Topic Tuesday: “When is the best time to coupon?” AND My Schedule

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It’s not Tuesday today BUT I did want to re-post this since I know there are a lot of new couponers and RHC readers…So enjoy!

So….here it is….today’s topic is: “What time is the best time to go coupon shopping and what is your schedule”?

I will tell you the way my schedule goes and then please share what you do, any methods or tips you may have!

  • Saturday night I get all of my shopping lists ready for the next day, clip coupons, get organized for the hectic, money saving craziness the next day!
  • Sunday morning, wake up, head to the dollar store to get my papers (Dollar Tree). If there are any coupons I need from the inserts that day, I will sit in my car with my scissors and clip away!

  • Head on over to Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Albertsons (whichever stores have deals I’m getting). Sometimes it’s one store and sometimes it’s all 3!
  • This can take anywhere from 1.5 – 4 hours depending on how extensive the trips are and how many deals I’m getting.
  • Come home, organize and put away items purchased, and then onto coupon organization.

My tips:

*My Walgreens re-stocks items on Thursdays. If you get there on a Monday or even Sunday and they are out of the item you are looking for, my store will let you “order” the items. They put the order in Wednesday and get what they can on Thursday. So basically, check with your store on what day they “re-stock items”.

**2nd best tip, make sure you keep up with you coupon organization!!! This is key! Trust me, you don’t want to have a pile of newspapers sitting there….waiting for attention! I would know this…from experience. :( No fun.

***Pull out expired coupons from your binder while watching TV throughout the week. This is an easy process so why not do it while doing something easy (watching TV).

****My favorite one of all: Check Raining Hot Coupons multiple times throughout the day to get all the HOT, crazy, insane deals and freebies! ;-)

Now, it’s YOUR turn, what are your tips, methods, schedule?!

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  1. kate h says

    If they are out of an item I always get a rain check. They are good for 30 days (usually) and an even better coupon may come out for the product the following week and the price may go up. So if you have your rain check then you will have the sale price, plus the better coupon. Then if you don’t get back to the store that week on stock up day you will still be set.
    Also, your walgreens video post was soo helpful! I don’t have a Walgreens but I was able to learn from the video and do a similar purchase (purchases*) at Rite Aid.

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Love it! Totally forgot about the Rain Checks! I absolutely agree and love using rain checks. Works out perfectly. Glad the video helped too even if you don’t have a Walgreens!

  2. Becca says

    So, I’m really new at this… how do you know what is on sale and what coupons are coming out before hand?
    I’m having bad luck finding things by Monday which is when I finally have enough time to get to a store after the going through the sale papers and coupons on Sunday!

    • courtney says

      I look at sites that do the lists. I love Jenny there comes out with lists for drugstores on thursdays so I have a few days to prepare. She also comes out with grocery stores on tuesday so that helps alot also. I honestly could not come up with a sceneraio for myself if I wanted to lol (ADD and organization is bad lol)

      • Angel says

        You can find ads up to 2-3 weeks in advance at in their forum plus they break down the best deals for you.

  3. Ty says

    This is where I struggle. As a married Mom of 4, who isn’t a SAHM, I struggle to find the best time. I buy my papers saturday evening via the early edition. I find clipping the coupons and then organizing takes too long (hence I will be trying the new way shown in the video). Which usually means I am too tired to make my list. I have tried going shopping on Sunday mornings or even the afternoons, and I usually miss some of the deals (there is an extreme couponer in my area who seems to empty all the shelves-she has a purple binder that is 4-5 inches thick!). Anyway…I sometimes have to go during my lunch break at work.

    This week, I’m going to start getting up at 5 am to exercise. This Sunday I am going to try to do my shopping after my workout…so around 7 am. We will see how it goes.

    I look forward to seeing some of the other responses, especially those who are not SAHMS. I NEED SOME IDEAS!

    • kate h says

      there is a website that tells you what coupons will be in the inserts for sunday newspaper. (google search Sunday Coupon Preview) You can usualy access if friday or saturday. Then you can look at the weekly ads online at the stores website. Like ex. there will be somewhere to click “view weekly ad” or Kroger you can look at the ad for the upcoming week on saturday. This way you can do your coupon match up to adds on saturday and have your lists ready for sunday. it will help you detemine how many newspapers you want to buy that week as well. Thanks to I have learned all of this very quickly! and please correct me if I make a mistake!

