Topic Tuesday: What is a Good Coupon?! OR a Good Deal?

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I thought it would be good to re-post this since it is Tuesday and all!

It’s Topic Tuesday and today’s topic is from Ann – Not all coupons are good coupons?? I need help deciding what is a good deal and what is not!

So, What is a good coupon AND what is a good DEAL?!

Here I go:

This is a tough one because everyone could have a different view on what a good deal is for them!

LONG STORY SHORT….My answer to this question: A good deal/coupon for YOU may not be a good deal/coupon for someone else….and vice versa!

Here it is explained:

First of all, set price limits for yourself…..for example, I will not try not pay more than $1.00 for a box of cereal, I will not pay more than $0.50 for a razor or deodorant, I will not EVER pay for toothpaste or toothbrushes again ETC. Base this on what you have previously paid for these products. Keep in mind, history repeats itself and the same goes for sales/deals.

This helps because if you have some of these prices set in your mind and a deal pops up at the store, you then have somewhat of a reference as to what you’ve paid in that past and it will help you determine if that truly is a *HOT DEAL* or perhaps just hyped up.

2nd piece of advice as to what coupons to clip….there are so many!! All coupons can be good coupons for certain people depending on what YOUR family uses! Some may think that a $0.50/1 Chex cereal coupon is GREAT because that’s their kiddos favorite cereal….where as someone else may say, we don’t like Chex so that is not a good coupon. OR a $5/1 Dog food coupon may be good for you but not someone else because they don’t have a dog…see where I’m going with this?

I’ve said this many times before and I will say it again….only get the items you and your family uses! This is great for this topic because it will help you eliminate the “coupon clutter”! This will help you be able to determine what coupons are “Good ones for your family“.

Number 3: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE coupons are almost always GOOD, HOT coupons! They are my favorite and I always suggest printing them out, stocking  up on them and clipping them!

Last but not least: Coupons that are only $0.50/1 CAN STILL BE HOT coupons! This is so important because people may think these aren’t so great BUT, if you can pair this up when that product is on sale, you may be able to get it for FREE or for a great price. If you see a coupon for $0.50 or $0.25 and it’s something you use or may want to use, clip it, print it, keep it!

Now it’s YOUR turn….what coupons are good ones and what makes a deal a good one?!

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  1. cassandra lafuente says

    i have a question i have a Q for b1g1 gillete’s mens body wash my local grocery store has them on sale b1g1 how would this coupon work? would i get 2 free if i buy one or both free instead of paying for one?

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      With B1G1 sales if you use a B1G1 COUPON then you don’t have to pay anything. It’s kind of confusing but basically the free item you are getting with the coupon covers the item you would have paid for. So say there’s a sale on cereal for B1G1 Free…you’re getting 2 cereals and since you have a coupon for a FREE one and the sale is for a FREE one then both end up being FREE.

      • Sharon says

        This is not true at all stores. I am in NC and Harris Teeter will not let you get 2 items for free, you have to buy at least one of the items. You have to get 3 items to use the coupon to get 1 of them free. In other words, you are paying for 1 item and getting 2 free. It is still a good deal, but not as good as getting 2 free.

        • cassandra lafuente says

          thanks it sounds good to me i’ll try to get both free if not 3 for the price of 1 is still a good deal in my book!

        • Raining Hot Coupons says

          Sharon is correct, some stores will not allow this unfortunately. Just check with their coupon policy. Thank you Sharon. =)

          • Laura says

            My Walgreens won’t accept the BOGO coupons on the BOGO sales for 2 free items. I was told I had to pay half price for at least one of them, because “you have to at least buy one” (in their words). Even when I pulled out my copy of their coupon policy, they said they had the right to refuse. I emailed Walgreens Corporate and never got a reply back one way or the other. Very discouraging!! I no longer shop there for anything!!

            • Christina says


              Look up their corporate phone number and call them. I’ve had to do that twice now because the employees at my local walgreens did NOT know their own coupon policy. The corporate people are super nice and get your issue taken care of very quickly.

  2. Cheryl says

    I clip the .25 coupons if I know I can get a store coupon for it as well. I usually know what coupons my store will print out with my receipt or send me in the mail.

      • Samantha says

        My store, Stop&Shop, doubles the first 4 coupons for an item every day. You can check your store’s policy on doubling coupons by searching for their coupon policy on their website.

  3. Tona M says

    Coupons that might have an Overage is my Idea this will help me pay for other items or bring the cost of other items that have low coupon price Down for me!

  4. says

    I clip .25 on stuff I use or things that can be doubled or tripled !!! If I don’t use or need a coupon I put it in file folder with date until I need it or if I see someone asking for it I’ll share it!

  5. Julie M says

    Any coupon for any item I normally purchase is a good coupon. If a store will double the coupon even a 25 or 50 cent coupon gets better.

  6. diana says

    I keep every single coupon, because who knows when it is going to be on such a good deal that you actually get paid to buy it. If it is something I won’t use, I can always find someone to give it to!

