What to Buy at the Dollar Store (And What Not to Buy!)

What to Buy at the Dollar Store (And What Not to Buy!)

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I spent some time…actually a lot of time at Dollar Tree and scoped out the “Good” and “Bad” buys. I also asked for YOUR opinions on the Raining Hot Coupons Facebook page and so many of you gave me some great tips on items you love and items you don’t really care for from Dollar Tree. Thank you all for your tips. Below you will learn what to spend your money on at Dollar Tree (this may apply to other dollar stores as well since they all kinda carry the same stuff). Enjoy…Also, I would love to read any other tips you have in the comments!  🙂

I am going to break it down into categories and different sections of the store. 

Household Cleaning:

cleaning 1

cleaning 4

Things to Buy:

  • ANY of the L.A.’s Totally Awesome products – I had a TON of readers says that they are like magic. The spot remover works awesome and the oxygen power cleaner works as good as the other expensive brands. I recently purchased the Orange cleaners from them and it really is wonderful and quite awesome.  😉
  • Fabric softener – believe it or not, this stuff smells great, comes in a big bottle for a buck and is perfect for refreshing couches, rugs, and even pets!
  • The Works cleaner – I have not tried this but a lot of readers swear by it. I can’t wait to try it!
  • Palmolive Dish soap – there are often coupons available for these so you will get a great deal.
  • Sun detergent or dishwashing soap – again, these often have coupons so keep an eye out and if a coupon pops up, you will score a nice deal.

cleaning 2 cleaning off brand

Pass on these:

  • Brooms – the handles often break on these
  • Garbage bags – a TON of readers had negative things to say about the garbage bags, the rip and tear easily.


Health & Beauty:



health nos

Things to buy:

  • Pregnancy Tests – these work really well and have always worked for me as well as all the readers who also recommended them! 
  • 3 pack loofah sponges (these are perfect for kid’s baths)
  • Hair bows, ties, bobby pins, headbands
  • Shaving Cream – this stuff really does work and smells pretty good! I love it for just $1!
  • Close-Up mouthwash – this is the only brand I would recommend (the others are not so great)
  • Triple Antibiotic ointment
  • Hydrocortisone Cream
  • Scotties tissue – these will often have coupons so you will get great deals
  • Cotton pads
  • Name Brand make-up – I have spotted Elf and Maybelline and once again Maybelline always has coupons!

Pass on these:

  • Q-tips (this isn’t the brand but pass on them) they bend and are not strong and the cotton on the end is very fuzzy
  • Off Brand Lotions
  • Perfume and Cologne


Birthday Items:


birthday 3

Things to buy:

  • Wrapping paper – I am shocked at how much wrapping paper has gone up in price so the $1 store paper is a great deal and you can get a few different designs!
  • Gift Bags
  • Cards
  • Candles
  • Streamers (these come with 2 so they are only $0.50 each!)
  • Cups
  • Birthday decor (party hats, balloons, invitations, favor bags, etc)
  • Mylar balloons
  • Tissue paper

Pass on these:

  • Plastic utensils (they break easily although I do recommend the table liners which is in the same section)

Food and Candy:




Things to buy:

  • Movie candy – stop by on the way to the movies and pick up the boxes of candy for just $1! You may be able to find these at Walmart for $0.97 but if you’re closer to a Dollar Store then you may want to stop there instead!
  • Candy for Pinatas and Party favor bags – they have several bags of candy that have individually wrapped pieces so this is perfect for Birthday parties! For example, ring pops, suckers, avengers candy pieces and more.
  • Popsicles – These have $1/1 coupons which makes them FREE!!
  • Soda Pop – I love these, they are off brand but they are huge and perfect for Birthday parties. In my opinion they taste like Shasta.
  • Popsicle Molds – a pack of 6 for just $1 – that’s awesome!
  • Hormel Pepperoni – Once again, there are often coupon for $0.50 to $1 off which makes them only $0.50 or FREE!
  • Drink mixes – these are fabulous, just add 1 to a water bottle and it flavors your drink…they even have sugar free.
  • Seasonings – can’t go wrong for $1!

Pass on these:

  • Check expiration dates on all the food items…sometimes they tend to have things that go past that date.  😐

Kitchen and Bath:


Things to buy:

  • Tupperware
  • Tubs and Bins for organizing
  • Glass Vases
  • Foil baking tins (perfect for Thanksgiving and way cheaper than other stores)
  • 3 pack kid’s toothbrushes – there are often coupons that make the kid’s toothbrushes free and sometimes the come with travel cases and covers
  • Bathroom Decor – for just $1, that’s a steal!
  • Shower curtain – I have heard of people painting these and coloring them for the kiddos bathroom!
  • Shower curtain hanging rings (not sure what they are called exactly but they hold up the curtain and are normally very pricey)
  • Kid’s bubble bath – this stuff works great and lasts a long time!
  • Hefty plastic bags – normally coupons for them which makes them a great deal
  • Napkins – they come with a ton and work great
  • Tupperware – can’t go wrong with these packs
  • Mason Jars – you can do recipes in these, cookies jars, gifts, crafts and more!
  • Plates, Cups, Mugs, bowls – this is great if you need to just get a few or want some variation in colors
  • Kitchen Towels and Mits – look how cute these are in the picture above..I love the green and purple and for just $1!

Pass on these:

  • Pie Tins (these are not good for baking because they tend to rust) ALTHOUGH, they are good for kids crafts and play.
  • Candles – they don’t smell that good and even if they do in the store, the scent doesn’t last once lit in my opinion
  • Coffee Mugs – I have heard from several readers that these leak and the lids don’t stay on
  • Toilet Paper – this is usually very thing and doesn’t work all that well.  😳


Art and Supplies:


Things to buy:

  • Large Activity Coloring books – these are very big and the kids will have a blast with them (some even have stickers)
  • Teacher corner – there are great tools here for not only teachers but homeschoolers, preschoolers or just if you want to teach some fun stuff to your kids. They also have sticker books which would be great for chores!  😉
  • Sewing kits with bags – $1…enough said!
  • Pom poms, felt, foam board, craft supplies
  • Safety pins – I hear these run out often so if you see them, snatch them up!
  • Vinyl Decals for decorating and for kid’s rooms – these are SUPER cute and can totally change the look of room or bathroom for just $1…I say yes!
  • Poster board

Pass on these:

  •  Glue sticks – they tend to be dried out or dry out fast after opened
  • Frames – these usually break when you are trying to even just put the photo in… see what I mean?
  • Garage sale signs – I say no because you can easily look across the aisle and find the BRIGHT colored poster board priced at $0.69 then cut them in half and you’ve got 2 signs so just about $0.35 each instead of $1.
  • Crayons – they don’t work… weird huh? No really, the color is super dull.
  • Playdough – this stuff is usually dried out….if you find one that’s not, you’re lucky!
  • School supplies – you can usually always get better deals from places like Staples, Office Max etc as long as you buy at the right time…starting in about July and August they offer $0.01 deals, freebies and more. Just watch Raining Hot Coupons and I post them all Summer long.



Things to buy:

  • 3 pack socks that makes each pair about $0.33 each!
  • Disposal bags for when walking pets – you get a ton for super cheap
  • Big bottle of Bubbles – lots of Summer fun with these!
  • Flip Flops – now I can’t say these are going to last but I’ve found that most $1 flip flops anywhere you get them don’t last long. They are great for public pools, the beach, etc so you don’t have to worry about someone taking them.
  • Puzzles – great for the kids or even party favors or Birthday party game gifts
  • Pack of Littles Toys – I LOVE to use the packs of insects, glowing stars, dinosaurs, erasers, etc for Pinatas! They work out perfect because you get quite a few for just $1.

Pass on these:

  • Toy Cars – these tend to be very cheap and break (the plastic is flimsy)
  • Outdoor lights – this may seem like a great deal but they don’t last long at all
  • Lighters – don’t really work long
  • Goggles – the water seeps through  😐
  • Batteries – don’t last
  • Anything electronic – according to many readers opinions and my own, anything electronic never last long.

Hope that helps….do you have anything to add to the list?! I would love to hear….


  1. Kelley Howard says

    I have gotten some really good ear buds from their, it worked better and lasted longer than my hello kitty ones.

    • The Betty Crocker kitchen containers that they sell all the time are garbage. The quality is terrible, they stain and are hard to get the lids on/off.

      • Deborah Walton Cortright says

        Totally agree on the containers. They do stain easily. One use and done.

      • Francine Robertson says

        They are nice to use if you are taking a meal to someone. I buy them just for that and then don’t worry about my dishes being returned.

      • Mary Caico says

        I only use the big round Betty Crocker containers (never tried the smaller ones), but the big round ones are AWESOME to keep your lettuce fresh and crispy and doesn’t turn that awful “brown”…lasts for up to a week in the refrigerator!

      • Yes that is true. However the Betty Crocker kitchen scissors are awesome I keep a pair in my kitchen ( duh! ) but I also keep one in my living room, bedroom, bathroom and diy box. Their serving utensils are great too. Just my opinion but they really work great for me!!

  2. Agree with the L.A.’s Totally Awesome cleaning supplies – works better than most of the name brand stuff I used to buy.
    Another thing to buy is decorative stones in bags (they run up to $5 a bag elsewhere), photo frames, coloring books, puzzles and kids books.

    Things not to buy not already listed would be baby teethers, bottles and cups – not only don’t last up well concerns over toxicity.

    • Sarah Gibbons says

      Thanks for the tips Kathryn and I agree! =)

      • Hey Sarah!! First off I <3 your page! I even have you on FB 2nd… I <3 Dollar Tree! I always go at least once a week to scope out name brands, especially makeup! I have to say I have bought some things that work great like ….
        -Dermasil Lotion! I work at a Kennel and washing hands is important. My co workers loved it!
        -Q-tips..I buy the ones with the carboard stick not the plastic and they are awesome!
        -T.P. Im surprised the TP failed! I LOVE IT!! And I'm super picky about my TP 😉
        -Candles..As far as the candles I have bought a few…Only the small ones in the glass jars with the pressure lid are good. Give em a try and let me know 😉
        -Cotton Pads ARE A BIG NO NO FOR ME! They work great for cleaning your face or applying Witch Hazel like I do but guurrrlll DO NOT try to use them to remove makeup! They will rub your eyelids off!! 🙁

        • The Great Scents Odor Neutralizer for pet stains/accidents is marvelous. It is the only thing I have found to remove the stain without me getting out the steam cleaner. It leaves a pleasant smell, too.
          I love Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. Thank you all for telling me of things to look for that I hadn’t considered.

