Below are some videos I’ve put together to help teach you more about using coupons! Enjoy…

(Those are what Walgreens Register Rewards look like)

Note: Something I forgot to mention is that Walgreens store coupons do NOT count towards your coupon-to-item ratio. So lets say you have a box of cereal and 1 coupon as well as 1 Walgreens coupon – you do NOT need a filler item – (unless you are also using a Register reward, then you will).

If you want another LAUGH….watch the BLOOPER video below this one. 😉





  1. Hi! I’ve enjoyed your videos. How did you start your business? Do companies support you on the web? Is it a part time job or a hobby? I’m wanting to start an online business and wondering how you did it.

    • Good Evening,
      I was wondering the same thing! I live in Canada so the market is a bit different up here. I was wondering if you can Private message me as I have a couple of questions for you.

  2. Jolynn Ferguson says

    I love your videos i have learned alot i love couponing have been doing it for years on and off now im a stay at home mom again i have tons of time to do it. Thanks for all the great tips!!! Your website rocks!!!! Thanks Jolynn

  3. I was browsing the web and came across your website. I love it. So much good and helpful information. Thank you so much. Off love your eyeshadow..can you tell me what shade that is? Thanks again.

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Thanks Jade!! It is Maybelline Silken Taupe eyeshadow. =) Love it and it’s very inexpensive. 😉

      • I agree w/ Jade… Very pretty 🙂 How about the lipstick??? Loving that tooo!
        EXCELLENT website, by the way! Just watched it for the 1st time today & Im addicted…
        Thanks for all the great tips,


  4. Cathy Allen says

    I have been couponing since 1985…Yes probably before you were born. ;(~
    I lived in a big city for 15 years and moved to Northern Michigan 5 years ago and no big grocery stores , 2x coupons and more expensive!! I thought it’s not worth it to coupon here.
    Then I found out about Rite Aid & Walgreens and the deals with rewards.
    So I decided to start with it again. I have to say I would not be doing as well if it were not for your blog and a couple of others I have found. I
    I do think yours is the Best Blog I have seen so far, love the videos & explanation’s.

    Thank- You , Cathy

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Thank you for the kind words Cathy! I really do love Rite Aid and Walgreens for using coupons too. I appreciate you taking the time out to leave a nice comment. =)

  5. Will you be posting any new videos soon???

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  6. Thanks for the videos I am just starting out and this helps alot. I am really starting to get addicted to Rite Aid and I have about 4 with in just a few miles of each other so it makes it easy to get good deals if one is out of the product that I need.

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    • Pretty nice article. I just stumbled upon this blog and I have to say that I have truly enjoyed reading your posts. I’ll be subscribing to your feed anyway and I hope you’ll post again soon. Big thanks for the valuable info.

    • Stumbled across your blog this week after meeting Pauline in the craft shop where I work, thought I would take part, my card is on my blog, lovely site and great design team cards too xxx

    • It’s a relief to find someone who can explain things so well

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  7. I have a friend that always updates her FB status with cool deals and she finds them from your website. I was very interested if what you had to say. After seeing your videos and tips, I am so excited to start couponing. This weekend will be my first EVENT. We will see how it goes. My husband will never believe it, but once he does, maybe he will feel better about me not working & going to school. Well, dreams only come true if you go out there and make it happen, right? Thank you so much for making it fun too. You are young and smart and that is a great start to having a family. Your husband must be proud!

    Kudos & thanks to you!

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Thank you Donna! You will do great with coupons, it gets addicting after you start seeing the dramatic savings. =) I am so glad you found Raining Hot Coupons and thank you so much for the kind words!

  8. I also (like Donna) have recently taken up couponing! I went today with limited knowledge and with only some coupons printed….it went over very well!! I must agree it is very addicting 🙂 I saw your videos and they make it all so much easier to understand. I thank you for taking the time to post them and for the obvious savings it gives your family. We are a family of 7 and I can’t wait to be able to better provide for my family!!! On a side note: I appreciate your mentioning that people can donate their expired coupons to overseas military members (I served and have several family members currently serving). It means a great deal to know that other people are helping take care of them as they fight to take care of us. Thank you!!!!!!

