Vintage Owl Necklace With Gift Box Only $.89 Shipped!

Here’s a great gift idea! Get a Vintage Owl Necklace With Gift Box for only $.89 shipped from Amazon!

This deal is going in the “Raining Hot Christmas Gifts” bag here (see other HOT Christmas Deals)!
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  1. Cute!! Got one for my sister 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Things to watch for- Look at the seller’s name – it even says in the name that it ships from Hong Kong. Meaning this necklace has a decent chance of being late for the holidays especially with the post offices being overwhelmed. Anything from Hong Kong takes a month or more.

  3. Cute! I just got 6 of them, and I’m not too worried if it doesn’t make it for Christmas though 2 will be part of Christmas gifts. 1 is for me and the other 3 are going into the gift closet to have hanging around for just in case.

  4. I ordered something from these guys before. Watch out, cause the stuff is bigger than it looks! LOL Seriously, though, it got here in a week and I’m in Missouri. They have a neat turquoise owl necklace on here, too, for $1.34 + free shipping.

  5. That concerns me. What sort of metal is in that? China doesn’t have the same standards and I’m not sure what import rules they have to meet if you order to ship directly from Hong Kong…

  6. Kassi Belshaw says

    I have this necklace. It’s not the best quality but it’s nice and I think a nice gift. It’s a good size owl too not to big not to small.

  7. I ordered a couple of of necklaces on amazon from a Hong Kong seller. It has been around a month ago, and still not received them. So, be careful if you want for Christmas gifts!

  8. Got one for a coworker. Perfect!

  9. Thanks! Got one.

  10. It says $1.89? Not, $0.89?

  11. It says 1.89 not .89

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