        • I use to work at the Dollar Tree and when I was there they had these candles that we’re in little mason jars with mason jar lids at my location. They had all these different smells like blueberry and lemon meringue. They lasted quite along time and once you had used all the candle you could clean out the jar and reuse it for something else. They also have these laundry scent crystals like Gain detergent has. They actually smell really great and work just as well as the expensive brand’s. You should definitely try these both out. You definitely wont be disappointed.

    • LA’s Totally Awesome also works great as a tire cleaner!

  3. Camille Ney says

    I always buy the generic Zyrtec there and it works just as well as the name brand

    • Us too!! It saves us a TON, as there are 6 of us with horrible allergies, and the cost of allergy meds otherwise is insane. These work GREAT!!

      • chantal bell says

        I buy the huge bottle of generic zyrtec at Sam’s for $10 for 370

        • Laurie Pence says

          I also buy the generic Zyrtec at Sam’s, great value and it works great. Even my PCP was shocked at the price!

          • The generic are great but I found out the inactive ingredients are different than the name brand and I had an allergic reaction. Only I can have an allergic reaction to allergy meds. Lol! But seriously just be aware. Even though the allergy meds. were the same it was the other stuff in it that wasn’t tje same and my body had a fit. P.S. love your blog. I just found it today and I have found some great stuff. Keep up the great work and info. God bless you and your family.

    • Sarah Gibbons says

      Oh good to know!!

  4. I just want to say thank you so much for this info…I LOVE this! I’m sending it to everyone I know!

  5. I have started getting a lot of my OTC medicine at Dollar Tree. They have packs of 10-30 pills, depending on the medicine, for just a dollar. When you break it down to price per pill, that’s way cheaper than Great Value or Walgreens brand!
    Also, I swear by their metal silverware and basic glass tumblers! The rest of their dishes aren’t that nice, but in a pinch, they would do. Certainly for a bachelor who really doesn’t care what they look like. The mason jars can be used as a drinking glass too. I actually prefer them for milk. They keep the milk colder than a regular glass does!
    And I TOTALLY agree with you about the batteries. They said “Ideal for Low Drain Devices” on them, and that’s the TRUTH!!! I had to get some cheap batteries today because my camera started to die right at the beginning of our church’s all day VBS. I was supposed to be the photographer, but wasn’t told until the last minute, so I didn’t bring my extra rechargeable batteries! I went down the street to Dollar Tree and got two packs of 8 AA batteries. I’m glad I decided to get 2 packages because by the end of the day, I’d gone through all 16 batteries! And that was WITH turning my camera back every time it told me to change the batteries. I got every last bit of power out of those worthless things!

    • Sarah Gibbons says

      Thanks for the info Jenny! =) I have gotten some of their medication and it seems to work the same!

      • We use the batteries for remotes, toys, etc. Cameras will ALWAYS drain batteries quickly, don’t skimp on camera batteries, but for anything else they seem to work fine for us.

        • Kellee,
          I use a lot of the batteries too! We use them in kids toys, watches, remotes, postal scales, lots of stuff. We buy rechargable or special batteries for our camera. Also, they have Diaper disposal bags, you get 100 of them for $1 and they smell nice and are great to put those used diaper in before throwing them away when you are out!!

    • They also usually have name-brand batteries as well as the off-brand. The off-brand never seems to last, but the name-brand does. You just get less batteries per package (4 vs. 8/10/16/etc). I used to pick up a pack every time I went so I’d have batteries on hand for remote controls, the kids video game controllers, etc.

      I also buy those menthol patches you can use to put on your back (lots of back issues here) and I love them. My husband has bought some from the big box stores that I don’t like nearly as well.

      We used to live around the corner from a Dollar Tree and I *always* bought paper towels/napkins, gift bags, gift tags, wrapping paper, scotch tape, cleaning supplies, dish soap, tin foil, stocking stuffers, birthday balloons, etc. I don’t personally care for the laundry detergent or the toilet paper but the WORKS cleaners are awesome, as well as several others.

      I agree about the candles not carrying the scent once lit, however, if you are just looking for candles to have around for emergency power outages and such, they’re a great deal. Also the bags of tea lights are great.

      I also always use the disposable tins at the holidays. I swear by them at Thanksgiving to cook things like extra stuffing or the candied sweet potatoes, etc. Makes cleaning up a breeze – just throw them away! Or for when I go to family get togethers – don’t have to worry about bringing anything home.

      I’ve also bought kitchen scissors there that work really well and the blue kitchen sponges (not sure of name brand) are the same ones found in box stores but of course, just a $1. I always buy a few packages of those. And also those yellow kitchen gloves are good. And the Betty Crocker storage containers.

      • I totally agree about the kitchen items – had to “furnish” an apt. for only 5 months & didn’t want to take anything back home afterwards. Every tool and serving piece we used came from dollar store and they all worked great!

    • I have to respectfully disagree on the dishes. A few years ago my sister and I found these great fall colored dishes. I believe they still have some but it’s hard to find a set. Anyway we had stopped in the Dollar Tree after leaving pottery barn, the dishes looked exactly like the ones we saw in pottery barn. So being who I am I flipped them over read who they were made by and we went back to pottery barn flipped them over and it was the same. Well we both went back to Dollar Tree and bought settings for 10! There was the dinner plate salad plate and soup ( very deep ) bowl. They lasted forever! I actually got bored of them! So for 30 dollars I had 10 place settings! Now I’m not saying they’re all good but you just have to keep an eye out for a good buy!

  6. I’d suggest a “no” to the oven mitts, although they ARE cute. My daughter got me one for Christmas (my husband always takes the kids and lets them pick out a gift for each family member – so cute and HILARIOUS to see what they choose). I burnt myself through the mitt one of the first few times I used it. After reading the tag more closely, it says it’s only safe up to 350 degrees. So sort of helpful, but only at the medium to low temp baking.

    Thanks for all the other tips and reviews! I love Dollar Tree!

    • I second this. The oven mitts are too thin to really be effective. The good news is that my five year old son decided they would make great pretend boxing gloves so he wears them around the house a lot.

      • I just want to third this 😀 I burned my hand using a brand new one from there. Maybe they’re for decoration only.

    • I actually really like my Dollar Tree oven mitts and hot pads and have not found them to be lacking in quality. Either I have a higher tolerance for the heat (entirely possible gauging by my husband) or I got decent ones.

  7. I would say bobby pins on the no list. I have seen it on other blogs as a no. Then, I was desperate and didn’t want to make another stop so I bought some. Total bust. They are so flimsy they don’t hold whatsoever. I also agree with the potholders. I burnt my hand using them so I stopped.

  8. My good list is the plastic straws, they are narrow and flexible and about 200 (?). Not like the big fat straws at McD’s.
    Also I saw the photo above near the lighters, I saw the “Grill” lighter, the long one, It works great, Hubby gets a lot of use from them.

    • Georgia Hall says

      I agree about the BBQ lighters. They are great for camping because it doesn’t hurt as much if you forget and leave it there! lol
      And, being an old person, I just have to correct you on one thing. You CAN NOT get Tupperware at the dollar store! Plastic ware and Tupperware are not interchangeable. Nothing beats real Tupperware!
      I agree with most of the other tips, though. The line of Awesome products really IS awesome! Thanks for all the info and comments.

  9. Stephanie Logsdon says

    Things I would suggest — Are Medicines they are fantastic I get the childrens Tylonal substitute there and it works just the same at the name brand and its only $1.
    Also do not buy Baking mixes they are 1/2 size when you can get Walmart brand full size for .10c more or with coupons I get them for .50c at other stores.
    Do not buy Parmesan Cheese — The #1 ingredient is not Cheese = Waste of money
    I love their long lighters the ones for lighting candles and grills- They are cheap and I bought 2 that have lasted me forever.
    MY Dollar Tree has Betty Crocker Utensils and all those products are fantastic. I have bought a bunch of them from the sheers to the cutting board. They are great.

    -All the kids coloring books and stuff I agree are great- I go their to get that stuff or I got to Joann Fabrics and use a percent off coupon and get coloring books from the $1 bin for .60-.50c usually.

    I agree with everything else – I haven’t tried the cleaning items yet but I am going to once I run out of mine.

    • Try their cleaning products….they have name brand Spic And Span….I usually pick up several bottles(they have spray and liquid)

    • I agree with the Betty Crocker Kitchen Shears! Best ones I ever bought, but mine have since disappeared. Figure someone visiting must have noticed how good they were and ‘accidentaly’ took them home. I always but Reynolds Wrap aliuminum foil there, plastic storage bags, gallon, quart and sandwich. Certain Dollar Tree stores are better than others, as far as their selection, tidiness and service.

      • You are absolutely right about the Betty Crocker kitchen shears! I have about 4 or 5 pair of them all over the house. They are even able to hold up in the dishwasher with no rusting!

    • I love all the betty crocker utensils especially the rubber spatulas and the colors are amazing! Of course the greeting cards are a great deal (they are outrageously expensive in Walmart, etc) Love all the yard decor too!

  10. Be very careful when using “The Works” toilet bowl cleaner. I once dropped a bottle of this on my carpet and it ate a hole all the way through! Not such a good deal after that!

    • Most toilet bowl cleaners are like that. Especially good ones. And The Works is great. Especially for hard water stains. Don’t get it on metals either. It eats the finish. It does state this on the label though if you read it.

      I love all the cleaners mentioned here. Awesome, Spic and Span and the works. All great deals.

      NOT a great deal is foaming bath and shower cleaner. Very little in the can and does not work nearly as we’ll as other name brand do scrub cleaners. Spend your money on the good stuff here.