  7. says

    My favorite deals are for new items or items my family hasn’t tried yet an would like too but are too expensive! For example my fiance works construction and is always getting hurt so the Tylenol Precise deals was a Great time to try this item for FREE!!! The May coupon book at Walgeens had $3 off one and i found a link on my Favorite site RHC;) that got me a $5 off coupon the item was only $7.99 but with my two coupons I got to try this item totally free!!! Usually I always rely on the good couponing sites like RHC b/c if its REALLY a *HOT* deal they will for sure know about it and pass it on to all of us!!!! Thank u soo much RHC for everything you do to help us your the BEST!!!!

    • Lissa says

      I totally got ripped off on this Walgreens deal. The Walgreens coupon rang up as a manufacturers coupon so it wouldn’t take my $5 off coupon and the clerk was a total jerk so I spent $5 on something I normally wouldn’t have bought but wanted to try for my husband. I would have argued but it took him so long to get to that point and there was a huge line behind me, I was really mad. LOL

      • says

        oh no:(Sorry about your bad experience!! I think we’ve all had em and its so crazy we are just like any other customer but sometimes they treat us like beggers!!! Ive had plenty of trouble too but lots of cashiers are clueless about the coupon process thats why i always have my coupon policy with me and i always always check out at the beauty counter its less crowded so if there is a problem i don’t feel so bad stepping up saying something!! Oh and does anyone know why u can’t use a coupon with the Kroger ecoupons wouldnt that be considered a store coupon?

        • Sharon says

          Brandi — in some parts of the country, Kroger has changed their coupon policy and no longer allow ‘stacking’ the e coupons and manufacturer paper coupons. The Dillon’s store (owned by Kroger) I shop at stopped doing that a while back.

  8. Cheryl Campos says

    Kroger has their 10 event, which I pair up with coupons. This week I was able to get 3 gillette shave creams for $.39/ea. used my bogo right guard coupon on deodorant that they had 10 for $10 with bonus samples of body wash too= 2/$1. Not in the sale but had coupons for Atheenos Greek yogurts used 2 .$75/2 and one buy 2 get one free= 4/$.27! Also had my first rain check experience… was going to use coupons for 2 body washes in the 10 event.. they were out, I will still get them for the price in the sale wooohoo!

  9. carrie says

    In y’alls opinion…are the coupons that are buy 2 of something and get 1.00 off
    Really worth it? For example, buy two cereals and get 1.00 off.

    • cassandra lafuente says

      i was a pretty goood coupon at my local grocery store since they double up to $1.00 so it made it $2.00 off. then they had the cereal on sale for 2/$5 so i only paid 1.50 ea. box not bad since it wasn’t the cheap brand.

    • Sharon says

      Yes at least at our grocery store. About once a month they offer super double coupons (Harris Teeter, in NC) If the cereal is on sale BOGO free, that makes them $2/box. Use the coupon on 2, you get $2 off and the cereal is $1/box.

    • hrhmom says

      If it’s something that we use and need, I’ll use it because $1 is still $1. And sometimes I can stack at Target.

      But recently our Kroger’s had GM cereals for $2.50, but if you buy 4 you got $3 off. I had a load of $0.50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios, that doubled, but I had a few that were $1/2 of various ones that I used to get a few of my daughters’ favorite cereals to make groups of 4 to get that extra $3. Still made the cost per box down to $1

  10. Carol says

    I know if theres a sale for B1G1 Free and you have a Qpon for the same deal you end up getting 2 items for free. But how does it work if the sale is for B1G1 Free and You have a QPon for B1G1/2???

  11. Jennifer says

    I used to only cut out the coupons I KNEW I/my family would use and throw the others away. However, last month there was the $5 off any Similac coupons….well, I don’t have babies anymore but was able to purchase the ready-to-feed Similac Sensitive that was on rollback at WalMart for $3.xx. I got overage for each one I purchased to help pay for my groceries. And I’m going to donate the formula to the maternity home here in my town. It’s a win-win!! So, with WalMart’s coupon policy allowing overages, I keep every coupon because I can always donate!

    • hrhmom says

      I do this, too, but I don’t cut them out. I keep the inserts grouped, labeled and filed so if there is a good deal like that, I can search it on a database and find where it was and then I cut it out. Only the stuff that I use all the time goes in the binder.

  12. Taj says

    Since I started stalking this site I clip EVERYTHING. I used to get frustrated when a deal/freebie was listed here and I KNOW I saw it but didn’t clip it because it was either something I don’t normally use or I didn’t think it was a good enough deal on its own. It only takes a second to clip, and if they go unused, it only takes a second to purge old coupons – and so I feel better prepared when I clip everything available. :D

  13. Kate says

    How do BOGO coupons work on sale items that are BOGO 50% off? In other words buy one and pay half for the second item… We have alot of these in our area and I’m confused….

  14. Megan says

    #5 Knowing which coupons will double helps you decide what coupons are better than others. Why? Where I live a couple grocery stores double coupons up to $0.40 each. This means that a $0.40 coupon is better than a $0.75 coupon.