    God bless,

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      That is so great Tabitha! 7 is a very large family and I can’t even imagine what your monthly food intake is! So coupons will definitely HELP! =) I hope you can learn a lot here and ask any questions you may have. Thank you for your kind words and I’m so glad the videos have helped out some. =)

      • Where do we send the expired coupons? I just started doing this today because I saw an episode of Extreme Couponing, and then found you on my second home, FB. Prior to this I have had a habit of accidentally letting the coupons expire, but now I know someplace I can send them, I will tell all my friends as well. So glad you are here. I feel excited about being able to have plenty and saving money to do it!!

        • Sorry, I answered my own question, sort of…but I don’t have anyone in the military to send expired coupons. I will ask some of my friends if they have family serving and will send it to them. Got a little overexcited, sorry.

  9. I was wondering if you could explain fillers some time. I have been couponing for a couple of years now but Walgreens still scares me. I read about having a certain number of coupons vs. items and also fillers. I’m afraid I will walk in there and spend way more than I want to.

  10. I’m in my twenties and just started couponing. Getting this going can be very overwhelming/frustrating at times. Your site has been a great resource and a huge help! There’s no way I would have gotten organized without your videos! Your continued advice and support means the world to us newbies 😉

    Thank you!


    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Thank you so much Rachel! I am so glad I could be of help. It can be very overwhelming at first and that is why I HIGHLY recommend starting out slowly…shopping 1-2 stores deals. Getting 1-2 newspapers and making SURE to organize new coupons every single Sunday…otherwise it can really get overwhelming. =)

      Thank you for your kind words!

  11. I really enjoyed the videos. They gave me a lots of ideas to be able to start couponing a little more. I’ve definitely saved your site in my favourites!

  12. Hi. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to teach us about couponing. I am pretty new to this myself and am glad I found your website.

  13. Hey there, I was wondering, maybe I missed it, bu how do you keep the coupons in the right dates/red plum/smart source/ pg.. once you have cut them all out? I am new to this and would like to be better organized.
    thank you, I love your site.

  14. Thank you so much for all the great information. I have decided to start using coupons so I have been researching the best way do to it. Thanks so much for the helpful information.

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi April! You are very welcome! I am SO glad I could help you out and that you decided to start using coupons! You will love it!

  15. Andrea Ortega says

    I love your site!! I’ve been needing to organize mine and ive been really confused on how to do it bc i know there’s so many ways but now i know how i’m gonna do it thanks to your videos!!! =] I was dreading it (still kinda am) but i’m excited now. lol Thank you mama!!!

  16. I, probably like many others on here, have just recently started couponing after watching Extreme Couponing. I stumbled across your site yesterday and it has already helped A TON!! I’ve only done printed coupons and the few that we get in our normal “junk” mail so far, but this weekend I’ll be picking up several newspapers and definitely using your ziplock bag by insert type/date method.

    I saw a post for free KY jelly ($2.98) via $3/1 printable and I was headed to Walmart anyways, so I decided to give it a shot. Other than a fairly rude cashier who didn’t even know I could use the coupon even though it was for higher than the item, it went pretty well but it left me with a few questions:
    1) When she finally got the OK from a supervisor, she hit the Total button then scanned my coupon, which deducted the $3 but left $0.24 for what I’m assuming is the tax. Is this correct or should it have deducted the $3 first and then taxed on the remaining balance of $0.00?
    2) In your videos you talk about your coupon storage in your garage, but you also mention your coupon binder. Is your binder for coupons that aren’t in the RP/SS/P&G inserts?

    Sorry for the long post, but I love your site and I can’t wait to fully get in there and save some $$$!

  17. Love watching your videos!! This is probably a stupid question, but i have noticed that the store ads don’ttell you the price for most of the items on sale or the bogo items. So if a few stores have the same deals going how to you figure out which place has the better deal with your coupons? Like say Walgreens has bogo razors and so does CVS but it doesnt tell you how much they are how do you know which one you will benefit from more? That may be confusing. haha!

  18. Hello…I’m a newbie couponer..and already loving it..I’ve watched all ur videos but I can’t find on ur page about the organzing ur binder dividers…I thought u had something on one of the videos that u said u could find on ur page about the divders (how u have all ur’s sorted)…I may of I said I’m new to all this and feel overweldom at times…I love all ur tips…Thank u soo much…

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Georgina,

      You can look on the right side bar ———————>
      and click on where it says “Free Coupon Binder Download”. There is a list that you can put in your binder or at least use the different categories I use. =) Hope that helps!

