Walmart: *HOT* Large Fijit Friends Only $15.00 in the Store (See Picture in Post!) Reg. $50!!

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Okay, so you know how I posted about the Fijits being only $15 online at Walmart (no longer available)?! Well, great news if you missed out!! I have had several readers email me to let me know they are priced at only $15 in the store too (reg. $50.00!!) with no signs or anything (just a price tag of $15). You can see in the picture above!!

So, head over RUN over to Walmart to see if you can get these at this price too!!!!

Let us know what you find!

Thanks so much for the pic, Angel!

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  1. TashaJ says

    If all else fails, Target will price match the online price. I just pulled the Walmart site on my cell at the Target customer service desk!

  2. Brittnie says

    Why can’t these be available online!? AH! My daughter wants one so bad, I thought $50 was ridiculous, I could totally go get one for like $5 IF my store had any! :(

  3. Brittany says

    I was able to do site to store. Won’t be ready till the 10th but my Wal-mart is an hour away. Better then driving that far for nothing.

  4. Tara says

    I went to Walmart on the way to work this morning and bought both my girls one! Thanks so much!! They wanted these and the Furby. I didn’t want to spend the money for both, but this makes it possible!!

  5. Kevin says

    I can’t believe I’m posting on this women’s board here, but would any of you even think about buying this for an 8 year old boy?

    • kandice says

      I would, the box says 6 and up, and they have a blue Fijit and its name is Logan, so i would say they are boy friendly :)

  6. Ashley says

    I looked online and seen they were out of stock. So I then called Target, asking about their Price Matching. They informed me, since Walmart was out of stock, they couldn’t match it. So I called around until I found a Walmart that had some. I went up there and it rang up $50 something. I told them about the price online and argued it was wrong, so I made them look it up (bc they told me it was for the small one) I ended up with 4 for under $65!!

  7. Tricia says

    I just got one a target fo $15. they price match when you show proof, I just printed out the add to them.
    Awsome deal…

  8. MG says

    They’re back in stock now at If anyone happened upon 3 extra coupons, I’d be so happy to pay you for the cost to ship them to me. I know the boxes have them, but also some people printed the coupon too. Would love get these, but even at $15 we can’t afford them this year :(

  9. Amanda Blaylock says

    MG, maybe. I had printed two of the coupons before Black Friday to use them, then never did, but I know they are not expired. I am trying desperately to find them. If I do, I will let you know, and will mail them to you. How many coupons do you need?

  10. MG says

    I am wondering why my two comments I recently left still say waiting moderation. I’m trying to get a hold of Amanda Blaylock and she’s left me messages on here, but I’m trying to respond and I’m not getting anywhere. Can you contact me to let me know if I’m doing something I shouldn’t be?

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