  11. natalie weeks says

    I actually do use the frames from DT, I opt for the sturdier ones but in a pinch I’ll grab what’s available and reinforce the “frame” from the back with some tape! Haven’t tried the cleansers yet but I will:)

  12. I would say NO to a lot of the cleaners – some have a warning on the back about the harsh chemicals being thought to cause cancer. Some of the ones Ive tried before smelled so toxic that I couldn’t even stand to be in the same room using them, so out the door they went in exchange for Seventh Generation & Biokleen. I do use the “awesome” floor cleaner since I was in a pinch & it seems to work okay. I also don’t recommend kitchen towels since they’re so thin, they can’t even mop up a simple water spill.

    I do recommend buying phone screen protectors as they are actually good quality but it can be hard to find for iPhone. I also recommend the photo frames even though they are thin and a bit flimsy. I have around 10 various sized ones hanging on my wall with travel photos and only 2 have broken (from being dropped). Another good buy is the little woven rugs with the kitchen stuff. They go good in front of doors – I use two of them next to my front door for shoes so my tile stays clean.

    • I like the cleaner called “Awesome” as well. However, read the bottle. You need to dilute it down depending on what you are cleaning. I have also used it as a spot remover on clothes when doing laundry. Again, dilute when needed and be careful of the type of fabric you are putting it on. Also, don’t let it sit on clothing for any length of time. Lastly, when using Awesome, it ate the paint off my old hood above my oven. I forgot to dilute…it definitely got the grease off and then some.

      • I throw some in my laundry and it works great especially for light colors. It brightens the colors and gets the dirt out

    • Maegan Meadlock says

      I agree on saying no to the cleaners. I really like LA’s degreaser – it cuts right through soap scum in the shower but it also left me coughing half of the day after inhaling the fumes (even in a well ventilated bathroom). I have since started making my own cleaners – usually, water – vinegar – and essential oil.

    • If you buy Seventh Generation and Biokleen why would you even switch back to a harsher detergent? Those obviously are not sold there.
      Just saying…. Doesn’t make sense.

    • I completely agree. I have used the works cleaner in the past and the fumes were so strong I could barely breathe. Plus the cleaner ate the finish right off my old already in bad shape tub and just made it even harder to clean in the future.

  13. The only thing I don’t agree with you on is the bubble bath being on a “do” list. Only because it is not tear free! Most kids will at some point get water in their faces from the tub, and my son did one time after using that bubble bath (the bubbles were gone, but the stuff was still kinda lingering) and he screamed and cried that it burned so much 🙁

  14. Just adding onto the conversation. With a hubby who works 12 hour night shifts, they carry a pretty big can of monster energy drink. Its bigger than the standard ones that you pay at least $2 for. Hubby says he likes the way they taste and they work for him! We haven’t tried any of the other brands of energy drinks they have, but the monsters are a great buy!

    • Wait… Dollar Tree Carries “Monster Energy Drinks” That is AWESOME! I need to go check to see if my local DT carries them. It’s my all time favorite energy drink.

      • Yup, full size too. And even the low calorie one

        • my dolloer tree has been out. it called monster engry drink dub…..i bought two cases when they came in and then they said they come in when ever they send them in. and people from the store said they are gone as soon as they come in.

          • Amy Crawford says

            You know you can order from Dollar Tree online and have it shipped to the store to pick up. That way you know that they have it. You have to buy it by the case though.

      • My DT carries Rip It energy drinks. They’re huge cans and my husband (the only one who drinks energy drinks) actually prefers them to any of the name brand drinks. He was exposed to them on a deployment and was very excited to see them at DT. As far as I can tell they’re not sold anywhere else.

        • I was just about to add to try the Rip-It energy drinks! My husband actually gets excited when he finds them. He likes them so much more than other name brand ones. I’m happy they’re only $1! We were hardly able to find them after his deployments until we had a DT come to town. Funny how most the soldiers loved those.

    • Sarah Gibbons says

      Wait, that is really cool..I had no clue! Thanks!

  15. i love the butt paste for babies there it works just as good as the name brand stuff

  16. I use the sunbeam batteries and love them. They last just as long as the expensive ones. We go through a lot with wii remotes and leapsters. Also, the bbq lighters are great. I even got one wet, let it dry out a couple of days, and it started going again. I am madly in love with the vinegar multi-surface cleaner.

    • LeAnn Strickland says

      I agree with you on the batteries. We get rayovac and sunbeam from our dollar tree and they last a very long time in remotes for the tv and video games.

  17. No ,on the safety pins- they are awful! But as for the batteries, I say yes! My son did a science project 2 years go where he had 4 flashlights with 4 kinds of batteries and one of them was dollar store batteries and they outlasted Duracell! They were the same ones that are pictured here

    • Safety pins parents sharp enough to poke through fabric and wire so thin that they don’t stay put.

    • I agree that the safty pins are not worth the dollar. They bend so easily they are just short of useless. I will add that the pot holders and mitts are so light weight that I have gotten burned because of the poor quality. Leave the towels at the store too except for decoration.

  18. cheryl hamm says

    I buy the frozen fruit for my green smoothies. WAY cheaper than other places!

  19. Mason jars are cheaper in multipacks and if you only need one or two there are several craft stores, Christmas Tree Shoppes, and Old Time Pottery where you can get them for less than $1.

  20. I usually just stick to the storage bins – they have some awesome ones that look like mini milk crates that are listed as DVD holders – I LOVE THEM! They are adorable and look kinda vintage! I have bought fake flowers there in a pinch for a vase I picked up at Goodwill for my daughters room. And of course the pregnancy tests. I wouldn’t advise the ovulation strips though – you can find those way cheaper on Amazon or Ebay. I don’t usually look at the food stuff so I don’t know about that.

    • Actually if anyone really wants super cheap pregnancy tests you can find people selling just the strips that are put inside the plastic test on ebay for much cheaper than any store.

    • I agree with the pregnancy tests. I had bought a couple of them to find out if I was pregnant and they both came back positive. I went to the doctors office and they confirmed that I was pregnant. I give them a thumbs .

  21. I love the frozen potatoes, the hash brown type, large bag, real potatoes, only $1…. Use all the time.

  22. Tina Woodson says

    These are all good suggestions. I go to the 99¢ store at least once a week. I use soy sauce for cooking and theirs is great as long as you don’t get the dark soy sauce. If you happen to be doing a low carb diet there are tons of options at these stores. I have had good luck with all of the spices, but I really love the jarred garlic. I seen in the picture above that you said no to trash bags and I agree with that, but but I do use the food storage bags and they work just fine in my freezer or just for leftovers in the fridge. My daughter and I are religious users of the makeup remover towelettes. I have very sensitive eyes and these remove makeup easily with no irritation what so ever. These items save us so much money compared to other stores.

    Today I went and they have o.n.e. coconut water 2/99¢. My husband works in extreme temps and it can cause muscle cramps, no matter how much water he drinks. A friend suggested coconut water and it has helped him tremendously. It has more potassium than bananas!! At the regular grocery store it is at least $1.79. We are going back this evening to buy a couple cases!! Thank you RHC, you are my favorite by far!!!

    • Tonic water is also great for cramps. I get cramps in my feet regularly and about an ounce of tonic water gets rid of it within just a few minutes 🙂

      • I love the dollar store! I can spend there a whole day! I usually buy cleaning sponges to clean the dishes and the bathroom. Thank you for the interesting article!

      • I get them alot and I’ve never heard of this remedy. I eat alot of bananas. But ill definitely have to try this out. Thanks for the tip.

    • I use the small trash liners for my bathroom trash…I had no idea about the betty crocker kitchen shears good to know mine broke the other day after many years 🙂

  23. Jamie Sawyer says

    I agree with the picture frames. I bought 24 for mothers day in my classroom and they broke before the students even left the room. Lots of crying kindergarteners. I won’t make that mistake again.

    • same here on the picture frames. Although the ones that pop the glass out of the front work well, I have like 8 of those.

      My DT has alot of the name brand full size baking mixes. I always use the plastic utensils from the party section and have no problems with them breaking. I use the plastic tumblers with the straws too, but be careful if you drop them. My kids knocked mine off the table and it cracked the rim.

  24. Marge Bowman says

    I buy the brooms for my front and back porches. They are flimsy but are great for keeping the porches clean. I even sweep snow away with them! I also love their buckets. I’ve had a couple for several years and we use them for everything! I buy all my cleaning products there, the bleach is great and so is the glass clean. You can buy a huge refill bottle for $1

  25. The Dollar Tree’s here in Portland, OR are selling 24packs of Crayola Crayons!!!

    • And the kids’ book section (usually right by coloring books) is amazing, especially the board books for babies/toddlers.

  26. I get all of my reading glasses at Dollar Tree…Can afford to have several pairs stashed all over the house.

    • Chris Hembree says

      The reading glasses are an awesome deal! I have a few pairs too.

      • I buy my reading glasses at the Dollar Tree and I love them! I compared the price at several other stores and could not believe the prices they wanted and I couldn’t tell them apart from my $1 ones!

    • Amen. I buy readers every time I’m there! Get different styles and they have usually lasted years!

      • Also, I use several items from the hardware section. Paint roller handles and covers. Drop cloths. The set of small nails and picture hangers. When I was a single mom I stocked my toolbox at DT. Hammer, d
        Screwdriver. Wrench. Their toilet I get is a NO though. It has no power.

  27. I love dollar store lotion – am I the only one? 🙂 ha

  28. I would say a big NO on THE WORKS…..that stuff should have a warning label, the fumes alone will make you sick….very toxic smelling

    • Linda Dobson says

      You are so right ! I make my own cleaner from vinegar, baking soda and essential oils. Makes it smell great. I also make my own linen spray.

      • I use 2 or 3 drops of Ultra Dawn in my toilets. Works great. I use Ultra Dawn (blue) for everything. Use very small amount which makes it very inexpensive to use.

    • You can’t be serious right?? I mean you are kidding right?? It is made from hydrogen chloride. The label is full of warnings, poison control information, active ingredients list, etc….
      You are aware of the Works bomb right? Obviously this is a very powerful chemical.

  29. Amanda Poe says

    I love the spic and span. Also I buy a roll of towel things that are the spic and span brand, great for cleaning windows and mirrors! My local Dollar Tree had the plastic trays recently that you can sit by the door and leave shoes in, I bought 2 for the front door and 1 to put the kitty’s litter box on. My best Dollar Tree find yet!

