VIDEO! How to Organize Coupon Inserts without Clipping!

I know, I’ve done a couple videos about organizing inserts, coupon binders, etc….but I wanted to specifically show you all HOW I do it….it’s easier to show then to just explain it in writing. So….enjoy!


  1. This is great! I really like this way of organizing. Right now, my binder is organized by department (i.e., bread, cereal, etc.). I will probably switch to your method. Thanks!

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Kim! I use to do it that way too but I really like this way especially if you follow my coupon matchups. It is SO much easier finding the coupons. =)

      • I definitely follow your site and matchups! I don’t need any other blog or site – your is the most reliable, up to date and accurate. I’ve been following you for awhile now and it’s so fun, thanks for everything!

  2. Going to give this method a try! Thanks so much!

  3. THis is sooo awesome, i’m kicking my self in the but for throwing some away last night cause i saw on FB that there were so fly trap ones in there and i would of got 2 cents from them…GRRR

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      See what I mean! =) LOL….I know exactly what you mean. I use to hate when that happened. You think “I don’t think I will use this or get a good enough sale on it” and then BAM it’s free or making you overage and then you can donate it if you don’t use it! =)

  4. I change my binder to using the whole insert in there. Gotta change over slowly to this once I get more sleeves. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      You’re welcome Jen. Yes, it does take a lot of sleeves BUT the good thing is, they are reusable so once you have a ton of them you won’t need to buy anymore because you will use the ones from expired coupons.

  5. Thanks for posting this video! I’ve heard about people doing this and I didn’t think I liked this idea but after seeing your way I think it would really be great to do with all the EXTRA papers and such!!!

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Awesome! You should try it….I like it SO much better and I use to do it the other way. But I do understand some people may like the other way better…

  6. thanks Sarah i am new to couponing to this extreme and i am hooked! i love all your helpful tips and i am definately working on organizing a binder.

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      You’re welcome Lisa! I’m so glad I could help. You will love having a binder once you get yours complete. =)

  7. i do like this method, i think i spend the most time looking through all my inserts, which right now i have organized by week in a gallon size bag and stored in a filing cabinet, but that seriously takes way to much time to go through each week while im organizing my deals. i may just have to work on this idea. Thanks

  8. great video, another way, that I do, is to keep the entire insert together (I only get one paper) and on the cover write 5-15-11 SS and I keep each month’s inserts in one file folder labeled by month (along with All You mag). Then I have a 5-pocket folder thingy that I keep pulled but unused coupons in by dept/type (like if the store didn’t have that brand, size or it was too much money). I also keep internet coupons in it too. Then for the shopping trip I pull coupons and place in envelopes labeled by dept (HBA, frozen), then I’m organized for shopping & checking out.

  9. Samantha Morse says

    Love the video! I too have a binder organized by item but I will probably switch to this soon. The only hang-up I see would be unadvertised sales…How would you know what you have?Your page is my favorite!!!

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Samantha, I just posted this on Facebook… I started taking it with me to the store since I just put it in my new tote (they carry a lot) since it can get kind of heavy. I don’t usually see a lot of deals that I need to dig into it for though (at least not for items I want or …use). Also, with the computer ones I have a place in the front that says “Printed coupons” and then in that area I use baseball card protector sheets and put them in there…I do clip those ones right away. =) Hope that helps

  10. I thought about doing it this way, but I take my binder when I go grocery shopping – so its a lot easier for me to just clip the coupons and organize it by product. When I use sites like this to find deals, its just as easy to find because it names the product and I can just flip to that category.

  11. I’m slowly switching over to this way! I still like having the catagories for my printables, and I like taking my binder with me to the store incase I come across a deal, but I just printed out sunday coupon preview and stuck it in the front of each section, like I suggested before! that way when I come across something at the store, all I have to do is flip through the front pages of each section to check for coupons…and I like that the expiration dates are listed next to the coupons in the inserts too! I think I’m going to like this! :o)

  12. Do you have an easy way of tracking these by expiration date with this method? I know some inserts will expire at different times.

    • I just started using this method, and I just print out sunday coupon preview (I get it in my email) and put it in the front of each insert section…it has expiration dates, as well as lists the coupons in that insert! 🙂

  13. Thank you so much… I am new to this and the way you should this i really like. I am going to try this. Thank you again…

  14. Cortney White says

    I am setting up a binder as you have shown, but my question is: how to you organize your random coupons that are not from the inserts?