  19. Hi. Found you via YouTube…love your site! I am new to couponing and like you mentioned when you started as well that no one you knew was couponing…well that is me! I was raised by parents who didn’t know the “value” of coupons (they were of the belief that if you wanted it, buy it…don’t wait for a coupon so they never used them). Couponing has opened a whole new world to me and has given me a way to stretch our dollar to not have to pay for items that I used to not think twice about. If I ever had to actually think about it, all the money we just spent willy-nilly I think it would make me sick! 🙂 Thank you for all the work you do…I am so happy to have found your blog as its given me a lot of answers: Why you need a filler at Walgreens, how to organize your binder, how to not get overwhelmed, etc. I will be following your lead as we only have a few stores in my area that you shop at as well…Rite Aid, Walgreens, Albertsons and a Target the next city over. Question though, do you ever shop at Walmart? I hear/read that people are having success with “overage”…mine doesn’t have produce and I find what I want at Target for the most part, so I was just wondering? Thanks again for the work you put into this for those of us our here trying to save some money and have fun couponing! 🙂

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Heather!

      Thank you and I am SO glad you found me and RHC. =) We sounds so much like we relate to each other and we even shop at the same stores! Walmart is great because of their coupon policy change and allowing overage! Yes, it does work and if you have a problem just make sure you have your coupon policy with you and pull it out to show the cashier or manager!

      You are VERY welcome and I’m so glad I could help out. =)

  20. First of all…LOVE this blog! I am learning so much! Second, I have a question regarding fillers… If, for example, I am shopping at Walgreens and purchase an item with a coupon and want to apply a Walgreen Reward, I know I will need a filler. Can that Filler be an item with an in store Walgreens coupon or does it have to be completely couponless to apply the Reward? Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

  21. Me again…. A few more questions….
    If an item is BOGO, I understand you can use one coupon for each item. Questions is, can you use a Coupon that says, for example, $1 off 2 with BOGO items? How does that work with an item that is Buy One get one 50% off? Thanks!

  22. Carrie Blakeman says

    When you put coupons is your binder, do you put the whole stack of 10 in one slot or just 1 of that coupon? I couldn’t tell when I watched the video! I didn’t know if it got too bulky or not! Thanks, your videos are soo helpful!! 😀

  23. I think your video’s are amazing. I thank you for taking the time to create these for newbies such as myself. I went shopping today with only 15 coupons and I was so overwhelmed because I didn’t have anywhere to put them. LOL

  24. Ronalee Duncan says

    Wanted to leave a quick message to let you know how much your hard work is appreciated. You have done an awesome job on your videos.

    thank you 🙂


  25. hi i love ur site… thank u so much for all the great information.. my questions is where can i find the “twice the value coupon at albertsons? do u know what store in my area that do double coupon? im from camarillo california… thanks and God bless..

  26. Hi, thanks for posting these videos.. they have helped me a lot in understanding how couponing works. I’ve only been doing it for about 3 months, and love it so far 🙂
    I tried looking for your blog on how you got $100s worth of diapers for only $40, but I can’t find it. I was wondering if you could explain that again, please. It would help me out so much since I have a toddler and an infant and they go through diapers so fast..
    Thanks again!!! 🙂

  27. Thank you for your videos. They helped me get started in couponing. I have already started to see big savings!

  28. thanks so much for all the videos they are a big help.. i’ve been trying to coupon more and more often but sometimes i get overwhelmed and need to leave the store!! lol hopefully that will pass. love all the suggestions and information.. again thanks.

  29. Well let’s just start off by saying I’m a dad and got my daughter interested into extreme couponing after watching a show. I was raised around the military lifestyle before joining myself. You may or may not know that our fighting men and women have to save anything and everything we get to make ends meet. Now that I am out of the military and raising a family getting the 14 year old interested in this really makes her wonder why don’t we have a plethera of items like her pantry. We have already stockpiled canned goods through a store called Aldi’s when we lived in Kansas and brought everything with us when we moved. What a great help that has been. now do you have any recomendation to make this fun for the both of us to bring us together and save money to help the family out in this recession?