  30. I think the bleach there is a steal.. and works just as well as Clorox!

  31. At our Dollar Tree we found a Tinkerbell night light that has been in my kids room for almost a year. I also grabbed a 3 pack of replacement bulbs that I haven’t even used yet.

    I also buy bread at my local Dollar Tree. They have brands that are nearly $4 in the regular store and we go through bread quickly. If it’s too stale I can always use it for breadcrumbs or french toast or something.

  32. The pregnancy tests are fantastic. I got early positives with both my babies and I was able to stock up when we were TTC. Highly recommend.

  33. The Works Shower/Tub cleaner in the squirt bottle is excellent! The smell is awful though, so be sure to ventilate the room well. I won’t buy The Works toilet cleaner again. It took off the smooth porcelain finish inside my toilet, which makes it harder to keep clean now. They do have Lysol brand toilet cleaner occasionally, which is a good buy. My hubby likes the generic Gold Bond powder. I always buy animal crackers there too. I can’t remember the brand, but it’s the same as the regular grocery store, and a fraction of the price.

  34. Linda Dobson says

    Actually the candles are great. The vanilla, black cherry and melon last until the candle is gone. I buy them by the case. The pie pans can be used if you line them with parchment paper or foil. I’ve had great luck with glue sticks, and they have name brand q-tips sometimes.

  35. Linda Dobson says

    Oh, and I make my own cleaner so that is where I buy the supplies to make my cleaners, ie: vinegar and baking sofa. Sometimes they have essential oils which comes in handy.

  36. Chip clips and office supplies-I work from home, and totally stock my home office up with post it’s, paper clips, staples, white boards, and Manila folders!

  37. I recommend passing on the mason jars also. You can get a dozen for $8 at Walmart or Roses/BigLots.

  38. don’t buy bobby pins from the dollar store…they just don’t work very well.

  39. The only thing I disagree with is some of the candles…I buy the tiny jar ones in the vanilla scent and I LOVE them…The smell lasts just as long as a yankee candle one…Only downside is I cant find them in any bigger sizes there :(…The ones not in jars with the same scents dont work as good but the tiny jar ones do!!

  40. Cynthia Meschke says

    Around christmas time I found the dollar store a great place for button batteries. We had a train ornament and some musical books that needed new batteries so my hubby stopped by radio shack only to find a pack $7-13 depending on quantity. Then i recognized the batteries … they were the same from my dollar store reading light. Now we just buy dollar store items for the batteries we need.

    • I agree on the button batteries! I took my watch to Walmart and they charged me $6 to change it and put a new battery in. I went to Dollar Tree right after that and compared the old watch battery and they had the same exact thing in a back of 10 or so, for a dollar! I was soooo mad! Needless to say, I ALWAYS buy the button batteries there-I have many watches and now they all have new batteries in them that are still going!!!

  41. Terrie Rodgers says

    This information was so helpful! Thanks for going to so much trouble for your readers.
    Have a Raining Hot day!

  42. While I found most of these to be good recommendations I had quite a laugh when I saw you listed Tupperware is a good buy. I’m absolutely positive you will NEVER NEVER EVER find Tupperware in a Dollar Store. It is a high quality product that is BPA free unlike some of the containers you will find in the Dollar Store. Tupperware may be more expensive but it has a lifetime guarantee and they stand by it. I just replaced a cake taker for a lady that got it at her bridal shower in 1965. Her cost……..zero! Don’t waste your money on cheap plastic to have to keep replacing it over and over.

    • Tupperware is an awesome brand. Like you said they replaced something for someone that she got back in 1965 for free. I often grab up all the tupperware I find at yard sales. Even if it is messed up a little cause they will replace it.

  43. I bought three of their solar lights back in June. The ones I still have are working great and are bright. Now if only I hadn’t ran over one with the tractor I would still have all three! bahaha I also buy all of my first aide products from there. ESPECIALLY their headache medicine. I get migraines usually once or twice a week so you can’t beat $1

  44. I think the person who said Tupperware was referring the generic plastic containers. (Like saying Kleenex for tissue, Jello for gelatin, Q-tips for cotton swabs, etc.) The quality of the plastic containers at Dollar Tree isn’t very good, but I do buy it for parties, pot lucks, etc so I don’t have to worry about getting my real Tupperware or Lock&Lock containers back. I buy a lot of hair accessories at Dollar Tree for my daughter. They last just as well as the ones from Walmart, Target, etc but they’re a fraction of the price.

  45. I normally buy The Works cleaners at my grocery store – especially the toilet bowl cleaner. We have hard water and that cleaner is the only one to get and keep the bowls clean!!! Didn’t realize I could get it at Dollar Tree – thanks – now I know!!

  46. They also carry 20oz drinks up front for just a dollar. Considering most other places, Wal Mart include charge at least 1.50 that is a deal.

  47. Billie Jackson says

    I love to read the feedback on this page…I have been shopping at Dollar Tree for ages, and have found some really great deals. I purchased two ladies’ knit tops there years ago, and they still look great after many washings. I think they might have had them from a store that went out of business (?). I have also found really nice sweaters there occasionally. I also like The Works cleaners, the Oxy cleaners, and the Mean Green cleaners. I have had no problem with the batteries…I do buy the alkaline batteries though. Years ago, before Dollar Tree came around, I had to take photos for someone and paid big money for batteries at a drug store locally. They didn’t last through the photo session. I don’t buy them that way any more.

  48. This is a fabulous post! Thank you for putting all of this together.

    • I really love the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner for 1 dollar… I also love the generic damp rid it works really well.. The Swiffer look alikes don’t work very well. I do also like the hair detangler . There is a lot of items that are a great bargin at dollar tree. I always try something different each time I go. I also seem to have a problem with loving a product and not able to find them again. But all and all I love love dollar general…

  49. I actually love the swiffer knock off wet refills…ALTHOUGH alone, they don’t do much to dried up cleaning (okay for dust) so i may use a bottle of general cleaning/floor cleaner and spray as i swiffer.

    also, i agree that the candles shown aren’t a very good deal. Although i do like the packs of votive candles in vanilla, its subtle but great for a small room. My dollar tree occasionally will carry different brands of candles. i THINK the one i use the most is Air Wick…They are in translucent glass & smell great. They also burn until completely gone with no remnants left over!

  50. Thank you for this information, it’s wonderful! I had no idea about the Awesome cleaning products, I will need to check those out. Pinning this!

    I always get the long lighters and tissue paper at Dollar Tree. Plus, they often have really cute little tote bags in the late spring. They’re what I used for end-of-year teacher gifts last year: http://endlesslyinspired.com/2013/06/05/end-of-year-teacher-gifts/ Super cute for only $1!!

  51. Under normal circumstances I would also have to agree with the “no” on the crayons. That being said, I have to admit that they made for great wedding favors. I made coloring books for my wedding reception to keep the kiddos busy but I didn’t want to spend a ton on crayons or colored pencils. My solution? Dollar Tree and a couple of packages of their 64 pack crayons. I tied them together in groups of 4 with curling ribbon and put them in an Easter basket that looked like it could go with anything. The lightness of the crayons made for easy cleanup and I wasn’t worried about all the broken crayons that wound up everywhere since I only paid $2 for the whole basket of crayons. I definitely wouldn’t buy them for home use but it was great for the short purpose I used them for.

  52. I work at Dollar Tree. I need to disagree with you on the Sunbeam batteries. A coworker once worked for Radio Shack and had to learn all about batteries. He said that Sunbeam is the same as the more expensive name brands. My other part time job is for a card company. In my bag, I pack a battery operated fan. I use the Sunbeam batteries and they last a really long time. I recommend them to everyone who stops me and asks.

    That being said, I’d say one of our biggest sellers are the reading glasses. Customers always seem to buy several pairs and are grateful to spend so little. By far though, for me it’s the loaves of bread. They are NOT expired, name brand. I refuse to pay $3+ for a loaf now at the grocery store. Depending on what gets delivered that week, I can find several different brands of bread – white, wheat, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, etc.

    My suggestion is to ask your local store when (if) their bread is delivered and stock up when you find something you like. It freezes well. It does go fast. I also love to get the jars of salsa. I can buy a really large paper bag of tortilla chips at a local grocery store for $2.99, so that works for snacks or parties often. 🙂

    Glassware (stemware) sells well too. I know of a lady who buys the clear glasses, decorates them and sells them online. She does quite well, but she’s also way more talented artistically than I’ll ever be.

    I love that you can buy a lot of items for a holiday to decorate. At Christmas last year my mom went on a trip out of town. When she came back, I had decorated her yard, front door and porch with all sorts of cute things for less than $20. She was thrilled.

    One thing I’m on the fence about is the Christmas gift wrap roll paper. They have cute designs and if you need to wrap a lot of stuff, it’s a great price. My problem with them are that the paper is really thin and it rips easily and can be see through. Oh, and the wall calendars are cute, but flimsy.

    • Sarah Gibbons says

      You are awesome!! Thank you so much for all the advice! =) It’s nice to hear what sells a lot and what you see as popular items because so many people buy them. Thanks again… =)

    • Katie Villmer-Beck says

      I never knew coupons could be used at Dollar Tree. Is this true that they take coupons?

      • It tells you on their website that they do. Also everyone I’ve went to has signs in their windows also stating they take them.

        • None of the dollar tree stores here take coupons. I wish they did.

          • All Dollar Tree’s take coupons. It is a company wide thing. We take two internet (printed coupons) per transaction. 🙂
            We a house of Dollar Tree employees lol.

          • You can print their coupon policy off their website. It says 4 coupons per household per day. However, my dollar tree hasnt set a limit!

  53. OMGOSHHHH love love this !!!! I am a Dollar Tree JUNKIE!! my brother in law busts my chops and says I should by stock the way I shop there and demand people go haha

    Just a tip – I have 4 dogs and 2 cats, and I recently started fostering. To save my carpet in the study where we keep the fosters, we buy shower curtains from the dollar tree and lay them under the kennel and they take up about 1/3 of the room with one curtain so it saves the floor from any accidents !!

    On occasion they have some pretty GREAT books if you like to read !!