  15. It’s been great following your site! I just started couponing this month and am super psyched! I did a combination-style of organizing. I placed a protector sheet with the first page of the coupon book and then placed all the coupons from it in the baseball card sheet immediately afterward. I feel that this way I’ll be able to keep all coupons from the same originating source together and hold them in a way that is compact and easily accessible. Also, at least once a month I plan on weeding out all the soon-to-expire coupons and placing them up front. The reason for this style of organization is that I’d be able to keep coupons from the same source together but also be able to bring the coupon binder with me in the store. Hopefully it proves useful. Thank you for all the great deals and excellent advice : )

  16. Hi ! I have been following your site and videos for a short while now and it is very helpful for my family. How many papers do u think i should buy and am i would have to check my store’s policy on coupons cause i see u have like 7 cupons for 7 of the same itmes am i correct ? ( sorry i’m slow @ this) and do u really reccomend the binder over the expand a file way ? what do u think ? thanks. lisa

  17. I’m just SO surprised your little boy doesn’t mess up all those inserts laying all organized over the floor! 😛

  18. Wow, the video really did help me understand how you do it. Now, let’s get a “next step” video where you show us how you make your lists, get the coupons together for a shopping trip, and shop. 🙂

  19. I really like this idea! Will you show or tell me how you organize your printable coupons?

  20. Durinda Wilkinson says

    U make it look so easy. THANKS!! I have been trying to find a good way to organize. The individual card pages were bursting at the seams. Thanks fo all u do for us 🙂

  21. Hi All! I am using this method right now and I really like it. I have decided to put a little spin on it however. I am concentrating on my food stockpile so I went through the inserts and cut all the food coupons. I put them in the baseball card holders by categies in the front of the binder. Once I have a good food stockpile I will add cleaning supplies or baby items (I have a 4 month old and we are planning another soon!). I thought this was a good way to avoid becoming overwhelmed with clipping coupons and still taking advantage of unadvertised sales.

  22. Amanda (Pinkett) says

    I have a question I like to use coupons, for my food shopping so that is why I like them organized, but I also like to use them when I find deals I am a little ocd when it comes to be organized but I would like to give this method a try.

    Okay my question is when you get to the store do you cut them when you find the deal, or at the store? and if so does this cause a mess in the protector sheet?

    I like cutting ones I might use or would like to use, and then ones I don’t think I would use is what I put in my full sheet protectors so I can cut down on cutting.

  23. Christina says

    I have a few questions about this method. I have always used the category method and like it fine except for the insane amount of clipping that goes into organizing it when I get my papers on Sunday.
    With this method, how do you keep from wasting the dividers after you have written the date and insert info on them? Is there a way to reuse them after you have written on them?
    Also, how do you keep track of expired coupons when they are all lumped together like that? How do you know how long to keep an insert before you should just throw it away?
    Thanks and thank you for the time you put into the site. It is SO helpful!

  24. Genius!

  25. Sarah Bush says

    Good morning! I think I am going to love this method however I do have one question. Do you take this binder on your shopping trips as well and how do you know if you have a coupon say for a sale item that you were counting on getting? Do you have them listed? Does that make sense?

  26. I’m thinking about switching from clipping all to something like this but I have one problem, I get the Washington Post in my area but some of the other teachers and people who give me coupons live just 20 miles north and get a more local paper and the coupon inserts are so different, they have less and sometimes one side that I have has a different set of coupons on the back so it’s hard to match up. Any suggestions?

  27. That is a great video, thanks for making it. I did really well in the beginning with coupons and kinda fell of the wagon. I got one of my friends into it a while back and talked to her last night and she told me about your site. She is killing the walgreens deals which I started shying away from cause they can be difficult in the store. Love you site

  28. I think I might make a binder like this for all my inserts and just use my “labeled” binder for the ones That I know i want… That way I will have all the inserts when a new deal comes around I will just take them and put them in the organized binder (because this is the one i take to the store with me)

  29. Love this idea! I had heard about this way of organizing but thought I wouldn’t like it. After watching your video I am switching over for sure! Thank you! I just love your site, I learn something new everyday!

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