agree with someone selling off their extras in that kind of situation and think they are showing initiative and working hard (cause couponing is work) to help themselves rather than expecting others to do it for them, but, I do not agree with the shelf clearers who stock up leaving nothing for others just so they can sell the stuff, especially if they are financially stable and just want play money or the thrill.

  45. I would rather give it to someone or charity that would use it instead of selling it in a garage sale…..Coupons were not to be used as a game to beat the system “just because you can”It is to help with the cost of things…..think about others that can’t even buy these things even with a coupon…..

  46. I am only a newbie at this but what I don’t need right now I’m saving for the shelters. I believe if you have too much donate please. I get that you paid little or none for it but paying it forward is so much better. If you can afford to have too much then give. Thats why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Now if you need money and facing hardship then I feel it’s ok. It’s a good question to answer. Now I have seen my corner store people shopping at walmart with carts full of stuff but they are close and walmart is far so I don’t blame them and pay the extra price if I need to save gas. Go figure.

  47. I went to a garage sale a few weeks ago and this lady was obviously a great coupon person. The issue I had with this was that the items were the same price as new. I would have gladly purchased the Dawn for slightly less, but when it was the highest price that the soap ever is, well, I will wait for a sale at the store. I could see the reason that she wanted that much for it, that would make her profit 100%. I am one of those people that believe that if you have it and want to sell it, fine sell it. It was yours, you paid for it, in time, in effort and money invested. I worked at a shelter here and they eat better and have plenty of donations from large corporations to fill their coffers. With many of us on unemployment, it would help the individual family to purchase things that perhaps food stamps won’t.

  48. The thing is when they sell there GOODIES at a yard sale or at the flea Market they want the same price I can buy it for were ever they get it at..So why get it from them, when I know if I have to take it back because of bugs or something to the BIG STORES…

  49. I am so glad that this was re-posted! My family has been struggling to stay afloat through a layoff and my going back to school. Thankfully I found couponing and it has been the ONLY thing keeping us from defaulting on every bill we have! I do not clear shelves when I coupon, but I do order the amount that I need. What I do not use I give to my family, donate, and recently have decided that it is time to have a garage sale. With the fall semester looming close I need to figure out how to get school supplies, books, and gas to and from school, and if selling part of my stock pile ables me to purchase these needs then I will do so.

  50. Garage sales should not be used to “make money”. Their purpose are to get rid of items you no longer need or use. Clearing shelves is a good thing but price it at garage sale prices – not store prices. If you want more of the “full price” of the product, why not donate it to a church or food pantry and get a receipt. Then use the donation receipt on your taxes.

    • If you say that garage sales are not to be used to make money, I say you haven’t been broke enough.

      • Isn’t the purpose of a garage to make a little extra cash, for what ever the reason…. YOu clean out what you don’t want and sell cheaper to someone else so you can buy the next bigger better thing, vacation, car, etc….

      • Preach it, Shana!!! If you weren’t having a garage sale to make money, then you would just toss all your stuff on tables in your yard with a big ‘FREE’ sign, right?

  51. If I’ve gone to the trouble to buy newspapers, magazines or printed coupons off my computer, why in the world would anybody have a problem with me selling the things off that are already MINE? That’s like somebody having a problem with me selling my blue jeans at a yardsale for $5 when I paid $4 for them at the store (or wherever) the week before. I don’t coupon, have yardsales or sell on ebay because I think it’s one big GAME. I do it because my family needs the financial help that these help provide. If I was financially independent I would donate all of my excess, but I’m not. Why would anyone want to try & make me feel bad about doing everything I can to help my family meet our monthly bills & needs? What the extreme couponing shows NEVER show or talk about is the actual expense of buying 10 newspapers every week or the paper & ink expense or the time that goes into organizing coupons & planning shopping trips (my time is worth something, right?). I saw on one of those shows the lady had many shopping carts FULL & a stack of coupons. She was inside that store for more than 4 HOURS! I think I’d have to take a lunch break! And it’s not everything her family could use to get by on for a week or 2. It was almost a cart full of deoderent! I get the stockpile thing. You buy when the item is at it’s cheapest with the best coupons available. But when you have multiple freezers full of every imaginable frozen food and/or meat…. that stuff only keeps for just so long, even frozen! How much can a family of 5 eat in chicken, hamburger & frozen pizza’s? Some of it is gonna reach it’s shelf life before they can get to it. Then it has to be either donated to a shelter that feeds or thrown away. But that doesn’t make for good tv.
    That’s my .02 worth.

    • I agree with you about all of the perishable items. It is almost wastefull with freezers full of food that will undoubtedly go bad before they are used. That is why I am THE couponer of my family. When it is time for anyone in my family to go grocery shopping they stop buy my home first. If I can get food for free then those I love will too, and my frozen stock pile never goes bad.

  52. I am also so glad to have caught this article. I have a newborn in the hospital (born 10 weeks early) and to help with the stress i discovered couponing. Not only does it save us money on things we need, it keeps my mind occupied when things get stressed.

    Needless to say, I have started quite a little stockpile (for my standards anyway) and was wondering if it is ethical to sell them on ebay. I was going to create a dollar store of sorts and whatever money i made would go back into the couponing.

  53. why in the world should garage sales not be held to make money? that mystifies me. What garage sale rule book have I missed that says they are only to be held to “get rid of things you no longer need or use”? EVERY single garage sale I’ve had was to make MONEY. There, I’ve said it. The bonus was that alot of my closets got cleaned out & clean up in the whole process. And not wanting to mess up my nice, organized, clean closet, I would donate to a local thrift store what didn’t sell. And I got a receipt for it & used it on my taxes at the end of the year.
    If I was only gonna have a garage sale to get rid of things no longer needed or used & not try to make some money at it, I would organize a sale at my church to help raise money for_______ whatever the need was.

    • Exactly! I’m out of work, and we’re having a garage sale this weekend, because I need the money to pay for my son’s school fees. If the point wasn’t to make money, why wouldn’t you just call the vets to come pick everything up? lol.

  54. This is a touchy topic for me. As I believe you should donate if you have extra. However due to tough times and neither my husband or I having a job I have thought about having a garage sale to sell what little extra I have acquired just to put food on the table.

    • Providing for your family comes first! And if you have a bottle of shampoo that I need, and you’re selling it for half of what the store wants, we BOTH benefit from it.