  30. Angela Youngblood says


    I really love the viedos they are soooo helpful, expecially to NEW couponers like me!!! I am just getting started but am really enjoying the thrill of it.. I was wanting to know how to get one of the tote bags you had on one of your videos? IT IS PRECIOUS LOVE IT!!!

    Thank you soooo much,
    Angela Youngblood
    Mom of two trying to save money in Cave Spring, Georgia

  31. i’m brand new to couponing and i have been following your website for a few weeks now and only just now finally just had some time to sit down and watch your videos! and yes, i did watch ALL of them! haha! :] GREAT tips, seriously! thanks so much! keep em coming!

  32. Layne Case says

    I love the videos, but when I went to Walgreens yesterday the cashier told me I couldn’t use RR with a manufacturer’s coupon because they were both technically man. coupons. So when I tried to use a RR instead of the MC I bought Fusion razors in 4 separate transactions, tried to use the RR that had printed from the previous razor, the cashier told me that they were both P&G (meaning RR and razor) and would cancel each other out. She said there was no way I was getting those razors for 99 cents a piece. Any suggestions on where I went wrong? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

  33. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the site…very cute style. Been couponing for 4 days now, clipped loads of online coupons and bought 4 Sun morning papers today! The cashier gave me a look and a “Woah, that’s a lot of papers!” comment. LOL! While I’m still learning from you slowly, I used my first coupon this morning on sweetener. It wasn’t a big deal, $1 off, but I was proud of saving my family $1. So keep up the good work and may the Lord continue to bless you!

  34. I am very new to using coupons and I am at a loss right now. Can you please explain how you get stuff for free or for pennies?? I’ll explain, say I have 2 coupons for $1 off of toothpaste. The toothpaste is $2.25. So, do stores allow you to use 2 coupons in one transaction which would make the toothpaste $0.25? I know this is a confusing question, I tried going through your website looking for the answer but couldn’t find what I was looking for. If you have already answered this I am sorry 🙂

  35. Kimberly Bates says

    I bought a binder and the supplies at Walmart..Thanks for helping me organized it.. The video is really helpful.. Now I love my binder!!!!… Thanks again.. 🙂

  36. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your videos, they are a huge help. I actually just watched the one where you seperate all the inserts and put the single pages in a protector sheet and I think that is the best idea. Where do you come up with such brilliant ideas?? lol Your doing an awesome job with your website and with helping all of us out. Keep up the good work!!! P.S. I dont know how you do it with toddlers running around though..I have a 10yr old and every 5 seconds its mom, mom, mom and can barely get anything done, so I give you soooo much credit for that!! Again, way to go and please keep helping all of us out you inspire me to keep trying and we are prob aroound the same age :)~

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Regina!

      I am so happy you like the videos and that I have helped you out! =) I also love the whole insert binder organization. I actually get a lot of my ideas from my readers and that’s why I LOVE having my website….I think I have the best readers/followers ever! 😉

      I don’t know how I do it with the kiddos haha….it takes so much patience and I try to balance everything as much as I can. My hubby also helps a lot with them which is such a blessing….even though I have them all day while he’s working but I try to enjoy every minute I can with them.

      Thanks again for your kind words!!

      • illiriya mansour says

        hey dear couponista, im new to couponing and i just love yr website, it’s so simple and yr making things easy for other ppl to better understand, i would also to cheer ya for yr efforts and yr care for yr kids, i knw that’s not an easy task to do every day, but really i admire you, iv got so many things to learn and questions to ask, i hope ill be welcome to the club :)),haapy new year all.

  37. Love your site! What made you get into couponing? How long has it taken you to figure out all of these little tricks!? I love it, but still new and learning 🙂

  38. Newbie here. These videos are great. Thanks for sharing!

  39. im having a hard time finding coupons im from new hampshire we dont have publix and all that up here its the basic shaws hanafords shop in save walmart and market basket. i dont no if im looking right and theres just nothing or if im doing it wrong do u have an suggestions?

    • Stephanie says

      Hi Felicia. Hanafords or Shop and Save does do double coupons there. It has been a long time since I lived in New Hampshire. My ex boyfriend mothers used coupons when I lived there. Also, look for the paper for either Massachusetts, Vermont, or Maine. That might help a lot. I know New Hampshire sometimes doesn’t get coupons out for some reason. I notice that when I was delivering newspaper. Hope this helped some. good luck!!

