Topic Tuesday: Walmart DOUBLING Coupons?!

It’s Topic Tuesday and we are going to discuss Walmarts Double Coupon testing event! Thanks for the idea Jeremy!

This is big news…and if the testing turns out good, the news could get even BIGGER! What am I talking about you ask? Something that may affect YOU….if you shop at Walmart!

It’s really hard to get any 100% for sure answers about this but Walmart is doing a “Double Coupon” pilot testing event! Please keep in mind that this is ONLY for specific Walmarts (and mind you, there are not many included right now).

I read that there are 7 Walmarts in Utah that are participating and do the event on TUESDAYS. I got my info HERE.

I also heard this…

1. They are doubling all MFG (ONLY) coupons up to $.99. That means $.75 is worth $1.50.
2. They are price matching and using double coupons in WV
3. You must present each coupon with the item you are buying as they are doubling manually and must adjust the individual item, they cannot adjust the total.
4. Limits are as stated on the coupon (no limit stated means no limit)

So far I have heard these area are also Doubling! Please call your store ahead of time and find out if they are participating and what day:

  • Madison
  • Ohio
  • Charleston
  • West Virginia
  • Utah County – Utah ( 7 Walmarts are doubling)
  • Huntington
  • West Virginia Wayne
  • West Virginia Findlayย 

Please let us know if your store is participating!

Thanks for that info, I Heart the Mart


  1. Madison, Ohio Walmart has been doing double coupons for a while now, hopefully they all will soon : )

  2. The local Walmart is famous for hating coupon users so I know they won’t be participating unless they are forced to by corporate!

  3. I was there today, at our Local one… Greenwood SC… There was a sign about it, but no dates. Also, this location is NOT cashing checks of any kind until further notice. Started Yesterday. Anyone reading this from the area… beware!

  4. I called our Walmart in Avon, OHIO. The answer is no.

  5. Ive been saying for quite a few years now, that if Walmart still wants all of our business, they will have to double coupons. I lived in a rural area for 15 years and thankfully there was a Super Walmart most of those years. But I moved back home to a major metropolis area and there were hardly any SW’s around. Meijers, Krogers, Spartan stores, Target and just Walmarts were the places to shop. Once SWalmarts started appearing, there was some competition. I was never much of a Meijers shopper because the prices couldnt even come close to WM. But over the last few years, with doubling of coupons and perks, Meijers has really gotten more of my business, kind of sad to say cuz I love Walmart! But one must go where the deals are to be had. All my kids are on their own, with kids of their own, so my food bill is much much lower these past 10 years. I still budget, and of course I dont have to stock up as much now so I can wait for the deals and shop accordingly. If Walmart wants to keep us coming back, they are the ones that will have to change their policies, and I hope they do.

  6. My sister lives in Utah County and loves the deals she’s getting with double coupons but says the checkout speed leaves something to be desired as does the inventory as there are many many couponers in the area and shelves are cleared in a matter of minutes. I’m farther northeast in Uintah County, Utah and our Walmart isn’t yet participating.

  7. Amanda Dyck says

    I live in Utah County and have participated in the double couponing at Wal-Mart. You have one bit of info wrong. They will only double up to a dollar. So any coupon worth more than 50cents will be rounded to a dollar. So if you have a $2 item and a $.75/1 coupon they will price adjust the item to $1.75 then scan the coupon as normal making the item $1. Also they will NOT price match and double a coupon.

  8. OMG!!!!!! I’m in Houston-just my luck.

  9. I called “Washington” stores last week. They have NOT heard a thing and were shocked when I brought it up that that I had through the grapevive that we may be able too! But , Not in Washington State yet!
    Is sure would be nice, with Albertsons taking away a ” Twice The Value” each time released.

  10. Thank goodness they are trying this. Let me know when they decide to come to Louisville Ky. yeeeaaaaa

  11. So, the walmarts in Utah county, Utah actually are not technically “doubling” up to a dollar. They will double anything up to $.50 and then anything above that, they will ’round up’ to a dollar. So if the coupon is for $.75, it’s not $1.50, it’s only $1.00. HTH

  12. nccouponshark says

    The Walmart in Leland, North Carolina has been doubling coupons all summer. I was told it was a promo to match Harris Teeter. Please check with store for details.

  13. I very rarely shop at walmart..but I will start going more often if they start doubling coupons!



  15. All 3 in my area – Vienna, Parkersburg and Ripley Walmarts are participating.

  16. This would be AWESOME if it is accepted and made practice at all Walmarts!!

  17. I was just telling my husband that they would capture the market if they did that to compete against the grocery stores that double.
    Can’t wait to see if it is really happening

  18. jeanette todd says

    Love Walmart. Be great to be able to get double coupon on Tuesday.