    • Kelci says

      Hey now, I am a working mom and have a 4″ or so binder. = P

      I guess I am lucky enough to work at a small business where Saturday is our “lazy day” so I clip all day on Sat. when I’m not working with clients. Otherwise I do it all at night after the baby is asleep and my husband and I are watching tv. I also never make lists because I hate spending all of the time making them and then stuff not be in stock and mess up my plan. I just print out all of the deals for each store, through them in my coupon binders and do it all at the store. I also working RIGHT next to one CVS and one Walgreens so I go to both before work/during lunch break or on Sundays if I can.

  4. Amber says

    I am so so new to couponing so thank you SO MUCH for this topic. I am sure I will catch on. Getting a routine is important I am finding out very quickly. Thanks!

  5. Allison K. says

    I’m still trying to figure out what time and what day I should be doing couponing. It takes a lot of my time but I think Monday is a good day on doing couponing shopping. Thanks for the ideas.

  6. Amber says

    I’ve been couponing since Feb. So I’m trying to figure out the best day for me. I work full time and have a crazy work schedule. I would really like to go on Sunday’s but I just am not a morning person. So I will either go Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Since more people in my town are catching onto couponing I am finding that the shelves are cleared on some of the better deals. Also rather not go on Sunday’s bc I have 2 rambunctious little boys who would be all over every store and make me lose my train of thought!

  7. courtney says

    I get my coupons ready on Sat night. I also make a mark on my list for coupons that come in sundays paper that I will need. I Double check sunday mornings while waiting for my hubby to get ready for work. I then take my hubby to work stopping at the store on the way to get 2 papers. After I drop him off around 6:50 I drive 5 mins down the road to cvs, cut what i need to while I wait for them to open at 7. Shop at cvs and chat with the cashiers. I then get in my car and head 10 mins down the road to rite aid. I usually have at least 20 mins then before they open at 8. I will cut what coupons I need there and go over everything again. also read the paper lol or chat with a cashier that may come outside. I shop at right aid then and usually head home. Though last week I went by Walgreens which is beside the cvs I go to and is on the way home. When I get home I put away my purchases and then go through a coupon list to mark what I did and did not get in my papers. There is always a ton of coupons not listed in my Charlotte paper. I then check sites (this one included so glad I found this place) and see if there was any great deals I have missed. I will probably make another trip or 2 at least to cvs or rite aid, and grab some rain checks if they are out already. Its easy for me because the stores are so close to where my hubby works. Granted he works 20 mins away but I love the stores around his work.

  8. Karen says

    I pretty much dothe same as Sarah the on Saturday. I makeup my list of what I need through out the week, then sat. match up what I can, then finish matching up early Sunday . Then go shopping as early as I can.

    Sarah do you not have home delivery of your paper? The dollar tree newspapers around will are not guarunteed to have all the inserts. only if you have them home delivered will you get all the inserts. I found this out the hard way.

  9. says

    I was going shopping on Mondays and Wednesdays and the i saw your post about Sundays. SO… i got to thinking about it and got my list and coupons together on Saturday and headed out Sunday and was sooo excited that i found so much!!! I went today as my 2nd weekly trip and didn’t find anything so i know for sure now that i’m always gonna go on Sunday mornings to ensure that i get the things i need!! Thank you so much for all your pointers and all you do for us;) Oh i was wondering what state you live in? Cause there are times when you’ll find deals that i won’t and i was just curious where you live and how old you are? Couponing used to be something that older ladies done but now it seems like the younger generation has really taken over!!! Your amazing at finding deals i check your site hourly to look for updates!! Thanks again for all your help:):):)

  10. Lynne S. says

    Right now I am concentrating mostly on Walgreens. The cashiers and the manager are awesome about couponers. Because of how good they make it, we have several “extreme” couponers… lol.. So, gotta be there at Sunday morning, 8 a.m.
    I have yet to do that….. by Sunday night, they are out of quite a bit. They restock on Wed., so I AM gong tomorrow at 8 a.m. They restock the aisle I want first.

    I am still trying to get my system down-pat…. clipping, filing, etc. But one thing I know for sure… Sarah, you are SO right….. Keep up with your coupon organization! If it’s not clipped and in it’s place, it’s just like not having it at all :(

    Rainchecks… they are good.. yes, but don’t forget, if the item has a RR attached to it, it doesn’t carry over w/ the raincheck.

