Victoria’s Secret Deal Plan = $99 Worth of Items ONLY $25.49 Shipped!

Just wanted to remind you all of this…the free shipping will end tomorrow!

If you’ve been trying to think of a way to spend your Secret Rewards card from Victoria’s Secret, then I may have just the deal for you!

With this deal you’ll be able to snatch up:

  • Perfume Set ($39 Value)
  • Cotton Panties ($7.50 Value)
  • Body By Victoria Bra ($32.50 value)
  • Cami top ($20 Value)

All for just $25.49 (+ tax) shipped!! The total value is $99.00 – so as you can see, this is a great deal!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go here and search “Victoria’s Secret” then click “Shop Now” in orange (you will get 2% cash back and a $10 gift card if you are new to Ebates – this $10 is not calculated into your total below, it’s just an added bonus!).
  2. Add item number SG-280-617 to your cart (just search for it)
  3. Add item number SG-277-475 to your cart
  4. Add item number SG-241-075 to your cart (be sure to choose WHITE, BLACK OR NUDE color or it won’t work)
  5. Then use codes FA1128033, SHIP25, PERFUME (which will add the perfume to your cart) at checkout
  6. Use your Secret Rewards code worth at least $10 (hopefully more πŸ˜‰ )
  7. Your total will be right around $25.49 + tax shipped right to your door!!

Thanks so much Cinda!


  1. Does anyone know how to get your $10 gift card for joining Ebates. I joined the other day,spent over $25,and never received an email or anything in my account about how to get the gift card for joining.

  2. Yeah…definitely didn’t come to a $25 total. I put in exactly what you did and my total came to $35 after tax and that was with my reward card. πŸ™

  3. Same here, Sunny! I followed the steps precisley…hmmm! Oh well, I hope it works for others!

  4. Wondering the same…..will the gift card go toward your purchase automaticly when you order or whats the process?

  5. Crap…precisely!!

  6. mine came to 29.99 but if you factor in the 10 GC (if we get it from ebates) the total would only be 19.99 you can’t go to victoria secret and get a bra for that! Let alone…perfume, underwear and a cami!!

  7. Mine worked out exactly right!

  8. Melissa Selby says

    What a great deal thanks!!

  9. Mine was 24.08 after my VS gc πŸ™‚ thank you! My SIL is going to LOVE her birthday presents!

  10. Do you have to enter the codes after you enter your card info? because it asks me for address, shipping info, and then payment option. It never prompted me to enter the offer codes.

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Emily, make sure you check the box (before checkout when you look at your shopping cart) that say add promo codes. Otherwise you won’t be given the option at checkout. =)

  11. Are you counting the $10 ebates gift card as making it only $25? Because my total is still $32.79?? πŸ™

  12. Thanks for the great deal!!!!

  13. hmm mine came to $24.44 after VS card of 10 so worked just like the deal posted. Now if I get the $10 ebate card (since I just signed up) it will be even better πŸ™‚
    Awesome deal!! Thank you!!

  14. I read the undies must white nude of black. I fixed mine and it is now right!

  15. Desirae Moody says

    I did it without the hiphugger, and it still came out so that i could use all the codes, so with my $10 reward card, it would be $24.44 then if i get the $10 gf it will be cheaper plus the 2% back… =)

  16. Once I changed the panties to nude, it worked for me – about $25 including my $10 VS reward card from their FB page. Thanks!

  17. I ordered it πŸ™‚ the only thing I didnt get was how your total was $25 mine was 35 with the 10 dollar gift card.. did you mean after getting an ebated card?

  18. Krystle Shaw says

    I just read the undies have to be white, nude or black. I got black and it went from $35 to $24.85. The undies were free with one of the codes :o)

  19. Mary Holmes says

    my total was 28.14! Not bad!

  20. Any VS Cotton collection panty in white, black, buff, nude or pink (LL6) should work per my magazine that I got the Q out of.

  21. Mine came to $22.49! Thanks!

  22. Mine was 32.99… I didn’t have the ebates or VS gc, but that is a GREAT deal for the price. No complaints. Thank you!!!

  23. This offer is fantastic…Thanks for sharing!!!

  24. Wow you are awesome thank you!!!

  25. Thanks for this post!!! I did it with a vs card worth $10 and it came to $22.49!!! That’s not including the $10 e-bates card either!

