My Weekly Coupon Shopping Trip Schedule!

Today’s topic: My weekly coupon shopping trip schedule!

I’ve shown all of you my daily schedule and what my life is like from sun up to sun down but I wanted to explain my “Coupon Schedule” so you can get some nifty ideas and compare your plans. =) I have to say, I do go out almost every Sunday to get good deals but there are DEFINITELY some Sunday’s I do not go out because I just didn’t feel like it (and this is most likely because there weren’t any deals that struck me wild).

  • Saturday evening– Check out my coupon matched lists and figure out what deals I cannot resist. Sometimes this means going to just one store or sometimes even 2-3. I shop at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Albertsons and sometimes Smiths and Walmart. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to every single store in one Sunday’s trip….that can be a lot of work but the deals I come home with can be amazing!

During the Saturday evening, I also get all my coupons ready and my list (along with my list of what separate transactions may need to be done). This is mainly so I can assure I am getting all my Register Rewards and spending less out of pocket.

  • Sunday – I am ready to get my coupon on! I will stop by The Dollar Store (Dollar Tree) and pick up my newspapers. Sometimes I just don’t want to get up that early (you need to be there when they open or they disappear fast) so I just get them from Walgreens with Register rewards.

I will sometimes sit in my car and clip any coupons I may need for my trip. This is never too tedious because you will find that the sales for those items will mostly be in following weeks.

  • I then head to my stores, do my shopping and come home.
  • When I get home I unload and organize the items I got and relax.
  • I like to organize my inserts later that night when we are watching TV or the kids are in bed. It doesn’t take me long at all since I started organizing the full inserts.

Now it’s your turn….what is YOUR coupon shopping trip schedule?!


  1. amy winters says

    My schedule: Saturday evening: check your site for what deals to buy, pull coupons
    Sunday decide to buy extra paper or two then do that
    clip and file coupons
    Sunday evening go to the store and enjoy the savings.

  2. I too shop on Sunday mornings for Walgreens, CVS and depending on the deals for other stores. I have a list on my desk that I will jot down specials as they are posted during the week for Sales starting on Sunday so I don’t leave anything out. I clip the necessary coupons; and head out. My other target day is Wednesday mornings. Trucks deliver on Tuesday afternoons so I find them stocking up on Wednesday.

  3. I get my paper on Sunday and look at the ads for the stores. I’ll plan a weekly menu (that doesn’t work all the time) and find the coupons and sales that I need. I shop on Monday and then later midweek. But, with the kids getting out of school soon, I need to make a weekly trip since they have to come with me.

  4. Sara, making lots of separate transactions, but is it not the same savings either way dont you get back RR and it is equal the savings?

    • I would like to say if you work your rewards and coupons together you will definately not come out of pocket much most of the time with just the tax. ex. i bought revlon nail polish and it was 3.99 i had a 3.00 RR plus i had a 1 coupon. i paid got a cheap filler item and paid tax and i got another reward and i bought another item i had a 1 coupon plus that reward i tampons that were 7.49 i used that reward which was 3.00 and i had a 2.00 coupon which brought it down 2.49 got a filler item paid 3.61 and got another 3.00 reward so i paid .61 for this transaction i started the first transaction over it works i paid so little out of pocket it was amazing!!! I love the techniques.

  5. @ Ginai – Some sales say that the RR will only print once, no matter how many qualifying items you have in the same transaction. Like, if there’s an offer saying if you buy this razor, a $4 RR will print – if you buy more than 1 razor in a transaction, you will still only get the 1 $4 RR. At least that’s how it works at my Walgreen’s. I tried to do it in one transaction and wound up spending more because of it.

    • Shannon is right..when at walgreens and buying multiples of the same item, purchase seperately to continue getting RR on that item. I live in Fla and thats how it is here.

    • i am confused because i do this all the time, I buy one item then end the transaction get my RR and then buy a different item that gives me a RR and get that one then flip it again. As long as you end your transaction and not buy it in the same transaction you will get a RR. You can buy razor and end the transaction and get a RR, then buy another razor in a different transaction and get another RR and then end it and get another RR and keep it going but you won’t maximize your savings buy doing this.

  6. I am new to this coupon thing, so what is your coupon matched list?

  7. I usually make two trips a week. Sunday or Monday to walmart, target, and dollar store and then Wednesday for food lion and harris teeter because of their ad schedule. I get on about every night and check my regular blogs for new coupons to print and deals to look out for so I know exactly what I need.

  8. I am new at this but it is getting easier every week. I noticed that after the sunday coupons are out, there are a few days where they might match up with the current grocery store sales. But I also noticed that the sale items often repeat at different stores – so maybe I don’t need to rush to the grocery store? I am afraid of missing out on a deal.

  9. 1. Get paper saturday or sunday…

    2. (Sat-Weds) Clip and organize little bit over next few days..

    3. Weds( I wait til Thursday (our payday) to shop and I have found this to be a great day for most stores they usually get a second or third stock of the sales products. And best part is by thursday , I can grab the unadvertised deals that everybody else finds when they go out).. So i can plan them in my trip..

    4. Thurs, I run thru all my bookmarked Matchups, Print myself out a nice little list grab the coupons i need throw them each in their own envelope and head out to the store. (always bring my coupon binder tho just incase there is a super deal)

    5. Friday & Saturday – Sometimes I will do a quick trip for some things i found I missed or hope to get the things that were not in stock on Thursday..