    Target is simple… I make a list, then send dear hubby :D

    • Jacki says


      In regards to rainchecks I have found the same to be true with Walgreens. However, RiteAid and CVS will give you the rewards on thier rainchecks. I think its great that you have friendly cashiers and managers at your walgreens. I have been to 3 in my area and have had nothing but problems. Every transaction I have been overcharged or not given the sale price. One trip resulted in the manager going over my coupons and explaining to me (for an hour) how couponers cost the store and the employees money, blah, blah, blah….of course I explained coupons from all the great information on this site. needless to say I no longer shop at walgreens …….maybe I need to go to another state…ha ha

      • says


        I totally agree with you on Walgreens. Their customer service stinks! and not just for couponers. I found that the Walgreens near me pulls things from the shelves that are on sale that have a coupon deal attached.

        We do have a crazy extreme couponer here ( she cleans out several stores of all the items that are a deal), but that isnt fair to take sale items off the shelf because of one person. :(

        • Rachael says

          I also agree here. Not only do we have a group of coupon ladies that shop together…clearing the shelves within an hour of all Wags in a 15 mile radius, but the Walgreens near my house will also pull things from the shelf as soon as they are tipped off. Sometimes they will not restock for weeks!
          I haven’t completely given up on getting the great deals at Wags, but I am very selective and extreamly open to the idea of price matching at Wal-Mart or Target to save myself the hassle of RUDE Wags staff and empty shelves.
          I just don’t have time to babysit!!!

  11. Keely says

    I am new to this and still trying to figure out all the ropes to this couponing.. HAHA!! How do people say money and come out spending 5 dollars or even 10 dollars on 400 dollar shopping. I just don’t get this.. Help would be great thanks.. Time management too..

    • Jessie says

      Takes practice. I have been doing it for about six weeks or so, and this week was my best week so far. I got $385 worth of groceries for about $140. Its all about matching coupons WITH sales and stocking what you can.

  12. says

    I like to get my coupons ready on Sunday and do my shopping on Monday’s. Sometimes the deals are gone, but I will try later on in the week if so. I so agree about keeping up on the organization – but I am HORRIBLE at it! I will spend hours starting a binder or box or other methods and then when it comes to upkeeping it that is where I have trouble. I always get behind and have stacks of inserts waiting for me. Love your schedule, I may have to try yours out and see if it works out better for me.

  13. kate h says

    My Binder is easy to keep up with. “I have a photo album” binder with 6 slots on one page. I buy my news papers and organize the inserts. (match all the like coupons) I staple them through the picture and cut them out. (there is a video of this on raininghot) I buy around 6 newspapers and it takes me about 30 mins to do this sunday morning. I take the coupons i need for early morning shopping sunday and go. Then when i get home i organize my binder with the res of the coupons. I put coupons into the slots of the “photo album” binder organized by topic: household, personal dry food, fridge freezer, makeup etc. No messing with whole inserts and flyers, i tried to do that and couldn’t keep up with where the coupons were for what!

  14. Jessie says

    I clip coupons Sunday morning first thing. It’s hubby’s breakfast day, so I have a good three hour window to clip/sort and take out expired coupons and do some planning. I shop Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday depending on when the butcher marks down meats (varies throughout the week, I ask the previous trip when they mark down)

    I did not know that you could “order” at walgreens, I will definitely have to ask the store manager about that!

  15. Michelle says

    I have learned that no matter what the coupon save it even if you don’t use it. You would be surprised what you will buy and try if you can get it for free or a few cents.

  16. Ginger Musick says

    I live in a rural area and the closest Dollar Tree is about 30 miles away. Bummer, with the price that gas is! :( But, I just started couponing last month and saved over $80 thorughout the month and got some new items to add to our menu that we wouldn’t have tried without a coupon. My goal is to save more each month so I’m keeping track and I also want to eventually walk into the grocery store and spend $10.00 for a buggy full of groceries. My husband was skeptical when I started couponing but when he went with me Monday to Krogers and I cut the bill in HALF with coupons, he actually ask me last night if I needed any help with organizing them! :) My 17 yr old son was happy that I got TWO bottles of his favorite body wash too. Krogers had it on sale for $2.99. I had a buy one get one free coupon PLUS another coupon for $1.00 off! yay! I love couponing!!!