  26. you dont factor in the ebates gift card, its the VS gift card promotion they’ve been running on fb everyday at 9am. the gift cards are for at least 10$.

  27. Thanks for the awesome codes. I’ve been saving mine and other secret rewards to buy beauty products for a fundraiser and getting FREE perfume as well as them having beauty products on sale made it ALL worth it! THANKS

  28. yay 27.63 with tax πŸ™‚

  29. I got mine for 24.85 (this does not include the ebate g/c for being new). You have to get a body by victoria/angel or very sexy bra for the FA code to work. With the FA code you get the panties free and $10 off the bra. Add a solid color bra for your total to be less. You don’t have to add the fragrance to your bag it will add automatically when you type in the code. The cami is on clearance…so that is even better. I had a $10 secret rewards card…which also contributed to my 24.85 total. Hope this helps!

  30. Worked out to 24.95 total for me! Perfect! The bra alone is double that in the store!

  31. I cant get the code FA1128033 to work even though I selected the exact product in a solid color – I receive a message the code is not valid – Anyone having the same problem

  32. Annnd this just made my day! Thank you!!!!!

  33. I did exactly what you said and my total was $24.44 after my secret reward card. Thank you!!!

  34. I was able to order pink color panties & it worked exactly how you said.

  35. Jamie Hudson says

    what code did you guys use for the perfume?

  36. YAY! $25.33 total! Plus I signed up for eBates for the $10 gc! Thanks!!

    • how did u get the $10 Gc after signing up on ebate i signed up for it and it only showed up 2% cash back can you please help so i can get the $10 gc

      • candice fusilli says

        You will get your gift card in a a few weeks, not sure how many.. mine took a month to get to me… first you need to spend atleast $25 and then it will show that you will get a gift card for whatever store you chose

      • I hope they send something by email because I signed up for it too but didn’t see instructions on how to claim…I saw on the site it could take up to 2 days for the 2% to show up, so I’m hoping its the same for the GC…

  37. Thank you so much for the great deal info. I love these step by step instructions – so easy

  38. most of my stuff is on backorder. so my total that i had to pay today was only 2.99 thanks to my $10 giftcard πŸ™‚

  39. Natalie Cruz says

    I cannot find the perfume!!! There isn’t a product code above for it and I have gone through all the perfume & body items and nothing that looks like that is there. Is anyone else having this problem or could someone please tell me what the product code is, so I can search for it, please?

  40. Where do you get secret rewards card?

  41. Can someone give me a secret rewards code to try?? thanks

  42. Got Mine – Thanks – what a great deal.

  43. I’m new at this, but I can follow directions I promise! πŸ˜‰
    I did everything it said, pink panties, black bra, black cami….and my total is $34.44. It’s not allowing me to add the PERFUME code. It says “Offer code PERFUME has not been applied to your order. Offer code PERFUME cannot be used with the delivery method you selected.”
    Also, how do you get the secret reward? I think that is where my total is going wrong, but doesn’t explain the perfume.

  44. I DID IT!! WORKED OUT JUST AS YOU SAID!! IM going to put these items in a basket and give to my best friend as a christmas present!! AWESOME INFORMATION TO SHARE!!

  45. awesome!! after my $10 secret rewards card 25.13 shipped. If I receive my $10 ebates new sign up gc will make it even better =)

  46. jackie speed says

    i had a gift card for 30$ so i only paid 4$ for all mine πŸ™‚ total was 34$ because i did not have the 10$ rewards card. i used that in stores. thank you!

  47. Thank u soooo much!!!! that deal in awesome!!!!

  48. I did everything listed but mine came out to 32.49 before any gift cards. The Cami was 12.99, the bra 19.50, the perfume, panty, and shipping came out free after the coupon.

  49. I tried AGAIN and the reason mine must not be working is the VS Reward Card I got from Facebook has a $0 value!! I called VS and they told me to try again later. I don’t think this will fix the problem. Leave it to me to get a card with no value!!!

  50. Natalie Cruz says

    Okay, I got it now…lol…thank you! Sorry, I skipped over the part that the perfume is added to your account once you enter the codes in and get ready to check out. Thanks!