      • That’s very true. Also what’s the difference of selling it to your family and selling it at a yard sale? If I got something for FREE I don’t charge them. However I do charge them the amount I had to pay for it after RR or GC

  55. Wow, it is a tough delimma. I’m a single mom, trying to the best I can on what I have and just recently dove into the couponing world. Like many others, I am continuely frustrated by empty shelves. There’s nothing worse than getting yourself all excited about a really good deal you found only to discover your excitement was for naught. It has been very difficult for me to stockpile ANYTHING because the good items seldom last more than a few hours. When you work a full time job, 8-5 Monday thru Friday, it’s impossible to get to the grocery stores when they open on Wednesday morning. Luckily our Walgreens is not a 24 hour store so I was able to get there when the doors opened on Sunday and got every item I had on my list, mostly thanks to a woman who was gracious enough to let me have the 2 Cottenelle tp packs I wanted before she cleared the shelvles. She was part of a tag-team that split their lists ahead of time so they would be sure they each got what they wanted. The question I had to myself was, were they buying up all the good deals for their own use, or for resale? I didn’t ask. She was nice and I really didn’t want to possibly spoil the good impression I initial had of her. I guess if they were only buying all of that just to put it in a garage sale to make a profit, well, then my impression would have changed a bit. In my eyes they may have been taking away the opportunity for someone else, probably worse off than I am financially, to get in on the good deals. Early bird catches the worm? Maybe, but not everyone has the opportunity to get there early. Maybe the stores should take some of the blame, they should know by now which items are going to fly off the shelves and be able to restock appropriately? I do agree that once someone makes a purchase they should be free to do with it as they please. Last I checked, it is still a free country. I just wish those people would be considerate of others before they clear the shelf.

  56. I think its BS to sell it at a garage sale. Donate it or stop buying it if you have “too many and need to get rid of it”.
    Thats a no-brainer for me, I think its ridiculous that people do that.

    • Thank you so much Chelsea! I agree, what’s the point of having a stock pile if you aren’t going to use it. Save it at the store for people who will use it. It’s greed one way or another.

  57. If you notice on products or some coupons that the item you are buying with our without coupons states NOT FOR RESALE. Now everyone knows about the J’amie or w/e from the TLC that commits coupon fraud and made a big uproar about it, so what is the difference in what she does and clearly breaking the rules of the product or coupon that states NOT FOR RESALE. Not only is it in caps on products but its there for a reason. But I agree with a few readers from before, if you can sell and know you’re possibly breaking rules to make a quick buck then more power to you. I don’t do the “extreme” couponing my stock pile is no more then 2-3 items of anything, because why would i stock up when everything is on sale month after month, example i went to walgreens this week to get my 3 proglide razors 2 for my husband and 1 for my brother, there were none left both times I went. Now, my favorite cashier informed me that not only did one lady buy them all, but she came back and recieved a raincheck for more. Now what in the world does a person need 10+ razors for? Not saying that all people that pull things like this are reselling, but highly doubt they will be donating a bunch of razors (and probably other things). Using donation as an excuse to buy more items is a cop out.

    • Our Walgreen’s allows the same woman to clear the shelves week after week, and I’m getting pretty sick of it. I’ve complained to the manager, the staff, and the staff all know her & gripe about her, but no one tries to stop her. It’s extremely frustrating when week after week you miss out on all the sales items because of one person’s greed. I don’t know if she’s reselling or if she’s just a thoughtless jerk, but Walgreen’s seriously needs to start standing behind their limit policy!

      • they really do. I have similar problems at cvs, but considering cvs DOES have limits and you only get the perks for the number allowed its an easier place to shop. now i have have times where no matter what cvs shelves are cleared too, but nothing like walgreens. walking into walgreens (after a 30min+ drive) on a sunday afternoon (11am-3pm) or anytime after is like walking into an empty store. it’s crazy that they dont enforce a limit of atleast 1 – 3 items per trip. my store knows me well and they know i drive a long distance to get on their deals once a week (twice if my boyfriend decides he wants to eat out) and i only buy enough to last us (plus maybe one or two extra for my mom & brother). i’m all for charity and have donated items, esp. new items i’ve bought one or two of to see if anyone likes and if we don’t it goes in the charity box and donated once a month. but like i said, i highly doubt people clearing shelves are doing it for charity, its just greed and i can’t wait for the coupon craze to pass so things go back to normal! lol

      • We have a local lady that does the same every week here…. of course Wags doesnt care who it gets sold to as long as it sells…. so the only way that we were able to stop her was to beat her to the store very early many weeks in a row… I have not seen her back so apparently she figured to find another Wags. LOL

    • I agree! Well said!

  58. I can understand possibly having to sell part of your stockpile if you get in a tight spot, ie, the car tears up, the water heater blows, etc, but I don’t agree with buying the stuff up just to purposely resale it. I have been out of work for 2 yrs because of some serious medical issues, and now even though I’ve recovered from the health problems and looking for work, my income barely covers my bills and my savings bit the dust some time ago. If something bad were to happen, I’d have to scramble to find a way to cover it. Many people are unemployed and not making it now. Because of that reason, I find the idea offensive of people buying up stock from the stores they don’t need just to make a profit. I, many times, have went to get something I crucially needed with a coupon and couldn’t get it. I either have to decide if I can scrounge around to see if I can afford full retail or I have to do without. I started couponing as a way to survive. I usually do my shopping early sunday mornings before the stock trickles out, so I know shelf clearing is going on hardcore in my area. Its definitely a very grey area.

