Walgreens: Better than FREE got2b Lotion?! (No Coupons Needed!)

If you’re heading to Walgreens any time soon then you may want to stop by the aisle with the got2b products (or possibly on an end cap). The got2b Guardian Angel Lotion is on clearance in some stores for just $1.59 and guess what else?! These are popping out a $2 RR so that would make for a money making freebie!

got2b Guardian Angel Lotion $1.59 (on clearance at some stores)
Get back a $2 RR
= FREE + make $0.41!

Be sure to come back and let us know if these are indeed in clearance at your store.

Thanks, Wild for Wags 


  1. I don’t know if my store has this… but this is a general question about RR – how many can you buy and have the RR come out?? is it unlimited, or can you only get one RR per transaction, or?


  2. yes one per so if you grab 2, you must do two sep transactions..I did it often especialy with the start of school and teh school supply RR’s

  3. As a coupon momma and a Walgreens employee. You have to do multiple transactions! They limit it to 3 of each item per customer unless they got a nice supply in. But towards the end of the week they really don’t care cause they just wantnit gone. If your not sure just ask normally there’s at least knew person in the store who is very knowledgeable of the coupon trend.

  4. I haven’t done RR before…so do you buy the first one and get the $2rr back and use that on ur next purchase to get it free plus $2rr back again?

  5. If you use the same RR for the same product it won’t print another RR unless it is a Rolling RR.

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