UPS My Choice: FREE New Program to Track Your Packages + More!

This is PERFECT with Christmas right around the corner….and trust me, you will be tempted to order a lot of stuff online since i post a TON of super HOT deals through November and December!

How many times have you arrived home to see that package delivery sticker on your door? I hate that, I can never find the time to go down to the UPS store to get my package.

Well, UPS My Choice is an awesome FREE service that sends you emails to let you know when your package is going to arrive. With the hot weather, this could be the difference between getting a package safely, and getting nothing but melted mush. It’s completely FREE to sign up, and they don’t send you a bunch of spam to your inbox.

I currently use it and LOVE it! It gives you all kinds of benefits….choose to get a text message (or email) the day before your package arrives so your prepared to get it. You can also electronically authorize packages for drop-of, re-route to other locations and many other options!! Since I am CONSTANTLY ordering online, (especially from Amazon).

You only get notifications when packages are being shipped your way! I love this service. Just sign up for your free UPS My Choice account here.



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