  17. says

    I am a WAHM so I’d say I have a little more time on my hands than the working out of the house mamas. I applaud you for keeping up with it.
    I start on Saturday night looking at the deals from RHC (it has a permanent spot on my web bar, right beside my email and I check it atleast 5 times a day!). Sunday morning I get the weekly store ads in my email. I compare ads to coupons I have in hand and if theres something I really wanna stock up on and don’t have enough coupons I look online for printables and sometimes I have to order extra coupons. Monday mornings I make my manager calls/stops. I head to the Kroger right down the road and give the grocery manager my order list, my stuff comes in on Saturday. I then call my local Walgreens manager (Alex is AWESOME!) and place my order for the week. I know I can pick up my purchases Saturday afternoon around 3. The same happens with the Rite-Aid in the next town over. We have two closer by but I always end up having to speak to the 19yr old cashier who has the BIGGEST attitude when I walk in at the first one and the 2nd one they are not helpful at all. So I quit shopping there. I occasionally will go to CVS but I’m not really a CVS shopper.
    On Saturday, I go pick up my purchases and start all over.

  18. Theresa says

    I shop at Bloom, on the first of every month they have double coupons up to $1.99! Great deal, (of course limit to 20 coupons per transaction). Usually there is a link to the new add coming out on there website the final day of the previous weeks sale. I create my shopping list off the on line add, click on the items then when finished print the list and match coupons. Bloom is affiliated with Food Lion, I check there add too. The online add makes it easy for me because I am not flipping through papers or writing stuff down. I just print my list. I have a separate folder (plastic) that has 8 pockets with envelopes attached to each page. Each page is for a different store or category. For example In the pocket for Bloom, I have the Coupon Policy, the printed list of add items I would like to purchase. In the envelope on the page I have, rewards card, Catalina’s from that store and coupons that I matched up to the adds. I use 6 of the pockets for stores and the other two I use one for miscellaneous coupons, i.e. clothing retailers… The other pocket I use for coupons of items I need or would like to purchase that week. This is my go to when I am at the store. My husband passed away last year, I have two small children (18 months and 5 years) I work full time, so my schedule is hectic. When I finally am able to get to the store I grab my go to book. Everyday is a reminder to stay organized! I really enjoy couponing and enjoy reading everyone’s comments. The feedback really helps out! Thanks!

  19. diana says

    I’ve only been doing this a couple of weeks. I don’t have a very good system going yet I guess since I am still working on some of my store lists and it is already Wednesday! I have 2 toddler boys so it is hard to do things when I plan to. I try to go to the store as early as possible but I’m still waiting on Rite Aid to get some AirWick in for the rain check I got 3 weeks ago! I keep a word document each week for all the stores I can go to (Target, Meijer, Walmart, Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens). I check several websites for match up lists (this one is my fav!) and when I find a good deal I copy and paste into the word document. If I need a printed coupon for that deal I print it and put it in the envelope I have labeled for that store. My coupon binder is a mess… I have way to many coupons to fit in it and I can’t find the multi pocket protectors anywhere :( I also made the mistake of not getting a zip up binder and a lot of stuff falls out. So, I try to get lists done as early as possible in the week. I got a deal on my local paper for 99 cents! So I’m getting 5 sunday papers a week and paid $250 for the year.. that is pretty good considering I’ve already saved over that much since I started couponing!

  20. diana says

    Also when I go to CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens I don’t do 15 or so transactions. I just ring everything up together, then use my rewards from last week to pay, then get back more rewards and use those next week! If it is something that there is a limit on I might do a few transactions if there is like no one else in the store or just get the limit or come back later (exp. if it is a money maker). I would just feel bad if there was someone waiting behind me, then I’d feel rushed, and probably mess up my coupons! lol I would also suggest going alone.. I took my husband and kids the other day and they were rushing me so bad I messed up my coupons and paid an extra $7, luckily I got the manager to fix it :)

    • Cassie says

      I have 20 RR can i use them to purchase something that will give me back RR? im confused on how to use them. I know I read somewhere that you can’t use your RR on the items that you got the RR from. Is that correct also?