    Most important thing to keep in mind – everything is $1 – so even when I dont know how something will work … if it breaks or stinks.. it was $1 not 5 or 10 so I don’t get upset over it – also for Halloween they have so many little costume ideas for kids, I use some of these (tutus) and pu t them together to make tuttus for my dogs … or save them for xmas presents for my young nieces and nephews who like to dress up and play!


    OHHHH and a God send has been my local DT carrying the Sunday paper WITH the coupons in them 😀 😀 😀 getting 2 sunday papers for $2.00 no tax…. = IDEAL!

    • Jill Berry says

      I agree about books! I have bought lots of great books and given them as gifts.. Would have to pay SO much more anywhere else! Some are best sellers too! 🙂

    • I do the same thing with the shower curtains. I have a pampered chihuahua/minpin that has her own “room” actually a separate vanity area off my bathroom that I gate off for her. Every week we vacuum and spray the pet deodarizer from the dollar tree on the carpet and then line her whole room with a shower curtain liner from the dollar tree. I even got the cutest pink ceramic dishes for her food and water from dollar tree. I also use their storage containers to keep her pet products in such as sweaters, leashes, etc. Their doggy shampoo works well too.

  54. I ordered a lot of my reception items from Dollar Tree’s website. You have to buy in bulk from them, but if there are products you really like and will use a lot of, it’s a good deal. You can get the stuff sent to the store for free, and if you use MyPoints, you get 2 points back for every dollar you spend; not a ton, but a nice bonus if you were going to buy the stuff anyway!

  55. I love Dollar Tree. In food items I often get coupons for Super Pretzels and spend 50 cents for a bag of them. I’m a pretzels freak, so this works really good for me.

    As for the décor candles and frames. I think this can also be a matter of opinion. I spend a while in the frame section and search out the solid frames when they come in. Some Dollar Trees have a better selection than others. But, when I find them I stock up so that when I need them they are always on hand.

    With the candles, my spirituality calls for candles a lot… different colors of them. I stock up on Dollar Tree candles precisely because they run out of scent fast. I don’t want the scent, I want the color. For those that might be having a frugal wedding and want the color to match the scheme, but aren’t making a big deal about smell these would also work great.

    I don’t recommend their incense at all. It burns weird and smells NOTHING like the scent it proclaims. The linin spray is tricky because I have used it for years and years with success, but lately it has been having a weird after smell to it and makes me waste a good sheet set on my bed. Have to strip it down and start over. Never fun.

    Also, watch out for their ‘as seen on TV’ section, because it is never exactly like the product seen on TV. I bought the Hip Skirt to wear under shirts that are too short and it ended up being 3 sizes smaller than it claimed to be on the box. Purchase with caution!

    Thanks for posting this, though. I’m going to start peeling my eyes more for some of this stuff!

  56. I Love the candles I buy them by the box, the sandwich bags are good. I wouldn’t buy flashlights from there bout they didn’t work. Love the glow sticks too

  57. MYLAR BALLOONS!!! So much cheaper than elsewhere. Thanks for this Dollar Store Guide!

  58. I don’t know about anyone else’s dollar store but ours as an off brand of aVaseline cocoa butter lotion, and it works great! I love it! I buy a few bottles and take them into work with me, and it becomes a community bottle of lotion!

  59. The Works toilet bowl cleaner “works” but it smells like an outhouse lol.

  60. Courtney stephens says

    I agree with all u had to say but I use dollar tree garbage bags and they are great for me and cheap. I also use dollar tree batteries and they work for quite awhile for me and I use them in my wii remotes and tv remotes. I mean they don’t last years but for the price they are good.

  61. I love The Works toilet bowl cleaner, which you can also get at walmart but it’s priced more around 1.30 per bottle. I have also used the L A’s totally awesome carpet spot remover. We ripped the shag carpet out of our living room only to discover that it had one of those foam padding mats under it instead of the nice newer cloth ones. The problem was that the foam padding since it was about 40 years old and, I’m assuming, has had plenty of traffic on it was as flat as a sheet of paper and stuck to the wood floor. We scraped off as much of it as we could, but I was cleaning a spot on the couch and spilled the L A’s totally awesome carpet and spot cleaner on the floor, low and behold it took off some of that foam padding residue still stuck to my wood floor! It’s some potent stuff for sure. One of my other favorite things to buy is their silicone ice trays. They are around the seasonal stuff and of course change when the seasons/decorations change. I have stars and pumpkins and I have seen tiki heads around summer luau time as well as other festive shapes.
    This list is pretty much spot on! I have done my fair share of Dollar Tree shopping!

  62. Thank you so much for going through the work to get this info and compile it in one place. And thank you Camille & Melissa for mentioning the generic Zyrtec. I wiil also give that a try!

    • Amy Crawford says

      Walmart also has some generic Zyrtec for .88 a box with 14 in the box. I have been buying that for my boys. It was in a special section but now it is on the shelf with the other allergy meds.

  63. They also have a great pet section. They have those pet wast bags that go in the dispenser. 80 for $1, before I found those I was paying $5.50(ish) for 180 at walmart. Also the rope toys & the squeeky toys have lasted thought the test of my 6 month old puppy.

  64. One other “Not to buy” are the bandaid type bandages. They won’t stay on. Everything to stock a first aid bag I’d recommend but not the band aids!

  65. I just wanted to comment and say that my experiences with the safety pins from here usually bend when using them with clothes, but if you are planning on just using them for crafts then they might be okay. Other than that I agree with most of the things. Super Sweet!!

  66. I just came across your sight on Pinterest and will be looking at your Facebook page!! Thank you for this! Have you ever done it with the store 5 and below? I teach middle school and often go there for prizes, but I have wondered about the quality. Thanks!

  67. Many of the greeting cards are only .50 and some are $1.00. Great deal!

  68. deanna molina says

    I would like to suggest the coffee filters ,they work sooo good to clean windows instead of paper towels! and much cheaper. Now I don’t drink coffee so I don’t know how good they are for that purpose, but try them its worth it !

  69. Sometimes the Dollar tree will have good quality toys that are in limited amounts and i always buy more for christmas gifts or stocking stuffers when i find them. Some picture frames are awesome for $1. I’ve used them as gifts and to decorate parties & baby showers. The hand held cheese grater is awesome for $1 i’ve had mine for a while now and it works great!!!

    • The Hormel Pepperoni is a smaller package than the grocery store carries, so watch for it on sale there for a better deal with your coupons. Also be watchful of where the food comes from when making your selections as not all are safe. Our local DT often carries the Keebler 6 packs which is much cheaper than the grocery store. I also watch for dryer sheets, some brands are better than others so I try to stock up on the ones I like when they have them.

      • I’m spending hours absorbing all this info!
        re: softener sheets; I found this hint somewhere else on Pinterest, tried it, and it REALLY works. Wad up aluminum foil into a ball. Toss 2 or 3 balls into the dryer with your wet clothes. Don’t add a dryer sheet. Takes care of the static, and the clothes Foil compared to dryer sheets – no contest, esp when you’re buying it at DT.

  70. BEWARE of those cute little desk fans! My son loves fans, so we picked up one of those little plastic desk fans and it worked just fine for about a day. Then out of nowhere my son turned it on for just a few minutes, and then he picked it up and started screaming. The fan became so HOT that the batteries melted, and the plastic melted. He got a nasty burn on his finger from this.
    **I wont buy anything that takes batteries or plugs in from Dollar tree again.

  71. I just want to point out that Dollar Tree has a freshness guarantee. Some other brands of dollar stores may not, but if you notice the food item you bought from Dollar Tree is expired you can exchange it or return it. 🙂

  72. Andrea Davis says

    A big NO on the giant 3 liter bottles of soda! They have both sugar AND aspartame and an awful aftertaste. Check the labels before you buy!

    • I totally agree with you. All of the flavors are gross and the grosses flavor has got to be the Tropical Punch. It is just so disgusting and has a after taste I can only describe as fake. And the after taste seems to last forever. I personally would pass on all the flavors. Not even worth a try in my book.

  73. Big avoid the Q-tips they carry. I have had to go to the ER to get the cotton removed from my ear! When cleaning the water out it got stuck and I could not get it out AT ALL!!!!

  74. Use hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner…so much less harsh t…the EPA has approved it as a sanitizing agent…you can use it in your laundry Ito replace bleach and will not be harsh on your septic system like so many harsh chemicals…..and the reason it is a brown bottle is that it dissipates rather quickly and becomes harmless after extended exposure to light! USE h2o2!

  75. while i agree with most of your do’s and dont’s there a some that i dont agree with
    1 the pie and baking pans i have bought many pie pans and many cookie sheets and they seem to work and last longer than the ones bought other places, i am not much on their cleaners but i do like the lotions and body sprays especially for the kids seeing htey like to just waste it anyways normally i just look to see what they have and if i feel it a good buy i get it and if it does not end up working what they hey it was only a doller would rather waste a dollar than more money to find out stuff does not work.

  76. I would stay away from the soda, in order to make 3L for $1 they use 1/3 the sugar and the rest is aspartame, it’s tricky because it’s not labeled diet soda, just cheap soda, helllloooo neurotoxins

  77. oh also a buy is you can get a gallon of spring water for $1, very good and cheaper when you’re on the road than a gas station

  78. Stacy Graybill says

    I work at the dollar tree in Arnold Missouri and I love all your comments! So of our items are not worth wasting your time on, but modtof the Iitems are great! We have a Dr. Office that buys our pregnancy tests and they.say they have never been wrong! The lotion to always buy is the Dermasil it is excellent, I have very dry skin and it helps slot. And any time you need to by in bulk for parties or whatever use dollsrtree.com dhipping is free if you have it delivered to your local store. You cant beat the price on the frozen fruit either. If your local store carries the mean green cleaner buy it, the best cleaner even taked permanent marker off walls and stuff! And also pleade take the time to do the survey on the back of your receipts it is so important to your local store, the company rates their stores by the survey, and the store gets a bad rating if they dont get enough completed surveys!

  79. Lezlie Janczak says

    The brooms work great for popcorn ceilings and cobwebs

  80. amanda eastman says

    I dont think these are the googles that are meant for underwater. I think these are meant to be safety goggles. I have purchased the set with the goggles with the underwater breathing tube works perfect (Summer time)

  81. Jenna Everhart says

    Just wanted to let you know the other day I was at my dollar tree and found the mean green spray and it works great. My dad gets a lot of stains on his clothes and this brings it out. My daughter gets stains on her clothes all the time and it brings it out. Also found some great deals on lysol toilet bowl cleaner for a $1.00 and sometimes there is coupons on them in the paper as well making them 50 cents if you buy two.

