VIDEO! Albertsons Shopping Trip (ONLY Using Printed Coupons!)

I posted this previously and these deals are no longer available but I just wanted to show you all the magic of “Printable Coupons”! 😉

Here is a short video of my Albertsons deals! I ONLY use printed out coupons, no newspaper insert coupons. So you can all see that you can still save money and get items for FREE with online coupons!

*I spent $6.28 out of pocket and saved over $75.00!

I also used “Twice the Value” coupons or doublers. When you pair these up with your coupons, they will double the value of any manufacturer coupon up to $1.00 and can be used at Albertsons. They can be found at the front of the store (or customer service center) while supplies last in their ad. Or, they are on the bottom of an Albertsons ad insert in the paper and each insert will have 3.



  1. I just Love, love your videos. They help me so much more than just reading about how to save. Thanks so much for doing them. PS– would also love to see the check out as this is where I always get confused!! Thanks a Bunch!!!!!!!

    • I’ve always wondered how the multiple transactions work, as well. Do you have to go to another register, or can you just line them up, and pay separately, one after the other, or how does that work?

  2. Where did you get the BallPark coupons?

  3. Elizabeth says

    I loveyour video! thanks for making one with only the printed coupons.
    Now I just need tips on how to save big when I cnat double coupons. nbody near here doubles coupons.

  4. samantha worman says

    This was a great video Im gonna send it to my mom to watch she is an awsome couponer in her own right try to convince her that that she could double her allready pretty impressive savings with printable coupons but i think they sacre her lol i send her alot that she uses and i dont and albertsons is actually her store of choice I just wish her fla albertsons would do the doublers coupons she has no such luck in her area at any stores as do i in chicago………..

  5. awesome! thanks for sharing!

  6. carmonthegreat says

    Thats great but why dont all albertsons offer these “doublers”? :(:(:(

    Its so frustrating.

  7. Thanks for posting this video. It is so much easier to understand the process this way!

  8. i would actually think you can line them up and just say I’m going to be doing separate transactions. When I was on WIC I used to do that with the checks I was given and they were fine with that.. so if you do it with that why couldn’t you do it with coupons… (my two cents)

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