  21. diana says

    You can use your RR at rite aid and cvs for anything even if your getting rewards for the same thing, but at Walgreens you have to be careful because if you use the rewards for the same item you got them for, you cannot get more back. This is one of those times I would do a seperate order.

  22. Rachael says

    I wish I could say I coupon the same each week…I would be lying. With a busy family, and ever changing deals, I plan around those two things.
    Am I going to be super busy or super tired Sunday AM?
    What coupons does this paper have and will I need them right away?
    Although I love saving money, I do it to benefit my family…not to take away from them. My time with them is extremely important to me. So like everything Moms do…I balance.
    I admit, I have clipped in the car…and it was not pleasant and I was flustered!
    Either way, I get my papers.
    I clip and organize everything that I know I will use or will be a deal (based on experience).
    I really hate touching things twice, so as I gather and stack the identical sheets, I clip right away, file, and save the leftovers, one page at a time.
    I found I was doing too much frantic “thumbing” and was not able to be as spontaneous as I wanted with a “clipless” system (clearance items, ect).
    I make my lists based off of super sites, like RHC.—This is where I ask myself if I can price match or if I need RR or ECB for a deal.
    I have a special price match list I write up with a couple different columns: Store, #, item, price, coupon, and final price.
    I also get a red marker and circle all selected deals so I can find it fast if needed.
    Then I gather my coupons and place them in marked envelopes. I always keep my shopping list in each individual envelope.
    Sometimes I will need to work out transaction ideas.
    I will also have side envelopes with projected deals with the dates written on them, so I am ready sooner.
    No matter how crazy things can get, I would never go back to “traditional” shopping. I really love it!

    • Jodi says

      Most of the ones I’ve been in do, but I can’t speak to if all of them do. A lot of them limit how many you can buy too!

  23. Jodi says

    My major clipping/getting ready day is on Sunday after the paper comes. I also get the boyfriend’s dad’s paper (which is a different paper, so sometimes different stuff and ads for other stores that don’t come in my paper). I am usually always off work on Mondays so that is my main day. If I have time other parts of the week and something wasn’t there I wanted I go back and check (if I don’t think I’ll have time and really want the item I get a raincheck). Right now my prime spots are Kroger, Walmart, CVS, & Walgreens. I’ve noticed Kroger has a tendency to run their sales on a 2 week cycle, so I don’t fret about not getting something there (especially if I have a raincheck, just in case they change the sale).

    I do have other people (coworkers, family, etc) that give/mail me their coupons, so I wind up sorting through theirs as I get them. I do the tv thing too! Clip, sort, watch tv! As I clip/sort I make 3 piles. One for my binder, one for the coupon trains I belong to (which are also the ones I don’t give up until they expire incase a good deal comes around), and expired ones that I send to the military. I get expired ones from others who know I do this, so I send those out about once a month too! (I just hate throwing them away if someone MIGHT be able to use them!)

    I have a notebook that I make my DEAL lists in. No two stores on the same page. Each store gets their own page…I write down what I want to buy, what the normal cost is, the deal, and the coupon I have to go with it. Then I highlight or check it off as it goes in the buggy. I also make a note as to if I need to more than one transaction (like at CVS to EB to pay for the next purchase) and what needs to be in each transaction.

    Honestly, a lot of the free/cheap things I get aren’t for our household. I get those things for the food bank, if we don’t need them. So if they don’t have them and I really didn’t need them (and if they don’t have them when I check back), I don’t worry about it too much! I don’t clear out the shelves (unless they only had a couple to begin with).

    The only issue I’m starting to run into now is the new barcodes on some of the printable coupons…some stores have systems that aren’t upgraded and they can’t scan them!

  24. says

    I do couponing also and am kind of new to it but have found i am getting better with it, one thing that i do to keep from searching all over the store a dozen times is list what i am buying with my coupons and get that stuff in my cart first then on to the other stuff that way my stack of coupons are out of the way and ready to hand to the cashier. works well for me!!!!

  25. Christie says

    Ok Ladies. Sunday is the Lord’s Day. That is first priority in our family not couponing on Sunday morning. There is plenty of other times in the week to coupon. I work full time and have 3 children. Sunday Morning you will find me in the Lord’s house not @ Walgreens.

    • Kristy! says

      I thought I was the only one! I don’t shop on Sundays either, and I’m also finding that all the time spent online printing out coupons and finding deals is taking away valuable time that I should be spending with my children and keeping things running around the house, just to save a few dollars on things I don’t normally buy anyway. This is how I have been feeling this week, so I will be working on keeping my priorities straight!