  59. Thrift Store Owner says

    I own a thrift store and while I stock pile what my family needs what I have left over I resell in my thrift store … Not only am I able to make money off of it to provide for my family (and don’t think just because alot of my store items are donated that I am running profit, so sick of people who think I should work for free just because people give me their stuff, I have bills to pay and I have store bills to pay) ANYWAYS I am proud to say I resell items to support my family, I do not clear shelves, I may visit the store several times during the week to get my items but I don’t make multiple transactions, I make 1 transaction per visit, get my items exchange out what I might like with what I have in my stock pile and the rest goes into my store

    I do feel like I am helping those because there are many people who don’t coupon and they LOVE the fact that they can come in my store and get there deoderant for 1/3 of the price that they pay for it in the store … I have people who specifically check my store before they buy anywhere else to see if I have what they need … I am more then willing to help anyone who wants to learn to coupon and get these items for free or really cheap like I do and have helped many people do that but some people don’t have the time or just flat out don’t want to coupon and rather just buy it from me cheap

    I can provide my customers with cheaper items then they would normally pay and it helps support my family so I am ok with this

    PS… I would fight the walgreens ban as well – I would call the Corporate office about that – My walgreens that I visit all know that I own a thrift store and they also know I resell some of the items I get from them at my thrift store – They don’t care as long as I don’t clear shelves as my sale is no different then anyone elses sales they are gonna make the same amount of money from me as they are gonna make from 10 other customers —- In fact one of the wags managers will tell me and hold certain clearance items because she knows I will buy it all and rather then taking the time to set up clearance display she will ask me if I want it all first

    AND I agree with who ever said where in the world did you get a rule that says garage sales are to only get rid of things you dont need – That is what the garbage can is for – garage sales are ways for people to make money and I don’t think its any big deal regardless if I am selling my used stuff or selling my new stuff

  60. I was discussing this with my husband, he brought up a really good point….. The manufacturers and stores that are producing and accepting the coupons are not being philanthropic in letting us use the coupons. Their ultimate goal is to make money and gain customers. Although I consider myself a benevolent person and donate to those who need what I have, I don’t think it says anything about peoples morals if they choose to not donate what is theirs. They may have not paid for it, but they did the work, and all us couponers know, couponing is work! Live and let live…. but don’t you dare clear my shelves or I will be whining and complaining to my poor seven year old son who is tired of hearing it. 🙂

  61. I don’t think its anyone’s business what I am selling at a yard sale. Furthermore, it seems that everyone on here says they don’t agree with clearing shelves, but I know for a fact that if I don’t get up at the crack of dawn to do my “deal shopping” Sundays and Wednesdays, the free or nearly free items are GONE…so somebody is doing it, a lot more people than “admit” to it. My mom did “extreme” couponing the whole time I was growing up, and she busted her butt doing it and had 2 yard sales per year…and usually made a couple grand at each. There is nothing wrong with it, if people are getting the items for less than the store sells it, and you are still making a profit…who cares?

    • When you Coupon it is very competitive if you admit it or not, you win some and you lose some , If you’re going to coupon stop your crying about not getting the deals and get the next one…We have a lot of untruthful people in here,

  62. If I got items cheap using coupons and then decided it wasn’t something I liked then I would put it in my rummage sale, but I wouldn’t purposely get free/cheap items just to resell. I’m sure it happens all the time. We have a flea market expo here and a lot of people sell new personal products and I wouldn’t doubt there’s a lot of people that clear the shelves to turn around and make a profit. My mom said there would probably be a lot of Nivea body wash at the flea market when that coupon was out.

  63. I particularly don’t care if you sell items from your own personal stockpile- what someone does with their own belongings is their own business. That said, the idea that you should give anything away because you have an excess of it, or because someone else “needs” it more than you, is absolutely ludicrous. If that is the case, then you should all quit being hypocrites and relinquish every single one of your luxuries to help everyone less fortunate than yourselves.

    For the shelf-clearers, I have this to say: CLEAR ON! The bottom line is this: if the shelf at the store is cleared when I get there, then I go somewhere else to find my deal; if the shelves are cleared there too, then OH WELL. I don’t boo-hoo over not getting my deal because I AM NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING! If you want to ensure that you get what you came to the store for, then you should get to the friggin’ store early!

    • I totally agree, although I am respectful, I just recently (in the last 4-6 months) got into couponing, and kind of went hog wild, so my stockpile turned into a mini store (my friends call it Sheri-mart) that I would invite my friends over who either just don’t desire to coupon, have time to coupon, or just don’t plain get the concept….and it helps them out financially and it enables my new “addiction”, lol….now, next week my daughter is getting her driving permit, so I am going to have a garage sale and sell all my extra stockpile items to get money towards a car, and not only me make money but people in my community can come and save money….nothing is wrong with that….no one complains when I impulsively buy jeans on clearance, thinking I will fit into them someday, and then turn around and sell them on eBay and make a buck or three on them….I just wish people would MTOB!!!! Can’t we all get along???? LMAO!

    • Ha Ha Love It!

  64. I’m a single mom who has started couponing out of necessity. I buy very few items because my budget doesn’t allow it. I quality for government assistance, but am unwilling to actually sign up for it. I work a full-time job and do what I can. It’s very frustrating for me to plan to buy something and a shelf-clearer has already been ahead of me so I can’t even buy the 1 or 2 items I had planned on getting. Am I “entitled” to get it like a previous poster said? No, but I’d much rather be able to buy those 1 or 2 things myself that I wanted to get and not have to get them from a food pantry because I can’t afford to get it at full price.

    So no, I’m not entitled to buy 1 product and no the shelf clearer isn’t entitled to buy all 50 items so they can sell it again to make money. I have a very small stockpile, and if I don’t need something I don’t buy it just because I have the coupons for it.

    And as someone who has very little, I still wouldn’t sell what I have. If someone I know needs something, I give it to them. And one day I hope to be at the point that I can afford to buy extra items and donate them to my local food pantry that has helped me in my time of need.

  65. I have mixed feelings about it also but I think it is not the right thing to do. I try not to get stuff that I do no need with coupons others who need it can get them. The thing is that we spend money on newspapers and gas to drive to stores and printer paper and ink so why should we not get some money back. I do not think I would sell the stuff at a garage sale I would perfer to donate but others might need the money and it is there stuff to sell if they want to.

  66. This discussion brings another topic to mind…

    How is it ethically ok to get something for FREE and get a tax write off on it by donating it? I’m all for donating but to me, tax write offs on free stuff is wrong. Just a thought.

  67. We held a garage sale this past summer. At the garage sale, we sold all kinds of items that we cleaned out. And yes, some of the items in our garage sale were from our stockpile! Our family originally want to send a large portion of our stockpile to Joplin, Missouri to assist tornado victims. However, that was not a need for the victims (seeing as most in need no longer had a home!) Instead, we sold these items so that we could send them money. Every penny that we made from the garage sale went to a church in Joplin, Missouri to assist tornado victims.
    Be careful before you judge. People may just be trying to help others out.