  51. YAY! Got mine for $24.44. Thanks so much!!

  52. Thank you so much for this AMAZING Deal, can’t believe how much I saved and got FREE perfume..Awesome πŸ™‚

  53. I used instead of ebates since I just signed up with them, will get 2% back. After I followed all the steps my total came up to $23.79, not including my 2% back. Thanks so much!!!

  54. Kim,
    You should still take the offer, cause you get tons of stuff for only about $35, plus FREE perfume.

  55. Worked! $24.44 was my total. Thanks for the great directions and the deal!

  56. Kim, I figured out why this happened; it happened with me as well. I thought (along with a TON of other women)…that you can get one per day on the RC contest on FB, but you cannot. It is one per person for the entirety of the contest, so actually you are only supposed to only ever get one. I went back to get one today, printed off the RC, and had to call VS CS, and she said initially, that it was one per hh, per DAY, but then called me back, and said it’s not so…that one I printed today ended up being the SAME RC I won the other day, and already used on the VS website for a purchase πŸ™ For the confusion, they are supposed to be sending me another RC for $10…I will for sure be reading every last detail of every contest from now on; although, normally, I do!

  57. ok i did everything but my cart is at $34.52. where is the $10 gift card at?

  58. It is not allowing me to add the code PERFUME. What should I do?

  59. I am getting an error with the Fall code.

    “Offer code FA1128033 has not been applied to your order. Offer code FA1128033 requires you to add a specific item to your shopping bag. Please review the offer details or call 1.800.970.1109 for assistance.”

    Has anyone got this error? I added everything to my cart in the specified colors. I can’t figure it out.



  61. Gloria Stoddard says

    I just ordered it for my daughter. However, I did not have a secret reward code and my order ended up being $42.00. Where was the secret reward code supposed to come in?

  62. Is there a way to make it this good with getting two bras instead of the cami and undies? Would that still get me the perfume free?

  63. Placed 2 orders and code worked both times!!

  64. i have a question regarding the ebates. once i make my purchase, how long do you have to wait to get the $10 giftcard?

  65. Mine didn’t get that low either.
    However; free perfume, 10.00 off a bra, and free shipping?? With a cami on clearance to boot??
    Thank you for posting this, I am completely happy with this πŸ˜€

  66. Mine came out exactly like you said! THanks!!

  67. How cheap of a deal could I get if only wanted the body by victoria bra?

  68. Haley Flores says

    When and how do you get the gift card?? Is it emailed?? Or do you have to go back to Ebates to get it??

  69. Thanks so much for the GREAT DEAL…I was not fortunate enough to get a Rewards Card but I did the deal anyways..My total should of been $96.00 but after the 3 promotion offers my total is $33.79 plus the $10.00 gift card from E-bates for Target I choose…Sweet Deal…A Bra, panty, cami and perfume…What a deal it’s like paying $8.25 for ea item…BTW the cost all depends on color of the item so be careful if ordering the prints…Will be more…

  70. O i love v.s. thank u so much for sharing! Mine was only $3.90 today (bra is on back order!) Thanks again:)

  71. Jenna Parris says

    Where do I get the $ 10 rewards????!!!!!!! Help please!!!!!!!

  72. I spent a bit more than I should have but used the codes anyway. Love getting free stuff from VS. They have the best codes out there and being able to stack them is lovely! πŸ™‚

  73. Karla Vosberg says

    Thank you–great deal at victoria’s secret!!

  74. I have a question! Since the perfume was free because of the tank top, if you returned it to the store after you bought it for some reason, would they charge you for the perfume? The thought just came to my mind and I was wondering! Anyone know?

    • If you return stuff without the receipt and say it was a gift, they will just give you store credit. I’ve done it before…they have no way of knowing whether it was free or not. As long as the tag is still on

  75. Can you buy anything else besides the cami to get the free perfume?? Thanks!

    • I think you get it with a sleepwear purchase, so if you don’t want the cami, you just have to get another piece of sleepwear! πŸ™‚

  76. santhi meiradewi says

    i paid $24.76 great deal …. i Love VS panties… thanks RHC….