    • Missy says

      I completely agree. I never allow the time I spend couponing to take away from what’s important in life. Due to church and family obligations, I rarely coupon on Sunday’s. I’m a working mom of 5, so I actually prefer to do my couponing/shopping on Thursdays or Fridays when I know the stores will be restocked and any hidden deals have already been found and posted on the couponing blogs. Plus, after couponing for 6 months I now know that the sales will come around again so it’s no big deal if I missed it. I sort and organize my coupons at night once the kids are in bed, house is clean and hubbie is taken care of (wink, wink). As much as I love couponing and how much $ my family has saved, at the end of the day the time spent with my family is what is important.

  26. Jessi says

    Because of the way I have been treated by some cashiers and managers for my coupons I always record it. My phone has a video camera, but I lay in on the place where you write your checks face down so they don’t know. I do it mostly for the conversations if they say anything bc it has great audio. I’ve had managers start throwing my items before after finding out I had so many coupons to use. Now if they do something I have accurate documentation to prove my case if needed.

  27. Jeni says

    I am a SAHM with a special needs daughter so i am up late every night, I have to get papers usually on both Saturday (our local paper) and Sunday (for the town about 30 min away). I get the papers and pull out the inserts, pull out 1 of each of the ads and glance thru them then decide if there is enough good deals worth going to the stores that day or just wait and go thru the week, usually there is enough things left i dont have to be in a big hurry so after everyone goes to sleep is when i take the laptop head to the back room and start cutting and printing. At this point I am pretty much good to go with coupons but i check RHC everytime i see a new post (its in my favorites list on facebook :P) I don’t mess really with filing per se, I try to keep front cover page and what i dont cut out i just paperclip together and just have 3 file folders SS RP P&G and that’s the extent of my filing. If you keep it simple and don’t let it make you so panicked you will still be fine. I do have a question since it was brought up by a couple others, seriously how does one have a binder that you can’t even zip the zipper packed so full of coupons? I get between 3 to 4 of both papers and it seems i am pretty full except of course at the first of the month when we start over. I have also yet to do a big grocery savings trip, i don’t buy all the vitamin waters, energy drinks, Chinese noodles, candy bars etc (things like i see on extreme couponing) I live in a small town in Indiana and we just have Walmart in our town but 30 miles away there is Target Walgreens Meijers & Kroger so i guess my question is, how do you get so many “food” coupons that you can do a huge savings trip? Does it just depend on the area? Is it mostly being done at “better stores” that double triple and price match or what am I missing?

    • Sara says

      It really does depend on your stores. In my area, I am lucky enough to be able to grab great deals on toiletries, but we just don’t get the huge food deals, because none of our stores have those types of sales. The biggest grocery near me insists on doing in store coupons instead of sales much of the time, so you can’t use a manufacturer’s coupon to increase your savings. Very frustrating!

  28. Patty F. says

    Well.. Lets see, there is a women in the area who buys every news paper within a 10 mile radius by 9am Sunday. I kid you not, I used to go to Dollar General, she would get there minutes before me clear out the papers…So I would head to the next store that sold papers, there she was again, a small smart car full of news papers up to the ceiling. I asked her what she did with them, she said “I’m a professional coupon-er, I buy everything and anything I can”.. I later saw the same women at Walmart & Walgreens clearing the shelf on tons of things. Its kind of upsetting to think one person buying so much; I was behind her in line at Walgreens the cashier asked her what she did with all this stuff, if she had a big family.. she said no just her and her husband they are making a mega stockpile in their basement.. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for couponing but I mean don’t clear the shelf, especially when its for a family of 2- you do not need every box of pads, toothpaste, shampoo, or baby diapers… I haven’t even used a single coupon in about a month because I can’t get my hands on a news paper and buying the inserts on ebay seems to be more expensive for one than the entire paper…

    • Jeni says

      Yes, to me that is really overboard and when there is someone like that i can imagine it would be pretty disheartening to want to even bother to try with someone like that 2 steps ahead of you :(

  29. Jessi says

    I also subscribe to only Sunday paper delivery, I got 26 weeks for $19.99 and I don’t have to worry about being able to buy a paper.

  30. says

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