  68. I think it is a great way to help ppl get a good price on stuff. Not everyone has the time or patience to coupon and it gives them a chance to save also.

  69. I find that if you wait until a week or even a few days before the coupon expires you are more likely to get the item. When a “hit” new coupon comes out everyone rushes to the store. Just sit back and wait until the “rush” is over and then get what you need.

    Since a lot of coupons only allow 4 items per transaction, I have just made it a habit to only add 4 of each item to my stock pile. That way I am not having to go to the store several times or have more than one transaction and that my stockpile doesn’t get extremely overstocked.

    I have yard sales each year that usually total over $3,000. Why would you go through all the hard work of a yard sale if it wasn’t for the sole purpose of making money?

    The world of buying selling all works on the same principal. Buy low sell high. I also resale items online that I buy at yard sales, thrift stores and Goodwill. I buy it for $3 and sell it for $6. It is how the world works. In the end, the companies and the stores that sell these products make tens of millions of dollars. If it hurting them if you resell the items for pennies compared to what they are making?

  70. There are a lot of people that use ebay like a yard sale. I see nothing wrong with selling anything you own for money. Yea, If they sell it for the same price, I won’t buy it. yard sales are to make money, otherwise you would get rid of the item or donate it. There are those that sell wine corks on ebay. These days you can sell anything.

  71. No it shouldnt matter. Couponing is very time consuming, and if people want to sell their goods then go for it!! Like you said, it is no different than the vendors you see at fairs and carnivals. Do you really think they paid the same price for that can of pepsi that you are buying it for? Everyone is struggling to make a buck these days. I personally am over all the bs that goes with couponing and have not done it for several months now. I live in a small town and the shelves are ALWAYS cleared, and most usually by the very people heading our local coupon groups. The hypocrisy is ridiculous when these “leaders” tell the group members NOT to be a shelf clearer. Walgreens had no business banning that customer either. Thats just wrong…

  72. I’ll be honest. I am a couponer and I do it to save my family money…but this idea of buying extra and reselling it to make ends meet is ludicrous. I don’t believe in is idea that the economy is so bad people have to coupon to make a living. Sorry I don’t buy it. There are jobs out…maybe not your ideal ones but there are jobs. Secondly, I have a very very small “stockpile” that could last my family of three a few months. The politics behind couponing has become ridiculous. People clear shelves….whether people admit it or not on here. People hoard….they do. People are selfish and many who COULD donate do not. I guess I have a different theory behind my couponing…I do it in small doses to help stretch our budget. I don’t do it in excess nor to hoard and have the largest stockpile. At the end of every year…I donate HALF my stockpile to senior citizens in need. I start again in January. I do not resell, I don’t buy things I don’t need just because they are free and I dont believe others should do the same. I am not your average couponer (oh and ps I am not a newbies…I have been couponing long before it was popular and I am pretty good at it…I use my talents to stretch out budget but also to help others) 🙂

    • Any couponer that has a stockpile has earned it. Many times over in fact. Couponers clear shelves because they may have gone to the store 4 or 5 times and the items were gone. When they finally find some ,their coupons are near the expiration date ,so they take whats there. Real couponers know that people that have a lot of coupons to fill either have bought multiple papers, have multiple computers ,or have purchased coupons. Couponing is a blast ,but when non couponers or alleged moderate couponers are sleeping or having fun ,we extremes are scanning the sites ,clipping or making trips to the stores. People that cry about mt shelves should direct their attention to the maufacturers and the stores for their inability to meet customer demand. People are suffering and couponing is a survival technique. Sorry us newbies have inconvenienced you. See you in the (mt) isles.

      • Most manufacturers clearly state at the bottom of their coupons items purchased with coupon are not for resale. A lot of our extreme couponers are defrauding both manufacturers and retailers. Costing people their jobs and raising the costs on everyone else. Also, many companys are now starting to partner with manufacturers and IRS to put an end to this and to track down the big defrauders. If you are making money and not reporting the income on your IRS statement – lookout! Lastly, we have several people that come in using manufacturer coupons, then have someone else bring the products back with the receipt and pocket the difference – ie the razor scam where people are making 100’s a day. Well, our company is working with the police, manufacturer and District attorneys to prosecute these people for fraud. GET A JOB people!!!! Be productive and stop trying to scam!!!!

        • Really? Teaming with the IRS? What misinformed no it all told you this? Please, next time you see a stockpile sale hurry and call the IRS and tell on them. Then listen as the agents laugh at you behind their hands. I ask that individuals research tax law BEFORE they post as if they know tax law. Taxes are based on profit, and because coupons are considered legal tender there is very rarely any profit. You may not like that answer, but it is what it is. When the states stop charging sales tax on the cull purchase price then you m
          ay have a point.

        • Scam? So when is the IRS gonna knock on my door because I sold my mom a bottle of shampoo, soap, and tooth paste for the price I have on it? You must be an angry minimum wage cashier that is mad because u have to scan coupons?? So ma’am or sir what ever u may be I am I registered nurse who works 40-48 hours a week and I coupon even in my sleep. Maybe u don’t understand that the manufacture pays the face value of the coupon plus a few cents to the retailer, the retailer hasn’t lost a penny unless they are to lazy and don’t follow the proper procedures to redeem them. You should never consider opening your own retail store, stick to minimum wages cause I don’t think you grasp the concept of if a person saves on one item it gives the money to buy an item that they normally wouldn’t have money to purchase! My personal info is on all of my shoppers cards and I am not gonna buy something that isn’t on sale or if I don’t have a coupon for…. And I will continue to purchase for friends and family and allow them to repay me…. So when the police and IRS are ready to knock on the door they have my address and phone number on the file on all my shopper cards… Ill be waiting. In the meantime I will not pay full price for anything…

    • Wow, I have been applying for jobs for a long time. I have a stockpile of $2000 dollars worth that I have accumulated over the course of six months. I have finally reached point where I can’t feed my family anymore, yes I am selling some of my stockpile!

      • To( Me ),You have every right to sell your stockpile. The grocery chains are making a killing ,and leave us chasing coupons and sales. Then some naive people defend them. This week Shaws has Dynamo clothes detergent buy one get two free. Still is higher than Wal-mart. They think we are stupid. Good luck to you!