  77. Where do you type in your secret reqards code?

  78. Cheryl Woda says

    All I can say is THANK YOU for such an awesome deal. My total was $24.44 and the panties and perfume and shipping were FREE!! Amazing what happens with a company that lets you use more than one code for a promo. Thank you for giving me a great Christmas gift. Some of the items are on back order but thats ok with me, because the deal was plain AWESOME !

  79. Bridgett Calhoun says

    Worked like a charm!! loved it!

  80. That was awesome. Thanks a bunch!!!

  81. Venencia Torres says

    I got my stuff thanks for posting this great deal!!

  82. Total price $24.28!!!!!! Thank you for the information and codes!

  83. Got mine for $24.68 and my sis got hers for $25.17! Thanks so much for sharing!

  84. Mine was 22 something so I added some more panties to get the 10 dollar card from ebates (:

  85. where do i enter the promo codes? i see at the checkout where it says enter gift card & then it goes to credit card info. do i enter the card info first & then have an option for the promos?

    • Brittney Sandoval says

      On the right there is a box that says click if you have offers or something similar. Click the box and it will come up before the cc

  86. AWEOME deal!! Thank you!! My total was $24.11!!!

  87. Jana Driver says

    Thanks for the great deal!!! Merry Christmas to me πŸ™‚

  88. melissa allen says

    tried the deal the exact same way five different times and came up with an amount that was double that. sorry not good for me

  89. omg what an AMAZING DEAL!!! Can I ask you.. when the 10$ off plus free panty offer expires? The other ones I were dec 11th (free shipping) and dec 22nd (perfume). I don’t want to wait and miss out.

  90. It wont let me do the perfume it says i didnt pick the right shipping? Someone tell me what im doing wrong.

  91. Lindy Ramsey says

    Awsome deal Thanks!

  92. they dont have my size bra :/ guess i dont get this deal! i tried with the next cheapest bra but the total was like 44

    • You can always get a different size and then go to the store to exchange it. I know the store has my size, so thats what i planned to do if they were out of the size I needed.

      • You can’t return online purchases to the store.

        • You CAN return online purchases to the store but not make exchanges. They will accept the return and give you a refund in the same payment… within 30 days (refund not given at the store). I called yesterday and asked.

  93. Mine is coming up as $35 but thats without the $10 deal… but still a great deal for Vicki… Its just hard for me to get clothes online cuz every brand has different sizes… I wish I was still just a size medium in everything… πŸ˜›

  94. $22.49 – Thank You!!!!
    It didn’t work for me a few times and then I realized I was typing in F-A-L-L instead of F-A-1-1 for the first code.

  95. Christina Berry says

    Thanks for telling us about this great deal!! My total was 25.87. Free perfume, panties and shipping!! I have gotten many of the great deals you have posted recently and it has really helped me stay on budget this Christmas!! Thanks again πŸ™‚

  96. i got mine just now! only paid $25.01 πŸ™‚

    Thank you RHC! πŸ™‚

  97. WOOHOO!! $24.74 I WILL TAKE IT! Thanks a load Sarah, You ROCK!

  98. I really want to get this deal but I want to wait til I can get a rewards card. Do I have to get this deal today? When does it end?

    These are really good codes though thank you bunches! πŸ™‚

  99. Thank you so much. Even though I was new to ebates I didn’t get the $10 card from them. Can you please help me and let me know what happened. Thanks!

  100. Michelle Ureche says

    I can not get the Fall28033 code to work is this for the free panties i have tired white,nude and black will not work help help

  101. I just happened to have a 20 dollar gift card… so I used that instead of my rewards. Add the 10 dollar gift card I will get from ebates, grand total= 98 cents!! Thank you!!

  102. Thank you so much!!! ^_^ for the price of a bra, I got 3 extra goodies! I didn’t have a gift code, but this is still a great deal!

  103. This was perfect! I had a $25 gift card plus the rewards card =) I have been holding onto the gift card for a great sale but always tend to miss them! I loved this deal! Thanks so much!!

  104. OMG thank you! What a great deal:) Does anyone have an extra $10 Secret Rewards card they aren’t using? I would be so grateful:)

  105. Okay… Did I do something wrong?? My total is $34.44 πŸ™ I put all the appropriate codes and items in!!

  106. how do a redeem the $10 from ebates? What do I need and where?