  40. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your site!! I am new to couponing, but I love it already. I went to the Kroger on my first couponing trip about a week ago and I saved over 40 dollars, which doesn’t sound like much, but for me that was amazing. I am now addicted!!! I love all your tips and would love to have a stockpile like yours one day. My fiance and I have four children (he was previously married and I have my son) and it gets so expensive to feed a large family. Thank you for your site and tips. If you have any other tips, I would love to hear them. Thank you again!!!!

  41. Stephanie says

    I was wondering how do you organize the coupons that you print out off the internet. I like the one that you have for no cutting of the coupon with the date and name of the insert. I did use to cut them, but I really like this. Any idea on the internet coupons? Thanks

    • Stephanie says

      I forgot to mention that my sister came across this and told me about it. I really like the videos that you put out. I have watched them all. Thanks for taking the time to help us out here who are still learning.

  42. Hi! Thanks for your awesome dedication I follow you every day!!! I have a question sorry If I’ve missed it or if you have explained this before but Walgreens RR’s does only one RR print per transaction? Or is it per eligible item per transaction? Thanks so much!

  43. Ashley Dawn says

    Hi, I loved watching all your videos! They have taught me alot about couponing! I cant wait to see the new video for the animal drive! I have sent some coupons to you in the mail, and am so glad to be able to help! I love animals and love the idea of a food drive for them! Its such a great thing u are going to do!

  44. Cannot be more pleased!! Keep up the GREAT work Sarah :0)

  45. Your site is so helpful! i just started couponing. Just curious…how do you know how many RR dollars you will get with your purchase?

  46. Caye Tilton says

    I love watching your videos and especially the one’s at Walgreen’s…….
    Please make more. 🙂

  47. I just watched your video on setting up your coupon binder and you asked if anyone knew something to fix the ring problem. Well try this cut a section of a plastic straw and slip it over the ring. The smaller around your straw is the better your pages will slip over it.

  48. I would really like to purchase a coupon binder is there anyway you can tell me how much you are selling them for and when they will be available?

  49. I noticed that you mentioned in more than one of your videos that you buy your newspapers at the dollar store… but I have never seen them at any of the dollar stores in my area. I know that there is a chance that I may have just missed them, but I was wondering which dollar store it is that you buy them from? Thanks!

  50. I’m a little confused about the Walgreen’s video you posted. I get how it is done, but last night I went to try it out but it did not work out. I started by buying a package of Crayola Washable Markers for $2 with a $2 RR. I then used the $2RR towards the purchase of TIDE/GAIN/FEBREEZE (with coupons). I thought I was supposed to get another RR $3 but it did not print out. I asked the clerk why and she said that RR will not print out if a RR has been used towards the order. I was very dissapointed since I was planning on using the $3 towards the 4/$10 Cereals that should have produced another $5RR.
    What did I do wrong???? Anyone know?

  51. Kelley Howard says

    I too love watching your videos too, I do not shop at walgreesn or cvs a lot because i usually do not have alot of money to spent each week so its hard for me to earn the the RR or the cvs bucks (or whatever they are called), so what would your advice be on me wanting to earn more but spend less? And your eyes are soo big and pretty, they look like saucers!

  52. I know this is off subject but I LOVE your nails!! I can never find anyone to shape mine right!! 😉

  53. me and my mom are doing this stuff together and we just started. we were a little overwhelmed at first not knowing the lingo and all lol. and a trip to the store w two small ones is daunting enough, im sure you know. anyway your site and tips has been the upmost help out of eveything ive seen. we just love it please keep up the good work you are helping so many.

  54. How do you save on pampers???

  55. Do you know of any stores in FL that double coupons??? Love your site – thanks so much for the videos…

    • hey janet, I’m in North FL and there are no stores here that regularly double coupons. On some occasions Kmart will have double coupon days for their rewards card members, but if you match up your sales and coupons you can still get a lot of free stuff and good deals

  56. Nicklas Walls says

    Hi Sarah, Awesome Raining Hot Coupons Website!!! I love your site so much!!! I’ll keep in touch with your site. I love saving money with coupons and freebies!! I’m getting alot of free samples in the mail right now. Can you email me some freebies? Thanks so Much.