  82. Mojomommaofsix says

    Just this week my local dollar tree started carrying sunbeam Giant bread. Yes for $1 !!! I stocked up as we go through LOTS of bread and it freezes well! It saves me $1.39 a loaf! Yay when you don’t find a lot of bread coupons. This bread is also fresh unlike bread store breads!

  83. I’m another dollar tree fanatic here! I agree with almost everything you posted except the toilet bowl cleaner. I get all my cleaning products there. They did have a super awesome toilet bowl cleaner earlier this fall but I can’t find it anymore. They also have a version of the pledge multi surface cleaner, I think the brand is power house? The stuff is amazing!
    The scented “tall kitchen” trash bags, that are neither tall, nor sturdy enough for kitchen trash, are great for bathroom trash cans. I love the little baskets for organizing. My 5 year old can always find a goody, like the webkinz or the mini flashlights. Also, junk food! The three liter soda is good and all the cookies are cheaper than walmart. We bought on of the no spill travel cups and it suckef. Cracked within a week and sweat because it wasn’t double walled. The pregnancy tests are also good, I got a positve 2 days before it would show on the 88 cent walmarts. Dollar tree rant/rave over,

  84. Tupperware is a brand…like Hefty, etc. It is not sold in stores but is a direct sales product. The items available at the dollar store are a plastic product, but it is NOT Tupperware. Tupperware has a life time replacement warranty…don’t think you will find that for a $1 at the Dollar Tree. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that Dollar Tree, even shopped at one recently while of vacation, just wanted to set the story straight. Have a good day

  85. I love the magic erasers. I find that they work just as well and the Mr. Clean ones. Do not buy the oven gloves- I have a burn to prove it!

  86. I dont remember seeing this but laundry soap is not very good at the dollar store. Its watered down and just doesnt really work well. I have even used 2 or 3 cups of it in one load and still didnt get that clean laundry smell like I did for other laundry soaps plus if Im going to use 2 or 3 cups of it i may as well go to walmart and get something for a couple bucks more and only have to use 1 cup.

    • Seriously???
      1-3 CUPS?’
      Or even 1 CUP at Walmart??
      You mean a literal CUP, or the cap
      That comes on the container?
      Just curious, if it’s a true CUP…what size washer do you have?

  87. We live in country with well water. We use The Works in our bathroom ( tub and toilets) removes all the iron stains, so it doesn’t look like rust on everything!

  88. in a pinch that toilet paper works amazingly. 🙂 just saying. i used it for almost 6 months. its scratchy, but you get used to it. its no worse than the toilet paper at schools or the stores. that being said–no its not as high quality as say toilet paper from quilted northern, but it sure is cheaper. .25/roll rather than 1/roll

  89. Two things I didn’t see anyone mention and they both work really well for me are the oven cleaner and the toilet plunger. LOL…I personally don’t like the Awesome cleaners, I like Spic and Span and they used to carry Lysol a few years ago. Another thing I will not buy is food because non of it is organic or non gmo; since this is all I buy except for Girl Scout cookies,it doesn’t work for me, but when I did buy food there I bought quite a few things that were moldy and / or expired, so check expiration dates. I have noticed with the Hefty bags; they are sold in smaller quantities vs the grocery store or Big Lots, so beware. I also didn’t see anyone mention soap; although I could have missed it..I buy with coupons Safeguard and Oil of Olay soap. I am not a fan of Dial, so I won’t buy that. As far as their broom, I have had mine for 3 years now and I use it for my house and have no problems, so I don’t know??? I also have bought the colored stones / rocks from DT because they were cheaper vs the other stores. My hairbrushes come from DT and well if you drop them enough times, they will break, LOL…My favorite thing about DT is that periodically they will get stuff in that they normally don’t carry; like Aveeno lotion and yes I bought all of what was left on the shelves, so every time I go in I nose around for that item that they normally don’t carry…I have bought quite a few things over the years and for the most part, I can say I haven’t been disappointed…Just recently mine started carrying Nature Own’s bread and Wonder bread, so that’s a really good deal for bread for those of you who aren’t picky like me 🙂

  90. I love the Magic Erasers, mylar balloons, tissue paper, gift bags, coloring books and Betty Crocker kitchen scissors. My kids LOVE to have glow sticks while camping, so we stock up at DT. We actually got all of our kitchen utensils for our camper at Dollar Tree. Aloe is also great! The character night lights are awesome! They last forever and my kids love them!

    Do not buy the non-stick pan spray! It comes out of the can funny and leaves an odd taste. My dh noticed that his eggs cooked funny when he used it.

  91. We’re getting a Dollar Tree in our town soon, which I’m happy about since the nearest one is 12 miles away. Before our recent trip to Disney World, I went to DT and bought glow bracelets and necklaces. I also found a fiber optic wand and a Minnie Mouse glow wand and Minnie Mouse flashlight. Every night at the parks, I would give my daughter an item, and she never asked for any of the very overpriced light up toys that the vendors at Disney World were selling.

  92. Thank you so much for posting this great article, i loved it. i especially liked learning about the cleaners as i’m always interested in buying but unsure if they work…again, thank you for taking the time to write about it all.

  93. I bought about 3 packs of playdough from there about a month ago. I figured it would dry out and wouldn’t matter to much (I mean $1 for 4 containers) it has yet to even come close to drying out!

  94. lisa rosado says

    do not buy
    beach balls I bought 3 and one I couldn’t even get blown up and the other 2 lost their air very quickly before the kids were even done playing with them

  95. I have to completely agree with just about everyone, but have to add one of my family’s favorites and BIG money saver, pump mist nasal spray. Not only does it work better than the name brand, but is less addictive and less harsh, meaning during allergy season when you need it regularly, you don’t end up continuing to use it because you can’t breathe without it – just our opinion.

  96. We have used many of the brands there. Sometimes there are brands like Dawn and Gain, but usually in small sizes, they are cheaper at Walmart if they carry those sizes. Ours carries bigger brand names like Spic and Span, Oxydol, Palmolive body and dish soaps, Crest/Aquafresh toothpaste, Dial, Softsoap, Zest, Lysol, I’m sure there are more I am forgetting. I love the Betty Crocker line, especially the storage containers like the Ziplock brand, they are the same thing at a great price. I have found wrapping paper there that I bought a few months before at Target for quadruple the price. I love the gift bags, but they do need some bags for wider boxes, I had a hard time getting a Monster High play set in the ones I bought. I agree that the Christmas wrap is thin and flimsy, but the “foil” kind is pretty good for the price, you just have to be careful not to rip it. My kids love picking out a toy or two. I have seen everything from Lisa Frank, Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Cars, etc… For coloring books, stickers, puzzles, pencils. I have seen so many big brand name items in there but they are constantly changing so it is always fun to see what’s in stock when we go in.
    Everything I have bought there usually works as it should, the few times that I didn’t like it, I didn’t feel too bad since it was only a dollar. 🙂

  97. I was thrilled to find a generic stain pen (like a Tide pen) at the checkout aisle in our local Dollar Tree. I stock up on cards (2/$1), tissue paper, gift bags, birthday wrap, and I buy a couple of Tide pens every time I’m there. They work great, and unlike the name brand Tide pen, the cap stays on the pen in my purse! Love, love, love Dollar Tree. Also love the chip clips to keep cracker, cereal and chip bags closed. You get several in a bag for $1, and they seem to be vinyl coated metal, so they are sturdy. I also watch out for puzzles for stocking stuffers. My 3 year old granddaughter loves puzzles, and you can find the name brand characters (Disney princesses, Dora, etc) there. I also buy the batteries for TV remotes and my thermostat.

  98. I’ve been a loyal Dollar Tree grocery shopper since they started carrying grocery products, and in my opinion, the popsicles and ice creams are never worth it. Every time I’ve bought them, it’s been a melted, gooey mess inside the box. It’s like the freezer doesn’t work. I thought it was just the one Dollar Tree, but I’ve shopped at 5 of the 7 in my city and they’ve ALL had the melty popsicle problem. 🙁
    Anyway, here’s my contribution: I LOVE it when I can find the Malt O Meal bagged cereals there, I always stock up. I’ve found name brand cereals there often (Honey Bunches of Oats, Cookie Crisp) and my kids have only ever had the Dollar Tree brand of Sugar Smax. The pop-tarts are fairly similar to the name brand. If you’re lucky enough to have a freezer section, the frozen sandwiches (Cheeseburger, Fish, BBQ) are actually REALLY good. My youngest lived for a year on just the Ore-Ida microwave french fries that my local grocery store carried for $1.25 each. I have co-workers that get jealous when I come in with my jug of chocolate milk that I got for $1 while they’re sipping on their $1.40 half-the-size bottles that they bought from the QT across the street. Their brand of Swiss Rolls are preferred in my house over name brand because the chocolate tastes better and the cake isn’t as crumbly. My cheese connoisseur brother won’t let me buy the cheese from there, he says it tastes like it’s old and moldy-ish, even when it’s fresh. Sometimes I can get lucky and find the 8-count eggs for .50 each, so 16 eggs for $1 is pretty good.

  99. Ashley Peacock says

    LOVE this post overall! A lot of great tips.

    How do you feel about the seasonal items at Dollar Tree (or other 99 cent / $1 stores)? I typically will buy a lot of my Christmas and other holiday gift bags, wrapping paper, etc. there. ESPECIALLY the few days right after a holiday is over, because everything is 50 cents instead of a dollar, so I will always stock up on everything for next year. I’ve also seen some pretty cute and inexpensive decorations and party items for all the various holidays!

    I think a separate post covering each holiday at the dollar store with all of the yays and nays would be great! 😀

  100. Karis Elliott says

    Regarding teacher’s corner items – I have purchased several borders and packs of letters. If you do, buy 2 sets of each. They don’t contain as many pieces as the more expensive ones at teacher’s stores. However, even at $2 for 2 packs, it is cheaper than a teacher’s store.