  107. YESSS!!! My total was $27.71, plus the Ebates $10 credit…so really like $17.71! Thx so much 4 ur GREAT deals!

  108. I placed 2 orders (I mean, I had to use my rewards cards, right? lol) Each totalled $22.49! Awesome deal!!
    Thank you!

  109. I really want this but after the codes and the 10.00 gift card it is still at 34.00. what am i doing wrong? please help.

  110. Thanks for this. I totally would’ve done this deal if I hadn’t already spent my rewards card. I go a pair of yoga ruffle foldover pants, a lip gloss and a PINK lotion for free.

  111. where do i add the promo codes?

  112. How do I get a Secret Rewards code?

  113. The perfume code won’t enter, any idea why?

  114. $24.52! The only thing that stinks is that the bra is on backorder and won’t ship until 2/11…

  115. my total was $24.11! Thanks so so much!

  116. 24.68 for me woohoo!!! one more present down!

  117. Thanks so much…I got it for $35.00 since I didn’t get the Facebook offer but still such a great deal!

  118. Holy crap that was such an awesome deal and so easy to do!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!!!

  119. It won’t let me use the perfume code with the shipping code. Can anyone help? :/

    • DID you do all caps? And you got all the exact items?

      • No I finally figured it out. Called customer service and you can’t order the perfume to a P.O. Box ‘because it is flammable’ lol. Got it all straightened out and am so excited! πŸ˜€


  121. Awesome, thanks! My mom and I went in together on this since I’m a “big” girl nothing came in my size!! I just wanted the perfume!

  122. Yay! Best deal ever!!! Thank you!

  123. I gotta know, I did this deal, got the exact items and mine was still over $30? Just curious, still a good deal, but wonder why? I got same everything!

  124. I got:

    Panties $7.50
    Bra: $29.50- $10=$19.50
    Cami: $12.99

    Equals = $42.79-
    Used $10 Gift Card

    Total $32.79?

    Where did I go wrong??? Help! Want to do it again!

  125. Thank you! Got an extra cami and my gift card was 50.00! Got it all for free!

  126. yes!!! thank you sooooooo much!! I can’t find my rewards card but it only cost me $34. good deal!!!!

  127. You can also order the two night gowns 2 for $35 and get the free perfume and then use another coupon from FB, makes it $27!!

    • Can you tell me the other Fb coupon? Thanks

      • Victoria’s Secret Facebook Exclusive: Gift Card Giveaway Now through December 15th! You have to be on there at 9 am sharp! It takes a while sometimes but keep trying!!! Like them on Facebook and it will guide you in the am at 9! If you already like them click on the rewards card on the left side of screen.

  128. Just got 4 of my order from V.S from last week and all of them came with Reward cards, I just purchase another cami and added the PERFUME CODE to get the free perfume box set, put in one of the Reward cards worth 10$ all for 10.31 $ shipping included Yay for xmas gift for my friends πŸ˜€ Can’t beat that

  129. How do I get the secret reward code?

    • Victoria’s Secret Facebook Exclusive: Gift Card Giveaway Now through December 15th! You have to be on there at 9 am sharp! It takes a while sometimes but keep trying!!! Like them on Facebook and it will guide you in the am at 9! If you already like them click on the rewards card on the left side of screen.

  130. I Purchase a lot of stuff in the month of November and got quite a few of them, I’ve seen people selling their reward cards on ebay too, not sure if the Store is still giving them away i visit last weekend and they didn’t give me anything so im guessing your best bet is to try the Facebook Fan Page of Victoria Secret and Try to get one there in the giveaway but is pretty hard


  132. Kim Mignella says

    only used 35 of the 100 gift card i won…i am able to break up orders….wondering if i should wait until next week for different deals….anyone think they will have more deals up

  133. Awesome deal! Thanks so much! My total after tax was $24.52, such a great price!

  134. Amazing Deal!! I got mine for 27$ and I still can’t believe all the stuff !!

  135. Grreat Deal!! Thanks for sharing was able to get it with the 10 vsrc πŸ™‚ that i got….

  136. Did anyone actually get $10 from Ebates? Mine says $5.

  137. My total is coming up to 39.99. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  138. I see some of you are still getting this deal. I am not finding where to put in the discount codes. Is it after you enter your credit card info?