    6. I usually hit all the stores in my area that have the best deals on Thursday .. I bring a cooler with Ice from the fridge to keep the stuff that needs to stay cool, cool.

    I am however considering not printing alot of the printable coupons , I am noticing alot of the same coupons on the major coupon sites, and coupon network.. have same coupons that come in the paper.. Might save me alot of clipping and organizing time..

  10. im very sad 🙁 i’ve depended on dollar tree for always getting two papers for 1$ each. dollar tree is close to me, convenient, they have a lot of papers, and they’re cheap. last sunday when i went in to get my papers they were no where to be found. I asked the checkout lady and she said that they weren’t going to sell them anymore because the cost of papers was too expensive. i was heartbroken. all of my local drugstores don’t carry the paper with all the inserts, just the local small newspaper. i don’t know what im going to do this sunday :/ anyone else have this problem?

    • Claire – my cousin lives in a large metro area and she was telling me about a free service that provides just the coupon inserts and sale fliers from the Sunday paper . . .maybe you can look into something like that? Also, I know some of the churches in my area take donated coupons and give them out to those who want/need them – perhaps a church in your area does the same.

      • thanks so much for the ideas, sharon! i might look into that! haha dollar tree won’t stop me from couponing! 🙂

      • I live in a small town in Tenn. and only have our local paper as well. I made arrangements with them to buy coupon inserts only from them each week.

  11. I try to do my coupon organizing on Monday or Tuesday. I start by going through my binder and pulling out all my expired coupons, which I sort into grocery and non-grocery and put into plastic zipper bags for sending off to overseas military families. Then I spread out my coupon inserts and clip, clip, clip – making a special stack of coupons for products I don’t use to take to my local coupon exchange to trade. Then I file all my clipped coupons in my binder. On Thursday or Friday, I get on the computer and look at my store fliers, coupon matching sites – like RCH! – and get a list going for the items I want to get on my weekly trip. I also use this time to print any coupons I need/want for the trip. I shop at my local grocery store, which is not a major chain, when I see great deals. But my big shopping trips involve traveling about 45 miles to a major chain store and also Wal Mart. Some of y’all who live in cities are REALLY fortunate to be able to zip around to so many stores for such great deals, but I live in a VERY RURAL area and don’t have access to most of the those stores without traveling a long distance. I try to do my shopping on Saturday or Sunday early in the morning. If I shop on Sunday morning, I get my papers at the grocery store, where they are $.15 less per paper than everywhere else. Then I bring my haul home, scan everything with my NCP scanner and put it all away. I do check Raining Hot Coupons every single day for hot deals, freebies and coupons and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the deals you bring us!

  12. Honey Clipper of Queens says

    Hi Sara & everyone –

    My weekly coupon schedule looks like this:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Check all coupon & bloggers’ websites.
    Thursday – We get our coupon circulars delivered on the same day trash & recyclables goes out! My family goes on evening walks and usually find about 7 circulars already in the recyclable trash!
    Friday – Do coupon and sales match up. I also strategize the best deals with little OOP expense.
    Saturday – Same as Friday and I also make a trip to CVS or Walgreens to see if I can pick up sales items before their new sale starts on Sunday.
    Sunday – I get up very early and get all the sales. It makes a huge difference for me especially if the sale items has register rewards, extracare bucks or Up rewards attached to them! I roll these rewards over to the next sale and this helps reduce my OOP dramatically! I have been couponing for 4 months and slowly accumulated a stockpile of health, beauty aids and household products that is worth over $1000. Just have patience and fun with it!

  13. For me, it really depends on the rest of my schedule. I usually don’t end up shopping until Saturday. I have a subscription to the Sunday paper, then on Tuesday when my grocery store (Giant Eagle) ad comes in the mail, there also (usually) a coupon insert with it — Red Plum. Then on Thursday the weekly paper for the Cleveland suburb I live in (Lakewood) comes out and it has the same inserts that were in the Sunday Plain Dealer. This paper only costs $0.75 (or $0.50 if you buy it from one of those vending machine box thingies) which is alot cheaper than the Sunday paper, so I buy multiple copies then. Thursday evening or Friday morning has me clipping and filing my coupons. By then I have gone through the ad multiple times and have some idea of my plan of attack. Fridays, I am going through the ad – first marking items that I have eCoupons for, then pulling regular coupons from my binder. I also circle the items in the ad that I have coupons for. If there is anything that I don’t have a coupon for that is a good sale price, I check online to see if there are ones I can print. Then I check a couple of blogs to see if there is anything I have missed. I find that I prefer to do my own matchups first. It helps me to be familiar with my coupon stash, so then if I am in the store and find an unadvertised special I know almost immediately if I have a coupon for it or not.

  14. Samantha LeAnne says

    I would love for you to do a post or video about how you do the organizing the whole insert method.

  15. on monday i make a list of the sales at cvs, rite aid, and walgreens. I also try and print coupons that day that correspond with the sale if any. on tuesday i go to safeway or raleys for their deals if I wasnt able to get them on friday or saturday. on wedenesday and thursday I try to get my coupons and lists together for the grocery store. On friday and saturday is when I do the bulk of my coupon shopping. Sunday is the lord’s day. Thank goodness for paper delivery!

  16. Anyone from NM that would like to trade coupons?

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