Wendy’s: FREE Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Garden/Caesar Salad TEXT Offers!

How cool is this! You can score some yummy FREEBIES from Wendy’s if you can text! (Standard text messaging rates apply)

You can text CRISP to 81229 for a FREE Crispy Chicken Sandwich when you buy a small drink.

Also, text SALAD to 81229 which will get you a FREE Garden or Caesar Side Salad when you buy a Chili or Baked Potato!

Thanks, Q’s Coupons & Savings


  1. could this be regional? I tried it, but didn’t receive a text back with the offer

  2. i think this one might not be legit. I tried both twice and nothing. Then i asked about them on their FB page and my question was removed….hmmm

  3. I texted it and got both of my codes. I’m in central illinois. Not sure why it isn’t working for you guys but I hope you get it.

  4. I am in Washington state and received both codes. Thanks!

  5. jessica kovach says

    I texted it too and got both responses immediately. I am in western pa.

  6. They both worked for me!

  7. Both worked for me here in Daphne, AL….

  8. Just was texted back for both codes a coupon code# to show cashier. I am in southern Cali

  9. Jennifer Mann says

    I got them both in NE Indiana! 🙂 Thank you!!

  10. In Arizona… Just had the hubby text it… I’ll comment if it works.

  11. Yup. Hubby just texted me saying it did indeed work. 🙂

  12. WOW! I am so surprised! I am so glad to hear they are working for you all. Not sure why they are avoiding my question on Facebook.
    ENJOY your Free Wendy’s 🙂

  13. worked for me I am in oregon state

  14. I got both codes and Im in Kentucky…Hope it works for everyone…Free is always good..

  15. Worked for me in central Indiana. =] thanks!

  16. I got both of mine finally and I am in NC 🙂

  17. I got my codes within seconds. I am in Oregon. Hope to use this today when I am running around! Thanks!

  18. Im in so cal and got the codes 🙂 can I only use the code today?

  19. woo hoo! I got mine!!! This is one of the first times I’ve been able to take part in these freebies – I’ve always been too late! Thanks so much!

  20. It worked for me in florida

  21. In Texas and it worked for me, got both the salad and sandwich coupon number.

  22. Got mine in Birmingham, AL!

  23. I got the codes but the mobile website says the offers are only good in the “Greater Mississippi area.” I’m still gonna try mine in central PA.

  24. works in Ky

  25. It worked here in FL!!

  26. I got both codes but my Wendy’s said it is NOT legit and would not accept!!! :C

  27. Im in VA and got mine thanks 🙂

  28. I’m in Maryland got mine instantly!

  29. Works in VA. 🙂

  30. Got my codes also. Does anyone know when the code expire?

  31. Trina McBride says

    My husband went to Wendy’s today and tried to use the code. The manager told him it was a scam and refused to accept it. We live in Texas.

  32. my Wendy’s in Minnesota said these were fraudulent and wouldn’ t accept them

  33. Guess where Im going for lunch 2day!!!

  34. just an FYI – I showed my phone with the text offer for the free caesar side salad when u buy a chili or baked potato and they wouldn’t let me have it. the manager said u actually had to have a coupon, they didn’t accept texts offers from phones

  35. worked for me just now-I am in SC

  36. I tried to use the offers as well and was turned down. They said I needed a paper coupon. I sent corporate an email about them wasting my time. Im really not easily offended by things like this (ie. getting turned down and not be able to use a “Deal”) but being treated like I was a moron was pretty insulting. Im not going to loose sleep over not being able to get a free sandwich.

  37. Live in N. TX…text did not work.

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