  73. There is a woman in my town who does this at a garage sale a couple of times a year-I don’t know where her stuff comes from–and I don’t care. She sells stuff (name brands) much cheaper then I could ever find it -even with a coupon at Wal Mart. Hope she does it forever.

  74. my husband and I used to go to the fleamarket to get good deals on food and stuff before we discovered coupons. And it really helped us make ends meet and it helped the seller make ends meet. These days you have to do what you have to do to survive. I applaud anyone who is doing anything legal to support their families.

  75. My only comment is about this one: “A big part of me that disagrees is if people are clearing shelves every week just to turn around and sell the items.”

    I VERY STRONGLY agree with that statement. If people are clearing shelves just so they can sell the stuff, I don’t think that’s very considerate for others that may be shopping for the same item (whether or not they are couponers). I also think there is a difference in someone clearing out the last handful of items left on a shelf and someone taking 20.

    I try not to take more than 4 items off the shelf at one time, but sometimes that is all they have. Quite a few of those end up being items I donate to the local food bank (like the U by Kotex liners from CVS this week). If I didn’t pay for it (or pay little for it) and I don’t need it, it goes to the food bank. I’m not going to sell it.

  76. I shop at sams club once a year i buy about $1500 worth of groceries to add to my personal stockpile then coupon to keep it up. but my trip to sams happens in feb or march with tax returns and in dec and jan i start living just out of my stockpile to run it down to make room for new product it helps me a great deal to do it this way i can’t understand reselling anything or buying stuff you dont need just because its free. i will stick with the way i do it even if i am one of theose people who has3 huge dollys of stuff at the checkout

  77. Katie Casey says

    So what does everyone think about this? My husband is in the military so we will undoubtedly be moving around. When we move, basically I will have to get rid of my stockpile I’ve worked hard on building up if we go overseas. It’s not an outrageous stockpile, but I would have extras to get rid of before we move. Should I donate or sell it?

    • Christine M says

      We are military too will be pcs’ing in a few months I say donate it =). We’ve given so much stuff away to the Airman’s Attic, to Goodwill, to Food Banks we give it away and are in turn always blessed by being blessed in other ways. It is a great way to help your fellow military that could be struggling to make ends meet. Less hassle to just give it away =)

      • I sold a Ton of Stuff to people for SUPER Cheap. I pretty much sold it for what I paid, and Donated the rest. Im a military Wife, TMO came and packed us up today. I saved a few items from my stock pile. I see no harm in selling it, but NOT to make profit ya know? the Ladies who bought items from me were super grateful!

  78. Katie– I would say sell it and thank you for the sacrifices you are both making!

  79. Eric Seberg says

    this is silly, these folks did the work gathereing the coupons, paying for (if needed) the goods and transporting them. What does it matter if they are using it themselves, giving it to family/friends or reselling? Is there any difference if they won something and sold that? Leave ’em alone.

  80. It’s against the law to resell items you buy at stores. Read the fine print thang sets not for resale. Just because small stores do itt does not make it right, wrong I’d wrong. You are taking money away from the companies that make this product and the companies that sell them. Admit it to yourselves stockpiles and shelf clearers you are all just addicted to shoppin. You can’t afford to hit the malls so you clear the grocery shelves.

    • Lawn sales are for selling extra or unwanted items. People have the right to sell extras from their stockpile. The lady that wrote we clear the shelves in the grocery store because we cant go to the mall is off the mark. We clear the shelves at the grocery store so we can go to the mall. Then we shop the malls sale ,use coupons ,and pick up change on the ground. If we are lucky ,some returnable cans will be in our path. People that take the time to bash something as innocent as couponing ,must be challenged at some level.

      • What would you like to challenge me on? I have my opinion you have yours. If you don’t like mine don’t read it . Seems like youre alittle sensitive about the subject. No one needs to stockpile products to the extent we see on tv and people talk about.

  81. I think it is wrong for people to be stockpiling more stuff than they need. There are many people that need these things, and for one reason or another, they can’t be mega-couponers, or even couponers. They could use this stuff. I think if they are going to stockpile, they should be donating the extra to people that need it. That’s on one hand. On another hand, I don’t think it’s right to stockpile at all. I think eventually this is going to cost us more. I also think if they are allowed to do it, it should be at the end of a sale week. Then everyone else has had a chance to take advantage of the sale too.

    • In reply to Kelly , isnt buying things and selling them for a higher price capitalism. Why should Shaws or CVS have a corner on the market of food or household goods. As a shopper ,I would check the prices at the Flea mkt and if there was a good deal to be had ,they would get a sale. One other writer said earlier that couponer/stockpilers are hurting the manufacturers and stores. They are misinformed. The manufacturer puts out a coupon that is a very small fraction of what they get for the product normally. If its a coupon that matches up with a store sale ,then they sell a ton of it. Through this ,they get their products out there ,take the business
      away from their competition, and get people hooked on their brand. This does happen. I am very thrifty ,but after trying certain things ,I too have loved them ,and eventually bought them at regular price. Manufacturers have no control what stores charge for their stuff. Shaws charges 30-50 percent more than Walmart. Why wouldnt you alleged moral folks find an issue with that? Arent they ripping off the customers through pricing ,and the manufacturers through reduced sales? The stores get reimbursed full value of the coupon plus 8 cents. This is real money. Couponing transfers money from faraway bloated consumer manufacturing companies to local economies. For example: I cashed in 11 1.00 coupons last night for reach floss. The cost was .97 each. I suspect Johnson and Johnson can afford their coupon promotions as they have a long history of making huge profits on the backs of economically challenged consumers. The local Walmart got a sale that pays them an additional 8 cents per item ,or .88. The state got .55 in tax. I lost .02 per floss. I give it to students and family or eventually the food bank. Some of these people will like Reach and become lifelong customers of the brand. Couponing is a win ,win for the stores ,the manufacturers and the consuming public. As far as the whiners who complain of mt shelves. If a deerhunter went hunting ,saw no deer ,and then railed against all other hunters for allegedly getting his deer ,wouldnt we see him as a little boy whistling into the wind? I read that one lady spent an hour reading the blogs ,then wrote as a more informed person ,but still with her conviction about couponing. Couponing is available to everyone. Even those that work have days off ,evenings off etc. Things that are resold should remain in original packaging and the expiration dates should be unaltered. Beyond that ,I suspect its a free country. Obama wants the wealth redistributed. Maybe we can do it from the bottom up. Perhaps a little from the grocery industry to the long victimized consumer. Happy shopping.

