Walmart: Curad Hydrogen Peroxide Only $0.18 with New Coupon

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There is a rare new $0.50/1 Any Curad product PDF Coupon which will make Curad Hydrogen Peroxide only $0.18 at Walmart! This wonderful coupon doesn’t expire until 12/31/2013 which means you have a while to use it.

Curad Hydrogen Peroxide 16 oz $0.68
Use $0.50/1 Curad coupon here
= just $0.18!


Thanks Wally World Woman

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  1. katie says

    I thought coupons that expire in over one year were supposed to be questioned because of fakes/frauds?

  2. Mckenzi Denson says

    My store wouldn’t accept this because it wasn’t going through the cash register as item being purchased it was a battle that I lost after ten minutes of fighting with them that you go off what it says in writing not what the picture shows. I finally gave up and left and called the store manager when I got home and said that he would advise his cashier and managers that it is the writing not the picture. But they also thought that they might be fraud cause of the way they look and the expiration date. I advised them that I got it off the Curad website. Still no luck so I left upset cause they always seem to make you look like you are committing fraud or something just because I am getting something for next to nothing!! FRUSTRATED really wanted this for my Emergency Kit! Let me know what you guys find out!

    • Mckenzi Denson says

      I called Curad Company and they said that it is a Valid coupon it is not fraud and if it’s not working then it is on the store side nothing to do with the coupon!! HAPPY SHOPPING!!

  3. desiree says

    i got this and used it but it didnt go threw for the peroxide but it went threw for bandages and they are$0.96 so i only paid $.46 thanku for the coupon

  4. Cristal says

    OMG, just printed this coupon. Did anyone else print this and the coupon come out to be the size of the whole paper? If this is true no wonder this coupon looks fraudulent. IJS

  5. jatonia says

    If you have issues using a coupon or price matching at any Walmart store call 1-800-Walmart, it is an automated system but it will allow you to give complaints if you follow the prompts. Letters to the president usually end up being remedied by a gift card from the store, so it can be worth your time to call.

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