  139. Thanks I got the deal. Kind of sad I won’t get my bra till March but it will be a great birthday present so thanks!

  140. Does anyone have any Rewards cards that they don’t plan on using? I won a $10 one but my hubby threw it away by accident.

  141. Thanks!!! Great deal!! My order was like $23!!

  142. My order was $24.60 for $96 worth! Thanks RHC!!!

  143. Where are the secret rewards code? Thank you for posting.

  144. how do you get the secret rewards code?

  145. on another site i look at daily, this deal was listed and the comments stated that the perfume will get knocked off the order later because the cami is on clearance…they noticed it on the emailed invoice. just a heads up

    • I just got my email invoice and the perfume is still on the invoice… Guess we’ll see when they send it. But I tried putting something else on there and it kicked off the perfume (I tried slippers but they didn’t work as a sleep item). So I think if the cami was going to kick it off it would do so on the invoice…

  146. the rewards code is from a promotion they are doing on the victoria secret fb page….get a free gift card worth at least 10 bucks…every day at 9am est — first 5k i think?

  147. What a great deal! Got mine for $24.44 – thanks RHC!!

  148. wow. I got mine for $27 but I’m a DD so that’s amazing. Even my husband was impressed!

  149. Does anyone have any rewards cards that they are not going to use? Just wondering. Would love to get this but 30 is out of my budget but 20 or less would be great!! Thanks if so e-mail me.

  150. Thank you! I didn’t have a rewards card since I could never make it on time to get it but $33 for all those things is definitely a steal! The bra cost $49 on its own. I’m not sure how you have the time to do all of this being that your a mom to beautiful boys, but your hard work is appreciated!!!!

  151. Yes! All of it for $24. Had to try for two days to get the card from Facebook but ended up with a $10 one. So excited for this deal!!! Thanks!!! Merry Christmas to me!

  152. You are awesome! Everything worked! Thank you for all your tedious work! Happy Holidays All!

  153. I got one of the $50 cards on Facebook and ordered a few things. In my order was another rewards card. I was shocked to see it was valued at $500. So I got 3 bras, 6 pairs of underwear, two pairs of yoga pants, 3 cami tank tops, thigh shapewear, a Chicago cubs shirts and pants set, the free perfume set, a zip up hoodie, a nightgown, pair of pajamas and gift cards for my mom, sister and mother in law for Christmas. Plus a pink lotion and lip gloss. I’m still in shock.

  154. I can’t believe I have to pass this deal. i don’t like the push up bras…it is only working with this bra?

    • If you got a card I will take it off of your hands if ypou are not going to use it….I would love it havent been able to get one

  155. Yay! Got mine! I only had to pay $2.99 up front since the bras are backordered until February. πŸ™‚

  156. johnathans_jiggle says

    I paid 32.06 for $110 worth of stuff. Thanks!!!!

  157. My daughter just did this deal and joined Ebates but it didn’t offer her the $10. Is this deal over?

  158. mari peterson says

    thank you so much i got mine for $22.49

  159. I just got mine for $24.52. There is a new free shipping code though, it’s VSFREE.

  160. Jamie Rivera says

    It would be nice if I didnt get so many ERROR messages while trying to obtain my card! Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? I got to the point to win my VS giftcard where I needed to add all my info….I went and clicked submit and it brought me to an “updating page” then error message after error message! Has this happened and why is it happening? Any advice would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

  161. I am glad you changed the color for the panty. I tried for 2 days to use the original one you had up with the red panty. It said to choose solid but the red wouldn’t work. Finally I found the code in my VS catalogue and it specifies it has to be white, black, pink, nude or light buff. So when I changed it to pink it worked. I meant to write you the other day and ask you how you got the red pair!! It lists the code specifics on page 2 of their catalogues!! Got a great deal!Thanks!

  162. Got my first order with the Perfumes!! yay for FREEBIES but the perfume box is soo tinny hahaha, It looks pretty big on the site but is a tinny sample oh well it was FREE right πŸ˜›

  163. just got mine in the mail yesterday and I also got another rewards card! can’t wait to see updates for deals over the next few days so I can score another unbelievable deal!

  164. Got my order today but it is missing bra and panties.

  165. Just throwing this out there… the perfume coffret is actually valued at around 12.99 not 39… just sayin’

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