  82. I would also like to say that I totally agree in couponing to feed your family, and stocking food ahead for your family. I do not believe in stockpiling stuff you do not need, just because you can.

  83. It is hilarious to watch you all bicker over what’s morally questionable and what is mostly sour grapes. I am a couponer with a ton of experience and a ton of coupons. If I find something I need and I have 20 coupons for it, I will take as many as that retailer will allow me to. Don’t blame the couponer for shelf clearing. Isn’t it the responsibility of the retailer to provide enough product and put more restrictions on how many multiple coupons can be used? Moving on to resale of goods. It is technically illegal. But guess what, the second you “give” or “take” a few coupons from your neighbor, Mom, or clipping service you are “transfering” your coupons and that makes them VOID. SO….unless you are prepared to pull out every coupon that you yourself obtained, get off your high horse and quit picking and choosing which moral high ground you are going to take. You know what I mean.

    • I totally understand with a retailer providing enough stock for their customers. But tell me just how often is any retailer, big or small supposed top anticipate with certainty who is going to come into their store say CVS, and clear it out of all 20 of aparticular product. CVS can’t be expected to order 200 of an item because they might get cleared out. And what? Get stick with 150 more than they need when no one makes a run for them. How about those who are stockpile obsessed get to know theirr grocer and ask for a special order so that someone like me who wants to pick up one item on my regular shopping day doesn’t find everything wiped out everytime? Some of us don’t coupon or stockpile to the nth degree. This kind of extrememe shopping isnt’ the norm for most of us and we shouldn’t have to constantly find zero product because someone else has a compulsion to conquer and clear the shelf-many times just because they cann-yeah, you need another 50 deodarants to add to the 50 at home @@. No one will admit it, but there’s a smugness at knowing you got it all and beat another to it. I’ve seen it 🙁

      • Nance ,A few weeks back CVS Had a b1g1 sale on Skinny Cow chocolate. The first morning of the sale they were out. I asked the manager how many they had to begin with . She said 6. And no rain check because it wasnt an item they normally carried. There must be a happy medium. They shouldnt be left with hundreds ,but 6 for a sale is silly. I was also told that CVS lets the couponers in on sat nite when the sale doesnt start till Sunday.No wonder people are saying the shelves are cleared when they arrive Sun morning..I find shelves mt all the time. It just makes more of a challenge. If a hunter got a deer ,would another hunter be justified in being mad because he got “his” deer. Couponing is innocent and legal and this is still a free country.

        • joe-
          CVS stores are not supposed to turn the ad on early. If this is happening at your store, call corporate!

          • All CVS sales start on Saturday night and both the previous week and the next week’s sales are running. The only time to up sales tags is Saturday night, because CVS’s are not equipped with large staffs.

            • Unfortunately that is not true. All of the CVS stores in our area got in trouble by corporate for starting the sales on Saturday nights. According to corporate rules, sales can only run Sunday-Saturday. They can have the tags out for the next weeks sales (which our stores always put out on Saturday mornings), but they can’t have 2 ads activated and running at the same time.

              • And that is bogus. I have worked at CVS for two years at four different stores. Same schedule at all four stores. Both sales on Saturday nights.

      • I was told by Harris Teeter that they could order 1000 of an item that is going to be on sale, but if the distribution center only wants to send 50, that is what they do. The stores have no control over the amount of inventory they receive.

  84. i havent been to the flea market in a while so the last time that i went i was surprised to see people selling drugstore items, at least 4 lots of goods were being sold, i asked some if they used coupons, they made a big grin and said yes! the things i need for my family are usually sold out if i’m late to the stores, now i know why!

  85. Well, couponing is no different than any thing else in this country. I agree with the hunter example. First come, first serve. Now I don’t agree with the stockpile that makes u have an extra room full of stuff but if u can donate it, then do so. If you get up early, get all the deals, then get up early again and go sell it at the flea markets…then good for you. That means my tax money is not going to support you. Sell items that you get from couponing is no different at garage sales. I come across stuff all the time that is brand new, in a box that people are selling. If they make a profit off what they are selling in a garage sale, good. But most likely they are not making a net profit because of everything else they are selling. I personally sell my deals to friends and family. They love it because they don’t either understand the coupon deal, don’t have the time, or just don’t want to do it. So I pass the savings on to them. I buy 4 papers a week. Now yesterday, Loreal hair color was on clearance and yes, I cleared them out. Sorry, I found the deal first. 🙂

  86. And if the truth be known, everyone is getting a piece of the coupon action. Though I love this page dearly and some of the other pages too, they make money from all of this too. Even though I know how they do it, I support what they do so I help them to make money off of me. It’s a chain. They show me the deals (do all the hard work), I support them then I get the deals, sell it to my people. It’s a win, win situation. 😀

  87. Totally agree with mom moms comment.

  88. Heather ,you say you have very little ,but still wouldnt sell something on a lawn sale. Maybe thats why you have so little. Its a tough world out here. This blog has been about right and wrong and morals. Society molds you people to think like you do. If you were homeless ,they would leave you out in the cold. If you needed a specialist but had no insurance ,you would be left to die or suffer. Couponers are good people ,playing by the rules , to try to survive. The grocery stores have no rules. They can pay 50 cents for something and sell it for 3 bucks. Wheres the outrage there. We have become sheep. The people couponing ,and even selling a shampoo for more than they paid for it are the good people. The amount of energy put into bashing innocents ,when channeled in the right direction ,could be quite useful. I too find shelves cleared. I expect that. I know that if I make return trips ,I will find it. Stores are so accomodating with rain checks ,that I am amazed that people find the need to whine. Grow up people!

    • Stop commenting on every post. People are allowed to have their opinions.

      • I agree with Joe, how many times have you found the shelves cleared? Did you cry about it? NO. You went and got a rain check, then came back and got the item. He also has the right to comment on whatever he wants, as you have the right to keep telling him to stop. LOL

        • Am I the only one who special orders products if I know I need more that 3 or 4? I will go to the store the day the sale starts & place my order. This way I don’t clear the shelf & get what I need. I do donate most of the excess I get. Why clear the shelf when you canplace an order & save yourself a huge headache.