  57. I just want to say that I love your videos and I check your blog daily for new deals. I just recently thought of doing coupons after I found your blog and my first experience was something small. I did the 10 FREE Holiday Cards & FREE shipping from My Publisher. I ordered a total of 20 Christmas cards since I used mine and my husband’s email to register and order them. You just helped me get all of my fabulous Christmas cards for free this year. I plan to do my first grocery shopping with coupons next week. Thank You so much.

  58. all i can say is thank you. you are doing amazing work and helping so many of us who are new to coupons and their benefits.

    Thank You

  59. Tammy Seigle says

    Thank you for shairing all this info with us. It is very informative and I hope I can catch onto this like you have.
    Thank you again!

  60. Hi Regina:

    You did a valuable job in explaining how to start and organize coupons. I will be off to a great start. My niece sent me your link via Facebook. I am excited about doing this too. Thank you!

  61. HI i am very new to the couponing and im a mom a working mom of 3 kids and im just trying to get by this is my first step and today will be the day i will go to the store and try out my coupons im a little worry i like the way you are tell us what to do with the coupons and im oing to try it thank for takeing time out to let us no that there is a way to make it Lisa

  62. Hi Sarah! I just watched your video on using sheet protectors and putting the entire page inside. This is BRILLIANT! Ive been couponing on and off for about a year and a half and part of my frustration was keeping it organized. Ive used envelopes baseball card protectors and all kinds of methods. I cant wait to try this one. I saw in the video on YOUTUBE That you were running out of room in your binder and possibly starting a new one. Was wondering if you would do one binder for smart source and a seperate one for red plum? and keep P and G in there somewhere also. Anyway just an idea and truly cant wait to get started on this new way. I love love your web site videos and ideas! Its fun, cute , and totally do-able. Thanks so much!! Amy 🙂

  63. woops! forgot to check the ‘notify me of follow ups by email’ anyway thanks again for your ideas and tips!

  64. yes hi doll i was watchin ur videos and they seem all good and all but im still a lil confuse i would like to c if u can help me out a lil more im a mother of 6 kids and u know savin would b good for me and my family house hold just cuz i wk part time and will its hard when i spend up to $300-$400 a mth not good at all and i would like to drop that $$$$ bill down 🙂 thanks and hope to hear from u soon 🙂 monika

  65. Thank you so much for all your help! I didn’t know how much this could help!!

  66. hi i was watching your top video and your talking about the pizza being 3 for 3 and you have 1 off 2 q and you said they double that to 2 dollars??? i thought they only double coupons 99 cents or lower… maybe only here in p.a

  67. Hey Sarah. I’m a huge fan of your site. One of my favorite parts is your videos section. Any chance you can post more videos more often? All the tips you share are so helpful.

  68. The videos are great…thanks for taking the time to explain so much on couponing and being successful.

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  71. This really neat. I have a stockpile but not nearly as large as this one. Hope to get there soon.

  72. so I found out I was pregnant and since me and my boyfriend are living together and he is the only one working, I wanted to find ways to save money thank god I started right away ( due to the fact my baby was 3 months early) so we had to save even more money with everyday hospital visit and etc.. I was couponing for a few months and wanted to get better at it so I just came across you site and absolutely love it. It helps out so much and your videos are amazing. thanks very much for your help. Its only been a week since I joined your site and my pantry, and shelves are pilling up, cant wait to have a huge stockpile like yours:)

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  75. Wow what a great post about femdom ! I will come back for additional day-to-day! Thank you

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  78. I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. Thanks for the answer.

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  80. Hi there, I am a new military spouse & mommy & I was wondering if you can help me how to get started, and what are the best sites for me to get the coupons.

  81. I too am new to coupons and would appreciate any help from you. My question is how do you find the free deals? How do you go about locating items at various stores and then picking coupons? How do you know which ones you can use two coupons on. My family is struggling right now and I want to do my part by getting deals to stock pile. Like on shampoo/cond., razors, toothpaste ect… I also want to help my 2 grandchildren with diaper deals as well. So, can you help me at all???
    Thank you so much!!!!!

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