Walmart = FREE Nivea Men’s Body Wash!

For those of you that were lucky enough to get the $3.00/1 Nivea Men’s body wash, check out this sweet deal you can get at Walmart:

Buy 1 Men’s Nivea Body Wash $3.00
Use $3/1 coupon 4/17 RP

This would be an awesome deal for newbie coupon users out there….it’s a simple, free item with the use of one coupon! Try it out and you will be HOOKED on using coupons, then you won’t look at us as “crazy” anymore. 😉

If you haven’t bought your papers today, Id suggest snagging quite a few to get this deal. It will pay for the paper and you will be left with a bunch of coupon inserts! *Just make sure and check if your Red Plum insert came with this coupon before buying a ton.

*ALSO, you can watch my video here of my stockpile and see that I got in on a free Nivea Body wash deal in the past….see how deals re-circulate, it’s an awesome thing!

Thanks, Jenny & Chastity!


  1. What part of the country did these coupons get printed? I live in the midwest Iowa and I did not get this coupon.

  2. Tona Miller says

    i didn’t get that coupon either im in Texas but i did get a $3.00 off Aveeno coupon

  3. I got them in Minnesota ( i bought 5 papers yesterday at .75 each and got 5 Nivea body wash for women and 5 for men) lets Just say i already used them at Target it was 3.02 each.

  4. I live in California and didn’t get them either! 🙁

  5. I live in Georgia and in our inserts we got $3 off for the mens and women body wash (each one is a seperate coupon). I went to Walmart last night and grabbed mine 🙂

  6. i got $3 in mississippi the cheapest i’ve seen it is at walmart for $3.47, o it was for the women’s body wahs

  7. I bought 4 papers today and got $3 off (one for men and one for women) in all of them. Just went to Walmart in Orlando and stocked up with six bottles for $1.26 (all tax, of course). Thanks for the tip!

  8. I got these in Gulf Shores, AL from the Mobile Register and the Pensacola News Journal.
    Mine say “$3/1 on any Nivea for Women 8.4 fl oz – 16.9 fl oz.” – I didn’t try at walmart but at Rite-Aid they let me use the women’s coupon on the mens Nivea body wash.
    At Rite-Aid All of the Nivea stuff is 3.99 (but nivea bliss was $2.99 at my store). You get $5 up rewards for spending $15.
    $3.99 x 4 = $15.96
    – $3/1 x 4 = -$12
    +$5 +ups
    = $1.04 money maker
    Or all Bliss at $2.99 with 6 $3/1 coupons and it’s like a $5 money maker?(I didn’t want just bliss though.)

  9. I’m really bummed, I live in WV and didn’t have any for men in my paper. I did have one for women though, I bought 2 papers and picked up 3 for free (2grandmas and the MIL). I’ve only been couponing for a week now and I’m hooked! Thanks for the tips!!

  10. Live in northeast PA i didn’t get this one either 🙁

  11. Well after I posted that I could not find those coupons I looked again through every add and found them!! This time I got 2 Smart Source and 2 Red Plums in each newspaper. So I got 3 men and 3 woman Nivea for free!! Im so excited! Just make sure you double check your papers!!

  12. I live in Arizona and no such coupon 🙁 I”m looking for a Coupon Service that i can buy these for for really cheap 🙂 I’ll share if I find 🙂

  13. i live in nevada was not able to print and the red plum never in my newspaper either!

  14. I live in Pa and got this awesome coupon. HOWEVER… not ALL papers carried the insert that had this ocupon. I ha dto get the smaller local paper and got the $3 coupon. The larger Papers didnt carry the inserts that had them.

  15. The Chicago market has the $3 off 1 men’s body wash and $3 off 1 woman’s body wash. Not only was it in the big paper, but also in the individual excess packages that are often found as extras in condo buildings downtown. So if you can get your hand on the small insert packages, you can get a ton more coupons!

    …now if only my closest Walmart can get more women’s body wash.

  16. I live in Ohio and got both $3 coupons.

  17. I live in Los Angeles. I picked my deal up at Walmart but also just noticed mt local target had a price cut making them $3.04 each. Although they were $3 even at Walmart

    Love these kind of deals!

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