  89. How is it ethical to take advantage of a store sale with promotions to get a free item, or get a “money maker”, but it’s not ok to sell extra stuff around the house for money? In a sense you’re still robbing the store by getting the free item or getting something knowing it’s a “moneymaker”. (I’m not calling anyone a thief – hear me out please) The hours that are allotted to the stores, and in turn scheduled to the employees, are based off of weekly and/or monthly sales. When you walk out paying pennies for your purchase, the store only gets hours according to the ending total of your transaction. There’s a lot of talk about these poor big businesses being out money because of resellers (and yet somehow… I’ll still sleep fine tonight), but if you want to really delve into this ethics talk then you need to remember you’re taking food out of the mouths of the store employees by every $0.19 transaction you do at your local CVS. So how come you can sleep at night with that knowledge, but it’s completely not ok to sell stuff at a garage sale for money?

  90. I believe that sometimes we can get in to having toooooo much of one thing and are never able to use it all- I say sell it and give others great deals. I will give away things and still have too many sometimes. I want to be paid for my work.

  91. How do I get off the list so it stops e-mailing me when someone comments

  92. RinkyTinker says

    I know we all judge, it’s a fault we all have, but if you’re going to, you should probably do a little research so you don’t look like a silly goose…Selling the items you purchase with coupons is NOT illeagal. You can Google the laws yourself. Illeagal would be buying something from WalMart, then hanging it on a shelf at Target and saying it’s brand new. Once an item is purchased from a retailer it is yours to do with what you will. Resale is perfectly legal as long as you are not representing it as BRAND new!
    I am a couponer. I work a full time job,and when I get home I spend hours on the computer reading blogs, checking out coupon match ups and I know that my paper delivery guy drops the paper at 5am Sunday morning. I have a 20 lb binder full of coupons that I do not leave home without and I have an ABSOLUTE blast doing it. I do not clear shelves, I will drive to 5 different stores or go to the store every night of the week to make sure I use all my coupons without clearing a shelf. I follow ALL the coupon rules and I know most store policies by heart. I let my friends and family go shopping for free in my stockpile whenever they feel the need. I fill boxes for troops and shelters on a regular basis and I send all of my expired coupons to Coups For Troops even though it costs me about $30 a month in postage.(But I only pay about 20% a week compared to before my couponing days.) I make sure my husband and I need for nothing even though making ends meet is a JOKE! as I am 28 years old and am currently recovering from my 3rd surgery because I was born with a crappy spine and we are drowning in medical bills (Thankfully the full time job I mentioned earlier has amazing benefits!). AND I FLEA MARKET every weekend. I take the crazy fun obsession I have discovered and I use it to suppliment our income. We set up a cute little booth and offer products for at LEAST 50% off retail so others who don’t have the couponing bug can grab some fantastic deals as well!….LEGALLY, and happily.
    Want to judge? That’s cool, but you should probably think about the fact that we all have faults before you start pointing out everyone else’s….and yes, I know and fully understand we are all entitled to our opinions, thus the beauty of the blogisphere! And I’m in love with that! Just make sure you don’t judge too quickly. You never know where that other person’s shoes have been. Thanks, I’m gonna step down from my soapbox now 🙂

    • I would love to know some more about this. I just got a sellers permit and have set up an online store, well in the process. I know how hard couponing is, I have tried to teach many but instead they wait for me to do it and then they just reap benefits, which is fine, I am plenty generous but I am a stay at home mom, my hubby works 6am-11pm most days of the week and I just started this shin dig today and have already made 3 orders. I have been researching the legalities of it all and I would really love your opinion and maybe some pointers? To me couponng is deff a full time job and although you do get things for free, my tax is 9.0% so nothings free here and I think it would be a cool supplemental income to be able to sell to others CHEAP products that I took time, effort and organization to fufil.

      • Good for you Trish! I think that’s an excellent idea, a really smart business opportunity! Good luck!


    • Thank you. Your words are inspiring. So many people judge because that is the world we live in. I am a couponer who is about to have her first sale. I need the money because I am about to be homeless. I have two kids in college, another one about to start, & a teen who will begin college in two years. I have helped countless family, strangers, friends, and family. The strangers are the only ones that were truly grateful. I have a kind heart so people tend to use me. I have helped a number of people save money for their family. Similar to you, I mail my coupons to military families as well. I don’t understand why individuals do not think outside of the box. I had to get rid of the friends & family who were users & just begin another journey. We do not get product for free when you factor time, fuel, effort, etc into what goes on in the coupon world. Most judgmental people think that “couponers get products for free”. Not the case. And if I choose to sell the products to help my family, it is entirely up to me. I have given away thousands of dollars worth of product. I have help countless programs, families, strangers, etc. Now I have to help my family through this unforeseen event. Thanks for your kind words.

  93. On every blog I visit, I hear the same thing. A bunch of no it all’s bantering about “taxes”.
    Here is how taxes work all you self professed accountants.
    You are taxed on profit. Coupons are considered legal tender, and that is why you pay sales tax on the full purchase price of the item after a coupon is used. If you didn’t pay the full sales tax than a coupon would actually
    Here is how it works for tax purposes. If you purchase a 5.00 item, then use a 5.00 coupon and then resell the item for 3.00, the IRS considers this a 2.00 LOSS. It is a loss because the 5.00 coupon is legal tender and you only recovered 3.00 of.the 5.00 investment. 99% of the items that you get with coupons are free or under a dollar so most sales will be.considered a loss to the IRS. I would ask the no it all’s to please refrain from speaking on matters that they obviously know nothing about.

  94. Why would It be wrong to sell things you bought with coupons? I mean if I sell something on a garage sale that it’s cheaper than in the store that means that the buyer at my garage sale is saving money, yes the person might not save as much as I did, but they do not have to collect news papers and print online coupon, they don’t have to clip them or plan what they are going to buy, they save time from going to the store and if they live on my street they even save money on gas. So for both me and the buyer its a win-win situation.
    And for you people who think about the manufacturer, why should we thing about them when they would never thing about us. The manufacturer overprice everything and I mean everything. And to top it of most manufacture buys the item from someone else and then they sell it for more than the bought it for.
    Yes I do agree that when going to the store, that you should really respect the other people shopping, so no clearing shelf’s, if you know you getting a lot of something preorder the item.
    So to everyone who are against selling your stockpile at a garage sell, come on, doing this is like having your own company, you put your time and effort in to finding the coupons and planning your shopping trips. You must have a start up capital. So doing couponing and reselling it is a job and anyone who does couponing knows that its take s a lot of time to find good deals and plan your trips. So if people sell their stockpile on garage sale and kind of do it as a job/ to earn money, the likelihood is that if you compare what you earn on selling your items and the time and effort you put in, it probably going to be a lousy salary.
    Well these are my thoughts on the subject. This does not mean that I don’t agree with most of you that donating should be a must for everyone and especially for people who are good at couponing that can get really good deals.