    #6 Know how much a printable coupon costs you in “consumables” (ie: ink, paper). If you’re on a ink jet printer it can cost as much as $0.20 per page. So, if you’re printing a coupon, subtract $0.20 from the face value. I use this when deciding between whether or not to print a coupon (which usually are a little higher value) over using the one in the paper. Sometimes when I do that, the newspaper coupon is as good or better than a printable even though the face value is less.

  15. Sharon B. says

    I think the best deals are the ones where you come away from the store feeling proud of your accomplishments and how much you were able to save your family. Before I started couponing I used to feel so discouraged upon leaving the store — like I’d shorted my family somewhere else to buy groceries. But now – I’m happy to come home and have my kids say – “How much did you save, Mom?” lol Clipping coupons and matching deals at the grocery store has also led me to look harder for great deals on all the stuff my family uses or wants. And when I went to the post office the other day, three of my freebies and super deals were waiting for me – what a great feeling!

  16. Ashley H. says

    I would love to know when the best time to buy sunscreen is. There are deals coming out every week in the drugstore ads, but not any good enough to get me to bite yet. Any tips or suggestions?

  17. ashley says

    I love a deal when I pay less than I get back. I am addicted to RR’s and ECB’s, and to stacking coupons that help take $ off my total purchase. I had $1 coupons for the floss, they were only $.88 so I got $.12 back for every one that I got, and used it towards other deals in my cart ;)

    • Amanda says

      I just used that floss coupon as well.. So amazing! Do you know if that coupon is still available to be printed out from somewhere?

  18. Amanda says

    I have a question for someone to hopefully answer… Today I went to target and used my manufacturers coupon for BOGO beggin strips dog treats. On the bags, there was another coupon that said save 1$ if you buy two packages, which I was doing. The girl at the register wouldn’t let me use both coupons, only one. I really don’t know tons about house that all works but I thought I would have been able to use both??…

    • Matt says

      They are both manufacturer’s coupons, so you can only use one. If the one on the bag was a Target coupon, they would have taken both. Hope this explains.

  19. Amanda J says

    A great deal is when you get something you will use at a good price. Example – I found Smucker’s Simply Fruit spread at Giant Eagle on sale for $2 and had four .75 cent coupons. Those doubled to $1.50, and I got 4 jars for .50 each. Another time I got Roman Meal bread for free after sale and coupon. A great deal isn’t a great deal if you won’t use it, or it expires before you can use it up.

    I also like to use a coupon combined with a sale to try something I wouldn’t normally buy because of the price. Then it isn’t much of a loss if you don’t like it!

    At Kroger today, the clerk handed me back my .30 Pillsbury biscuit coupon, because he said I had it loaded on my card and you can’t use both now. So apparently the registers are catching that. I am taking off anything that I have paper coupons for, because those double and the e-coupons don’t.

  20. laurra says

    i absolutely love the printed coupons for .50 off any package of stove top stuffing i always can get my stove top for .33 a box at CVS what a great price! and to think about a year ago i was paying full price for them. couponing has saved my big family of 8 alot and i totally apprieciate any help that you all and raining hot coupons has informed me of!

  21. Carolyn says

    I am fairly new to the couponin but have stoped ciping and just date the inserts and put them in a folder. for me it is easier to match up when RHC post’s what deals are going on. I got my first Razor and blades free a few weeks ago and am definitly But the reason I decided to coment is about throwing away ex coupons or ones you know you will not use. Donate those coupons to the Millatary. You can find out whee t send them or take them to someone who sendsthem such as an Ameican Legion in your area. They take coupons up to 6 months ex…Just though….Have a great Day ;)

  22. chelsea says

    i love any coupon that will help us save money. i live with my parents and couponing is really the only way i can contribute to the household. it’s awesome to get to the end of an order and see like “you saved 64%” on the reciept. one of my faves is Bounty paper towels. at our local VG’s it lets us get them for about 29 cents a roll. couponing has also allowed me to help out my friends and family who are having some hard times right now. and i love internet coupons because i print them through my different survey sites and get paid to use them so it almost kind of maks it cheaper to print them. and i have to say RHC, you are awesome! i got so many of my deals because of what you posted and you helped me organize my binder.

  23. lasean says

    I would like to say that high value cpns are the good ones specially when you take them to walmart and are able to get overage and apply it to cart items those are my favorites. money makers.. I mean you can make any coupon a money maker if you can pair with store cpns…I just love couponing it gives me a sense of accomplishment..I have so much and spent so little oop it is so amazing. I watch people spend hundreds on items i spend little to no money oop it is wonderful.. I am like a penny pincher now hahaha.

  24. Lisa says

    I feel any coupon on items your family uses is a good deal. My husband and I feel if you can save any amount it is great. It will add up in the long run.

  25. Michelle C says

    A good coupon is any coupon that saves me money on our grocery bill! If it’s a product I need to buy, a low-value coupon still saves me money. I find that just a little planning and I can save 30% on every week’s grocery bill…all those little coupons add up!

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