  101. I once tried the Sun liquid dish cleaner – terrible product. I had to keep applying the soap to the sponge. Although Sun makes some other good products like Wisk this is their low end & it’s not worth buying.

  102. Kim Barger says

    I like to buy the nachos for $1 and the cheese sauce in a can for a $1. It is good for the price. I also like hand santizer, The Works TB cleaner. Hair brushes, kids hand soaps, men’s white rain shampoo and body wash.

  103. I am from Mexico and some times they being Jumex juices, these are a top brand in Mexico so I really recomend this. For the electronics section they have phone cases and incredibly some are very cute, I also get screen protectors and cleaning wipes. Some times they bring different types of candles I recently bought some pink ones rose essented and the whole room smell nice without even lighting them. Also the flower seeds and potting soil are very good. I planted those last year and I got many flowers. I always find something I can’t recall every single thing I buy there.

  104. Jane Bragg says

    I got 16 count of Efferdent Denture cleaner and used $1 off coupon. I now have a years supply and they still have tons of it on the shelf!!

  105. I always stock up on the individual packages of snacks such as applesauce cups (4 pack), granola bars (5 or 6 pack), cracker sandwiches, etc to put in my boys’ school snacks or lunches. They are way cheaper than grocery store individual packs. Most are not name brand, but my boys like them. I am also into the honey wheat Pennysticks pretzels.

  106. I agree with just about everything, but I want to add on to some of the recommendations and passes you made.

    As far as the q tips, most are terrible but the Dollar Tree carries a brand I have been buying for years. They come in similar packaging as what you would buy at walmart and are blue. They are very sturdy and not fuzzy at all and a great deal. They rest of their q tips… ya.. stink.

    Also on the shower curtains. DT carries two types. Solid color and print. The solid color ones are really good value and pretty sturdy. Not as heavy duty as you would buy at another store for $15 or so dollars, but worth it. The print ones are very flimsy. About the same quality as a vinyl disposable party table cloth. I bought both and I was sure the print one would rip while putting it up. It didn’t. We have young children and both curtains have been up for about two months and still lasting. However, I still am wary of the print one.

  107. Buy cheap Texans jerseys free shipping

  108. Our local Dollar Trees now have a freezer and refrigerated section. The items are hit or miss, and some aren’t really a bargain. Last week though, I got $1 packs of Jennifer’s Garden spring rolls, which are really tasty. They also have frozen boxes of appetizers like cheese sticks, breaded mushrooms, jalapeño poppers, etc that are good.

  109. You mention using coupons but Dollart Tree in our town does NOT accept coupons.

  110. Jill Berry says

    I am really enjoying reading all these wonderful tips.. And I really appreciate the work you dd commenting on all those items! Wow! Thank you SO much! I LOVE Dollar Tree! When I tell my husband I am going to the Dollar store, he always says..” Ok.. see you in about 3 hours!!” lol!..I always check their makeup.. I have found Maybelline and Almay a lot, and I really save money! I keep looking for face makeup, but, whenever they get any ,it’s always really dark shades.Love their greeting cards… you can’t beat 2 for 1.00, and now they have any prettier ones for 1.00 each, too,which is still SO much cheaper than Wal mart or any other stores!. I always get my reading glasses there, as I am always leaving them, somewhere.. Also, when we’re in a pinch , we get the small bags of cat dry food.. We feed about 7-8 outside cats, all year round.. and get a huge bag of name brand dry food,from Wal mart, but it never lasts over 1 week and a half.!. So ,we keep some Dollar tree bags of food, on hand, till we can get a big bag.. The cats love it…even more than the name brand! I could go on and on! Thanks again for your compilation!! 😀

  111. Hi, Does anyone know if the hard plastic Betty Crocker Easy Seal plastic containers are BPA safe / free?


    • The products are the same as the major store change.. DS buys the faulty lots. Something went wrong at the factory like a bag of chips not get a full 12 ounces or they made a1000 candles and forgot to put the fragrances in some of them. In stead of throwing away the batch of products they sell the lot to the dollar store. Sometimes if you contact the company of the product they will try to make it right by sending you coupons. Like if you agree

  112. Great information. I love all the posts, I really enjoyed, I would like more information about this, because it is very nice, Thanks for sharing. I like the site best. Silicone grill Gloves

  113. I always purchase my batteries there and have never really had a problem with them as is stated in the article.

  114. Last year my family took a trip to Disney World. Instead of buying souvenirs on the trip I started shopping the Dollar Tree months before. Each morning before we left for the parks, I would sneak back to the room and leave a basket of “goodies” from Mickey and Tinkerbell. All of the items included: Toy Story & Minnie flash lights, Mickey Mouse puzzles, Mickey bouncy balls, glow sticks to use in the parks at night, Mickey lollipops, Monsters University and Tinkerbell night lights, Mickey & Minnie collectible tins with q-tips, character washcloths and lots more. The kids loved it and I figured I had only spent $50.

  115. The kids binoculars break. I had to hot glue the ones we got and they still weren’t great.

    I use the 9 pack suction cups all the time and they work surprisingly well!

  116. Oh, please don’t use fabric softener on animals! When the animals clean themselves they will ingest it and that’s toxic. Just having it on their skin and fur can cause topical sensitivities.

  117. Thank you for sharing this really informative post. Usually, I buy things like socks, pens or cups from there, but I’ll check some of the products you suggested.

  118. One of the best buys is the butane candle/grill lighter! Even on sale, they cost $3 at other stores!

  119. I have had great luck with their seasonal plants sold there! $1 for blooming plants is a great find!

  120. My husband bought store brand tin foil and plastic wrap and I do NOT like them!

    LOVE: most everything you have all mentioned

    The “new fad” ponytail holders that are tied in a knot are sold there as headbands! A pack of them!!! Cut them down to make more…very, very good deal!

    BOOKS!!! Some of my fave have come from DT!

    Baby wipes (no babies at home: I’m 59!): the ones with Snoopy on them. Great!

    Grab a 20 oz. soda at the front!!!!

    Meds! Great deal om most! And, yes, my sister and I LOVE the Energy pills! We don’t drink coffe, but need a little boost. For me, one lasts all day with no shakiness, etc. going to fill up today!

    We eat mostly paleo, but…when we want junk food, we LOVE some of their cookies, etc!!! Best deal ever!!

    So much more….THANKS for posting this! We have a new DT one mile away, away from “town”! No cold section, though.

  121. UGH! I really should proof. Sorry about the typos!!

  122. There are interesting cheap things in those kind of shops. I buy socks from there. I will try your suggestions next time i visit one of them!

    Best regards! Merton Park Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  123. Helpful article! I go to the dollar store to buy different containers for my daughter’s toys. The bad news is that the dollar store is a place with so many different stuff, useful and useless gadgets which sometimes I buy because I am seduced by their color or something like that and when I get home I realize that I had bought stuff which I do not need. So, thanks for the helpful article again! Dartmouth Park Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  124. I don’t mean to be ugly, but having been a Tupperware Consultant, the plastic ware indicated as “Tupperware” IS NOT Tupperware. 🙁 Sorry, but there is a big difference. Just had to mention. Love and follow you on FB

    • I think tupperware is a term now used to describe “plasticware”.
      Its like saying you need to make a Xerox (technically a photocopy), sitting in your jacuzzi (technically a hot tub), using your crock pot (technically a slow cooker) or going rollerblading (technically in-line skating).
      Name brands become the term we end up using to describe all items of that type.
      (which is a kudos to the Tupperware brand I might add!)

  125. Please don’t spray the febreze knock off on your pets! That is very dangerous advice… It can make them ill.

  126. I buy the coffee travel mugs all the time. I’ve had no problems with them! I also purchase the plastic tumblers with the straws. So nice to have around with kids and you don’t have to worry about wasting money if they break them!

  127. Thanks so much for posting this .


  129. I agree with just about everything, but if you’re looking to get a durable shower curtain, than DO NOT buy one from the dollar tree. I personally have bought a few only because I don’t care about the appearance and just want something functional, but they tear very easily, the one I have up right now has a few small tears in it.

  130. I live close to A Dollar Tree, and some of the employees know me I stop by so often for sodas, chocolate milk, and misc. A surprise item I found that’s been good is my iPad screen cover. Something I didn’t like was party paper plates. I agreed with most but am going to have to disagree with some of the items you said to pass on. Perfumes aren’t the quality of a good perfume, but after seeing a beauty product reviewer recommend them as body sprays, I gave them a smell and found some pretty ones. Now my teen has a variety of fragrances, and it’s hard to overdose when she sprays. They made an inexpensive Christmas gift, and I grabbed some for me. Now I wear fragrance even when I’m just cleaning the house. I’ll also buy the pre-made, waterproof, bold, neatly lettered garage sale sign at $1 instead of making a floppy one from poster board. That’s a false economy. Other things we particularly like are: nacho chips (better value than Santitos at Walmart), seasonal decorations, gift bags, wrapping paper, shortbread cookies, banana chips, frozen fruit, brand name cosmetics (Milani, Sally Hansen, Elf), foil, sarated kitchen knives, cookie sheets, and toilet cleaner. I could keep listing stuff. I have bought BPA free plastic there, btw, so don’t assume cheap means worst quality. I am trying to steer away from buying plastic as it’s a worldwide environmental problem that we aren’t able to clean. We can only reduce our usage and demand the industry participate in not just the manufacturing but also the recycling. The Dollar Tree tempos me with lots of plastic.

  131. They used to sell a great salsa in a green jar, I don’t remember the name but it tasted just like Chi Chis. My local store has stopped selling mean green cleaner which I loved.

  132. im VERYsurprised at the list myself. I’ve bought a few things from Dollar Tree, and didn’t expect a LOT. I’ve not had a lot of luck with things from Family Dollar, but Dollar General is my home away from home. There are VERY, VERY few things I’ve bought there ( and most were common sense purchases…if it’s too good to be true…..). But toiletries, cleaning, paper items, kitchen items, etc….I’ve never regretted those. most are name brand, but even many of the store brand are excellent. Maybe we just licked out and got the quality items at our store, and the rest of the world got the culls. But I’m BERY pleased with the quality and selection, ESPECIALLY for the price.
    Then again, I’ve never been one to boast of name brand or have to be seen shopping certain high retailers.
    (Just an example, off subject) Last week, someone wanted me to pick up an
    Optical, wireless mouse at BEST BUY “the only place to buy ANY electronics”, it was on sale 1/2 price.i went to Walmart, got the exact same thing, sane sku, same model, same color, etc, and it was only 3 dollars more….regular price. And saved me driving 14 miles each way!!!