  95. Well, I must say that I have done 2 Garage sales of my small stockpile. I do not empty shelfs at stores and I sell at very reasonable price for example if I get Right Guard Deodorant .25 cents, I first check the regular price at my cheapest store and then sell it for even cheaper for like $1. I like helping others and I do donate items and food to my local food bank. I have 4 kids and a husband that works, I am a stay home parent and let me just say that it takes a lot of time and effort to coupon. From buying the newspaper, clipping the coupons, looking for deals in the paper and internet, printing coupons, going all around town looking for the deals, that’s some work, plus buying the printer ink and paper and the gas, it all totals up to some $$$.So I don’t see nothing wrong with selling your stockpile as long as you are also helping your community in any way, that’s my opinion.

  96. JOJO Vasquez says

    Everyone should watch the documentary on Walmart. It’s called the high cost of low prices. Then maybe more people will have a better understanding of how big retails work. Just FYI, Walmart gets $100,000,000 in subsidy in the state of IL. which could be put to good use ie schools, teachers, fireman, policeman etc.

  97. JOJO Vasquez says
  98. I would ask if those of you that see it as a “business” will be claiming it on your taxes as “income”….your terminology, not mine.

  99. My apologies, I didn’t read enough comments and this was already addressed.

  100. ?? to those of you who think its wrong… DO you ever get money makers at the strore??? Kinda the same concept.
    I started couponing 2010 when my husbband lost his job. He statred delivering the paper to get some income in After a few months he hurt his shoulder and needed surgury and we really had no second income.
    One day one of my neighbors who knew my finnacial problems and i kept trying to convince couponing is great suggested she “shop” from my stockpile.She said we will both benifit. And its my stockpile there is nothing there i would never use She gives me $1 for every item she takes. Those of you in NY or other expensive states with tax know its rare to get somthing completly free, even if its free i am paying tax on it. most of my items i spent $1 or less She comes once a month and stocks up and i usualy get like 20-30 from her. As she put it, she is benifiting from my work and i am making a little $$ to purchase groceries. Honestly with out her help i would be going to the food pantries cause its hard to get food for free in NY. 2x a year my deleopment allows a grage sale i do put out things i have excess of and keep like 2 of each for me to last till the next deal. On holidays or parties my family all “shops from my stock pile also. I do not take more than $1 for anything and stuff completly free i ususaly end up giving away. Do not judge until you have walked in someones shoes. Its the same as soneone in the store juding you for being a The money i am making from her i purchase meat with. When my husband is working again and this isi not a nessity of life i will no longer do it and give more to chairity but untill then it a way of life for me to keep my childern fed. 2x a year my deleopment allowes a grage sale i do put out things i have excess of and keep like 2 of each for me to last till the next deal.

  101. I do not think it’s wrong unless the the person prices the items just under the store prices. Then they’re exploiting the customers, but still giving them incentive to buy from them rather than stores. I don’t think it’s inappropriate because they are doing work by researching sales and coupons, and spending countless hours in stores to achieve amazing deals. Most of the time you need to buy in large quantities, much of which will sit, so why not get rid of some of it and make a little back? It benefits both parties.

    I coupon, but not extreme, so my stockpile isn’t that large. At the fleamarket my husband and I used to frequent, a woman would sell tons of stuff that we needed for very cheap. She helped us out a ton because we’d spend $15 on $50 or more worth of toiletries and snacks for work. We were both working full time jobs (20 at the time and I was a student, as well), and we were barely making ends meet. Because she sold her excess goods, we were able to buy actual groceries instead of focusing on toilet paper or shampoo, or even razors which my husband needed daily. As a consumer, I think it’s fantastic.

  102. I think it’s up to each person as to how much of an item they want to buy and what they do with it. If I have enough coupons to clear a shelf, I’m sorry, but I’m gonna do it. I don’t/can’t use 99% of the items that I’ve gotten for free with coupons so why not sell it? I’m making some spending money for my family plus giving someone that doesn’t coupon a deal. I don’t NEED to coupon. I just do it because it’s a fun hobby.

  103. It is illegal for the most part coupons state items purchased are not for resale. I understand and am
    Sympathetic to those who are in situations where the money is needed. But purchasing in bulk more than you will use, with coupons, simply changes how couponing works for us all.

  104. So, to the people saying it’s wrong to sell products purchased by using coupons is wrong and it hurts the manufacturers, wouldn’t that theory make consignment shops wrong as well? Or businesses that sell expired products for a cheaper price… because the people that buy from these types of places aren’t buying from big retail stores.

  105. Also, even though you used a coupon to get a discount at the store, you still spent your time, your money for gas, and your money to purchase the coupons. So, you could say you shopped FOR the person you are selling to and they are paying you for you time and efforts. I’ve personally never sold any of my stock (mainly because I only buy what I plan to use) but I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  106. It’s funny how people can judge others without knowing their circumstances. I’m disabled without any income at all. Barely making ends meet, in deep depression over my health and financial situation. Single with two kids in college and I have bills to pay so I’m not at a shelter or on the streets. I’m doing exactly what stores all over the world is doing daily, I use my money to buy items and resell them for a cheaper price than you’d pay in the stores. I’m paid for my time, my coupons that I had to purchase and my gas to go shopping. I look at it as a personal shopper but I am not unethical or begging for help. I sell and donate items. I feed the homeless that refuse to live in shelters and I am as poor as some of them are. It’s easy to toot up your nose when you have a family or husband or someone else that is keeping you afloat but I wonder what nay sayers would do for their kids if they ever fell upon serious hard times. Be careful about judging and being critical of others cause it might come around to make you eat those words.

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