  19. wow thats awesome! im not included, yet but imagine if and when they do lol

  20. l mccaffrey says

    our walmart in bloomsburg, pa is NOT doubling coupons ๐Ÿ™

  21. This is not happening at my Walmart in jacksonville, FL, But I pray they start to do it! =)

  22. Walmart in Huntington WV and surrounding areas are doubling couponing up to $0.99. They are still price matching and will take competitors coupons too. You can also stack manufacture coupons with competitor coupons. I’ve done all variations just to test them on how they work. I only problem is the time it takes to check out, they must manually enter all price matches, all doubling items and all competitor coupons. My trip was worth it however because I got 18 different items free or almost free and saved a lot on other items.

  23. I think if Walmart starts doubling it will bring a lot of other stores to double as well. I think Target would have to start doubling because they are will lose a lot of business. I love shopping at Walmart so lets hope it spreads to my area since no stores around here double ๐Ÿ™

  24. I called the Wal-Mart in KY and they said it was a test market and that for us just the some of the Wal-Marts in WV are doing it…. I live in the Tri-State (wv,ky,oh)

  25. When I started coupon I stopped going to Wal-Mart to shop every week and switched to Kroger since they double coupons, and now I only shop at Wal-Mart every now and then if there’s good deals. I would SO switch back to Wal -Mart if they start doubling!!!!!! I really hope they do!!

  26. I just called quite a few Walmarts in the central Ohio location and non are doing this right now. Also out of the six I called only ONE was willing to ask a manager and encouraged me to call back every week to see if it had changed. Unbelievable! This is why I usually will not shop there. Unless there is a great deal and them I will drive out of my why and pass a few stores that are closer to where I live to get to the one I like! Which happened to be the one that worked harder to get my answer!

  27. Christina S says

    My store is not doubling however, I would love to give props to Walmart. It seems in a coupon world of ever changing policies right now Walmart is the ONLY store heading in the consumers direction with their policy. Everyone else is taking away from their policies. In my state, FL, there are ZERO stores the double. I would never shop anywhere else if they double here too! Walmart would become my store of choice! Crossing my fingers that they include Florida in the end!!

  28. In the Utah County walmart’s their policy is….. Round up to $1. So if you have a 75 cent coupon you will get $1 off. Not $1.50 sorry ladies… It a HUGE headache… We have ladies form other counties that come as well. ALL the shelves are emptied before the sun even comes up…. Night mear for people that have been couponing longer than the T.L.C. CRAZ!!!!! I find add matching and using coupons a MUCH better dreal at Walmart.

  29. Also Walmart makes you choose to add match and use the face value of the coupon or double the coupon up to $1. You DON’t get both..

  30. At the ones in Utah they do not go over a $1. So .75 is actually $!. Just an FYI for Utahns, I don’t know about everywhere else!

  31. Just putting in my 2 cents worth on this issue….I shopped at my local Walmart in southern IN last night….and they were NOT doubling any coupons there. I’ll be sure to let you know if I find out otherwise! So until then Happy Couponing.

  32. Thanks for the heads up and I will be looking for Walmart to do the same in our area! I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  33. Walmart tried it here in Leland, NC for a short period of time. Some of my couponing friends tried it with mixed reviews. It seems the cashiers were not properly trained. Not to mention they weren’t very nice about it. Some were down right rude. Anyway, I stopped shopping at Walmart when I started Couponing. So I guess I will stay with Harris Teeter for time being. Besides, when I go to Walmart I end up picking up things I don’t need.

  34. I’m so excited about this. I live about an hour from Huntington, WV and I hope to go there soon to try it out!! I think a good thing if you pair it with price matching from somewhere like Kroger or CVS. Where Walmart doesn’t have sales like the drug and grocery stores, even with doubling coupons at Walmart, it may not always be the lowest price. I don’t have a store that doubles in my town but we do have a Walmart and I hope they start doubling soon!

  35. Not so lucky, I’m in Bluffton SC have 2 walmart stores close but none of them are doubling coupons…. ๐Ÿ™

  36. I live in wv and the summersville walmart is not doing this. I dont know about the one in weston or buchannon which I dont shop at those.

  37. KouponKlippers says

    Walmart in Commerce, Ga is NOT doing it. Of course they are inept at most things so they probably don’t know if they are or not.

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