United States Postal Services NOT Delivering OR Collecting Mail on Saturdays

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I have this thing for checking my mail….I LOVE it! It’s so fun when you are a part of Raining Hot Coupons because there is a point where you get FREE items, samples, coupons and more in your mailbox every single day! 

With that being said, I am just a tad bit sad by the news I heard today about the United States Postal Services STOPPING Saturday deliveries! I can see why they are doing it though; they will be saving 2 billion dollars annually with this change…WAY TO GO on saving money USPS! ;-)

This starts in August so we’ve still got a little time before then.

It’s been debated for months, but on Wednesday the United States Postal Service announced it’s not going to deliver first-class mail on Saturdays anymore.

Here’s some good news…. They will continue to deliver packages, mail-order medicine, and express mail on Saturday, but not letters, bills, cards, and catalogs. Post offices which are now open on Saturdays will continue to be open on Saturdays.

What do you think about this?!

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  1. Amy Stadler says

    I don’t mind as long as the packages still come, other wise Christmas post would be even more backed up than it already is. I definitely don’t mind waiting until Monday u to get bills;)

  2. says

    My local post office seems to be doing this off and on for some time now…On Monday we get a lot of mail! Sad as it may be…cutting the budget is necessary and understandable. I know this will effect some of the workers with less hours…really sorry for them.

  3. Jujubeoh says

    So if they are still delivering some items on Saturdays, and if the PO will still be open, where is the money savings? We too get little on Saturdays and then a lot on Mondays now. We also get our neighbor’s mail and they get ours but that’s another issue.

  4. celia says

    I totally understand the necessity for them doing it. Technology has taken a chunk out of their wallet. There was a time when if you wanted someone to have something you had to send it by mail. Now, we are only a few clicks away from sending something around the world. I do feel compassion towards workers who will feel the effects of this.

  5. sherry says

    The savings will come from the gas savings on running thousands of Postal vehicles 1 less day a week, and the amount of Carriers (mailmen) that they need to deliver the mail. Carriers right now work a 5 day week with rotating days off such as Sun/Mon one week, Sun/Tues the next and so on. Now, they will all work a straight Mon-Fri. This is going to save a huge amount of money. The Postal Service is a 24/7 operation. It never stops. Even Christmas Day and New Years day, there are employees working to process and move the mail. A 5 day delivery week isn’t going to kill anybody.

  6. Lori says

    Someone still has to sort the mail to determine what needs to be delivered that day. Someone still has to deliver it and the post office will be open? I don’t see where they are saving anything.

  7. Amanda says

    I don’t know about other new home communities, but when we purchased our home eight years ago, not only do we not have a mailbox on our curb, but not even on our street, or even a few blocks away. We have a “mail center” as you enter the subdivision where ALL the mailboxes are located. I pick up mail as I drive in after work each day. Being that I don’t work weekends, I never check it until Monday anyway. So, no big deal. I have a feeling if most new development are going the mail center route, many, like me don’t check on Saturday either. Seems win/win. Yes, there is still cost associated with other activities that will continue on Saturday, but without direct mail delivery, it WILLsave money.

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