  133. Well! I bought a boatload of 39oz water bottles from the 99 Cent Only Stores. Some tags call them canteens. They have fliptop sippers and come in bright colors. They’re plsstic and have straps. I was putting cute vinyl designs on them. Went to use one I made for myself today and….it leaks!!! Terribly!!! The water just comes right out where the lid attaches to the bottle. I tried others. These things are going back! Unfortunately I put designs on about 8 of them!!
    Wish there was a gasket I could put in there!

  134. I enjoy your suggestions. I agree with anythings. Things like tape, especially gift wrapping tape. I’ve had great luck with that, scissors, cards, knock off zip bag knock offs, some scented kitchen bags, also baskets and organizers…but there are some stuff, even if it’s cheap or breaks easily…it’s a dollar. Many of the items here in Canada’s “Dollar Store is actually more than a dollar but anyway but i draw the line an anything edible. I never use diapers or anything of personal hygiene. I wouldn’t use infant or toddler feeding bottles or cups. I know that many products end up there due to lack of quality or containing a lot dangerous ingredients. Other than this hey why not.

    Oh and gardening tools…all have snapped in half immediately upon use every time. but I still think aside from any toxic ingredients in edible products, I would still buy lots of stuff such of paper, pens and etc.

  135. Audrey M. says

    It is my go to place for cheap wine glasses for a party! No worries if they get broken but they are very nice. I use their baby shampoo for bathing my dogs. Works great! I like buying their Bar S brand salami too. Great deal. The best bargain is the holiday gift bags. Even the really big ones are $1!

  136. As I live in a small town we have to drive 2hrs to the city. There are many different dollar stores but there is one and I think it is dollar tree or dollar store. And they have a baking section. There I found spatula’s, flippers, etc that is Betty Crocker. It is so heavy duty that we have gotten so many. As I am leaving for college, that is where I got my kitchen stuff. I got 4 forks for $1. They are fancy and heavy duty. Some of there other stuff is hit and miss though. Thank you for the post 🙂

  137. I really enjoyed this article. I agreed with this 100%. I notice no one really mentioned the holiday section. Every Halloween I decorate my picture window. Last year I did a zombie theme. The year before that I did a bloody theme. Every year as someone walks pass my house they will stop and take a picture of it. DT has different stuff every year and I figure out what I’m going to do while walking around. Three years ago I found cement figures. One was a mummy one was a tombstone. Still have them to this day. My family’s favorite holiday is Halloween, so my children look forward to what I have done while they are in school every year. I also, buy the pumpkin leaf bags. They are not very big but my kids love them. Going to the DT tomorrow 🙂

  138. The goggles are cheap but when my son went out of state with a cousin this summer I sent s couple pairs of those for him instead of his $20 goggles he normally uses for swimming in case they were lost. I’d rather lose a $1 than $20. He said they lasted fine and one pair got lost and the other is still in the swim bag with the more expensive pair.

    The magic erasers there are also decent to use as are the actual sponges with attached scrubbers that aren’t the cheap foam stuff. I’ve also used from there the option of full loaves of bread by name brands for $1. At our dollar trees near me the bread man comes at 10 am every Monday to Friday and it saves me money. I can spend $6 there and fill the freezer for two weeks vs $15 for the same bread in a normal
    Grocery store. I also pick up the lunch box snacks for $1 a box there because it’s half of what I would spend at a market and my kids like them as a treat now and then or in their lunch boxes at our school co-op days.

  139. I really enjoyed this post. It is very helpful. However may I just comment on the following. Pass on the plastic kitchen ware. People tend to call all plastic Tupperware but it is no where even close. You get what you pay for. You don’t know what is in dollar store plastic. Just because it says PBA free doesn’t mean it’s not full of other stuff. Cheap plastic is not intended to hold food, especially when it is cold from fridge and them warmed up. Nor is it safe to microwave that stuff. Talk to a Tupperware consultant and she’ll tell you all about the difference between virgin plastic and other plastic.

  140. Pamela Patterson says

    Hey ladies, enjoying the blog. I LOVE my $T, I just spent $ 156.00 yesterday on crafting items. Artificial flowers, garland, Christmas lights, wine glasses, coffee mugs,etc. Great deals!

  141. I like their sponges. Also, fancy crackers should be on the do buy list. For entertaining. They are as fresh as the others and the price is right. Have you seen the price of crackers at the major grocery stores lately?

    Also, I find it very interesting that you have candles on both the do buy and don’t buy list.


  143. I agree with mostly everything but the wrapping paper! It is horrible it rips so easily and even if you manage to wrap the gift without tearing the corners I guarantee you it won’t last through the trip of where it’s going. Every single gift I wrapped with thier wrapping paper ripped on the corners mostly. The picture frames I bought literally 9years ago have lasted through 4 bases in four years with military movers they are sturdy and the best dollar I ever spent!

  144. Love this post!

    Seeing that you are interested in our experiences I wanted to tell you mine. I agree with many of the things you said. As for the food I used to buy food but i always had bad experiences. A few times I bought chips or Cheetos or puffs open the container and there is nothin it it! Like they canned air. It’s annoying and it’s a dollar so I just gave up on buying food from the dollar store.
    As for cleani supplies love the off brand tub/shower cleaners works better then many of my name brands. In fact I no longer like to buy name brand cleaner because they don’t seem to work as well as my dollar store ones. Same with toilet. Cleaner and grout scrubbers.
    Party supplies and wrapping paper only ever buy from dollar tree. They are cheap and good for what I need. For the short time I use it. They also offer seasonal gift wrap and party supplies on seasonal basis, so I stock up and save them for later in the year. Love doing this I plan & decorate parties for my friends and family so I always use the plastic table clothes for all kinds of decorations. And tissues paper.
    The plastic containers and silver wear plates glasses are also very cheap and depending on what party I am throwing I can use these and make my parties feel more elegant. Because the plates and glasses and jars are such a good price. I don’t need them for long so it’s ok if they don’t last. But it can add an elegant detail to my parties when I don’t always have to use paper.

  145. Janet Bayless says

    What is the opinion on the April Bath and Shower shower gel and lotion? I tried some and I think it is a good deal for a buck, But I would like to see what others think. Smells good.

  146. I bought pots for boiling water (tea) after bout week few uses they started to rust have rust spots in them will never try to buy pots or pans they are cover in black layer and still rust

  147. The photo frames are hit or miss, inspect them first!
    A friend’s kiddo knocked one of my nice frames off the wall once and broke the glass. Dollar tree frames to the rescue! Replaced the broken glass & tossed the cheap frame

  148. Have to totally disagree w/ the batteries! I’ve never noticed them not lasting a good long time. I’m stocked up on batteries from here.
    And I also disagree w/ the outdoor lights – the ones I purchased there were solar and they lasted a year.
    Thanks for this list – its genius. I’ve always been nervous to buy the cleaners so I’m happy to have this guide!

  149. I like when they have trial size Dawn dish liquid no coupon. I agree Totally Awesome are GREAT! There plain Bleach works great. I really like their white color foaming bathroom cleaners. I tried the blue type but it stays in the bathroom tub & sink after I wash it. I like the food the Lancers Gram Crackers with Creamy Peanut butter inside my favorites. The snack cakes are great, the swiss rolls, brownies, oatmeal cream sandwiches and the peanut butter bars with chocolate on top are great. They have mini moon pies regular flavor 10 pack. I like the storage bags, sandwich, quart, Gallon & 2 Gallon bags. My favorite brand of these baggies are Good Sense. They make great Lawn & Leaf bags that is what the readers have to buy for these for Kitchen Garbage bags they are normally 5 count but they get a lot of free 2 bags extra boxes making it 7. Why do they pay for dog & cat pooping bags just use the bags you get the ones you get free from the store they put your purchases in. I like the dry cat food and the cat snacks and the cheap cat litter, I would buy the wet food but to big a size. The toilet paper only Angel Soft Regular 4 pack for $1. The Udderly Smooth Hand cream is great. The Lady Speed Stick Powder fresh deodorant to small a size for a coupon. Not there to often my favorite face cream, Dermasil Oil Free Day Cream and or the Dermasil Oil Free Moisturizer Facial Night Cream when in stock I get these great for my sensitive skin, and I can only use the cheap eye drops the other I have allergies. I like their creams & ointments the first aid one is a smaller size brand of the small ones they sell in Grocery Stores. I like there black deep glassware bowls bigger than the ones you get in dishware sets. I have 4 of them lasted over 1 year. There storage containers some brands better than others trial and error there. Those foil pan are great, so is their Parchment paper, their foil is to thin get the cheap 98 cents brand from Walmart is better. Dollar Tree stores just buy only 1 of something you do not know, there tomatoe sauce except Hunts are lousy. Their thin 1 count Pizza crust is good. But there tortilla bread very bad. Their regular Bread, Rolls, Bagels are great! Trial & Error but it is great when you find something you like $1 or a $1 plus tax SCORE!

  150. I really enjoyed everyone post, we don’t have a DTin my area there is one 13 miles away, went there and I did buy a lot of stuff I really like awesome orange powder for the laundry, works very well, also bought the fabric softner sheets called suavitel it’s made by downy it smells just like downy, also bought their scent crystals look and smell just like purex crystals. I really enjoyed going in there, I will go back. THANK YOU EVERYONE

  151. Judy Kelly says

    We bought the garage sale signs and the post is plastic. When we went to pick up the signs the post had melted and all of the signs were laying on the ground. The post had bent in half from the heat.

  152. I’ve had good success with the seed germinating potting soil (with seeds bought elsewhere) if you dont mind a little algae that turns the perlite green, but terrible luck with the seeds from Dollar Tree.

  153. I love your help for shopping at the Dollar Tree. Your store must be bigger than my local store because they do not carry all the products you mentioned. But I will try a few things I haven’t yet because of your good luck with them. I love your site. God Bless!

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